(Clearwisdom.net) It has been more than ten years since I had the good fortune to become a Falun Dafa disciple. I deeply felt that Falun Dafa is so powerful and supernatural, that is why I am full of appreciation and respect for Dafa. However, since it is difficult for me to express my thoughts, I have not written of my experiences on my cultivation path. Later on I came to understand that omitting to do so is not good and even culpable, because Dafa is what has changed my life, changed my body and mind for the better, and solved a lot of puzzles about the cosmos and beings. Dafa has actually given me another life, something I have only accepted silently, just like a person who has always accepted others' good deeds but cannot bravely say "thanks!" Today I am writing of my cultivation experience and sharing my thoughts with fellow practitioners.

The four of us in my family are father, mother, my younger sister and I. All of us began Fa study in 1996. Since we began to practice, we have helped each other and are very determined to cultivate in Falun Dafa. Prior to cultivation, our conduct was based on virtue and compassion. In addition, we had always believed that there exist spirits and gods, and gods were paying attention to everyone in this world at all times. These were our natural thoughts since being born. We did not burn incense and kowtow and never believed in any religion. We only thought that we should become good people and would feel no regret if our lives were over.

One day in 1996 my aunt introduced us to Dafa so that we had some understanding of Dafa. I felt that I had finally found what I had been waiting for. That night I suddenly awoke and told my parents that whatever happens, I would practice Falun Gong. My parents readily agreed with me and said that all of our family would practice Falun Gong, and then I fell securely asleep.

The next day, when my family asked me about the things that happened the previous evening, I actually remembered nothing. All of us came to understand that our former lives had predestined us to obtain the Fa, and Buddhas were saving those beings that had a predestined relationship with them. We also understood that Master had enlightened us to obtain the Fa quickly and enter the door of cultivation.

During the following days we began to study the Fa and do the exercises. All of us cherished this opportunity, to be able to board the Fa boat in this chaotic world and return to the Buddha kingdom. Since then I have rid myself of a lot of attachments, and my insignificant life became significant. I began a new life, from that of an ordinary person to one of being transformed into a divine being.

I was a middle school student when we began Fa study. I wasn't smart and did not have good study habits. My grades were poor, and going to a senior high school or attending university was just like an uncertain dream for me. The senior high school entrance exam was coming up, but my best scores on several practice exams was fortieth place for the whole school. It would be impossible for me to enter a prestigious high school with those scores. I was studying at a common middle school in the countryside. To my surprise, I passed the exams and could enter the prestigious provincial senior high school in the city. Only very few students could enter the same school.

The studies became harder in the high school. I was not accustomed to this. Out of ninety students in my class I placed sixtieth on the first exam. I felt very disappointed and helpless, not because I did not work hard, but because I thought I was simply not smart enough.

Later on I persisted daily in doing the Falun Gong exercises and studying the Fa after finishing my homework. My attachment to study disappeared. Against all expectations, two months later at the final examination I placed among the top twenty-two. When I was in the second level my grades kept improving, and normally I was at the head of my class. My classmates then commented that I was an intelligent, wise person. I was proud of my achievement, and slacked off on Fa study little by little and was no longer diligent. As a result, my grades fell. Finally I had no choice but to reluctantly enter a common university 500 kilometers from my home.

I had been in a bad mood for a long time after going to the university. I felt regret for not being qualified to enter a prestigious university. However, after a while I came to understand.

I remember what Master said,

"In our ordinary human society, after birth one belongs to a certain family, a certain school, and upon growing up a certain workplace; various contacts in society are made through a person's job. That is, the layout of the entire society has been planned this way." ("Lecture Seven" in Zhuan Falun)

I was destined to come here, and perhaps many people had relationships with me. I thought that I should spread Dafa to all the people around me. As soon as I thought this, my feeling of loss disappeared. I continued studying the Fa and doing the exercises.

Because my hometown is in the countryside, my financial situation was not good. I found part-time work and earned money to pay my expenses, and yet my grades did not suffer. I thought the righteous power of Dafa would appear when I spread the Fa. Dafa practitioners' good demeanor and moral behavior was outstanding in this morally corrupted society. When someone asked me why I would preserve my moral integrity and not drift with the current, I replied assertively that I was a Falun Gong practitioner. It was another way to spread Dafa and validate Dafa. Certainly, I should try my best to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to my classmates and other sentient beings and expose the persecution.

Just before my graduation, many classmates were busy preparing for the graduate student entrance exam. I remembered the dream about the prestigious university and decided to take the graduate student entrance exam. However, it was a mere hundred days away, and I asked myself if I could manage that. Actually, I did not want to withdraw. I quickly established a study plan and carried it out. Also, I did not attend any lectures the famous teachers held to prepare for the exam, and neither did I buy any reference materials. I thought I would just try, so I would not have regrets.

Several months later when I got my examination result I was delighted to find my score was three hundred and ninety-seven points, the top score in my school! My score for each subject and the total score exceeded the requirements of the university where I applied. I passed the first test, and later on I succeeded in passing the retrial. I finally had entered this university, one of the top ten famous universities in China, and became an admirable graduate student. In addition, I was one of the few government-supported students.

This seemingly common yet miraculous course of my seeking an education is a good example of how Dafa changes our lives and provides us wisdom. At the same time, people around me were all touched by my experience.

With the approach of Spring, I have recalled and written my experience of Fa study. I have made a brief summary and might thus perhaps become a witness for the future. I will not disappoint Master's merciful salvation and will work hard in my studies. At the same time I will try my best to clarify the truth and save sentient beings.

I also hope all practitioners will write about their cultivation experiences and tell more people. The collection of all the true Dafa disciples' stories will be a legend of gods that will shake history.

March 28, 2007