(Clearwisdom.net) A few days ago, when I was downloading something from the Internet, I found that the poems and articles I had written had been published. After I returned home, I turned on my computer and was about to slowly enjoy my work, but the monitor broke down with a loud "Ping" sound.

I knew that I should look inside but I was still trying to look for external causes. First, the monitor was refurbished. Because it had been humid recently and the monitor was always unclear when I turned on the computer, it was not unusual for the monitor to not work. Moreover, I had been thinking about replacing it for a long time. This old monitor was very heavy and was very inconvenient when we changed locations. It would be much better if I replaced it with a liquid scintillation monitor. It was the right time to replace it. I decided I would go to the computer store the next afternoon.

The next day I realized that there were no coincidences in cultivation: What kind of mentality did this incident display? I suddenly realized that it was a "monitor," so wasn't it indicating that I had a strong mentality of showing off?

I learned many ancient poems written in the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.) before I started cultivating. When I was about 20 years old, I published many poems using new styles and old styles. I often received letters praising me from middle school students. I felt proud.

I have cultivated for almost 10 years. I had written many poems now and then during this time, but I had never sent them out for publication. This year, I sent out a few poems. The self-pride I had when I was young came back to me. I often reminded myself that Falun Dafa practitioners who write poems write them to validate the Fa and for the creation of the future culture. The ability to write poems was given by our respectful Teacher. Is there anything for me to show off? Although I warned myself this way, the show-off mentality still emerged, which misled me. The monitor broke down, so it appears that the show-off mentality is very strong. I had not paid enough attention to it. I started to send forth righteous thought to eliminate it. Now that this mentality had sprung up, wasn't it a good opportunity to eliminate it?

After work the next afternoon, I went to a home electronics store on my way home. I discovered that the store also buys old computers. I sold my monitor to the store and asked the store owner if the store had a liquid scintillation monitor. The owner said that they only had an old one and the picture was fuzzy. Therefore, the owner sold me the monitor at a very large discount. After I returned home, I found that the monitor didn't have any problems. The fuzziness was due to the poor adjustment. I knew that this was our Teacher's compassionate arrangement. When I corrected myself, a bad thing turned into a good one. This is encouragement from our Teacher, encouraging me to look inside and realize my prehistoric vow with a pure heart!

My purpose in writing this article is to remind other practitioners to "Cultivate until not one attachment is left" ("Cultivating in a Maze" in "Hongyin") Please point out anything inappropriate. Meanwhile, I cordially thank the editors of the Minghui website for the careful revision of my article.

April 3, 2007