With Master's Protection My Eye Was Not Blinded

On March 11, 2007, my husband and I were installing a curtain at home. My husband was using pliers to shear the curtain wire, which suddenly jerked free and stabbed into my right eye. I instantly covered my eye with my hands but it did not hurt. When my husband asked me if I was injured, I said without hesitation, "I have Master's protection. It is all right." But he became worried when I moved my hand away, saying, "Your eye is bleeding! Can you see anything?" I said, "I can see fine." After several minutes the bleeding stopped and there was no pain or itching, only a little redness. I said to my husband, "You have witnessed a miracle of Dafa firsthand. If I had not had Master's protection, I probably would have lost my right eye." My husband, who had just begun cultivation, said, "Thank you, Master!" When my daughter came home from work I told her what had happened. She immediately burned incense for Master out of respect, even though she it not yet a practitioner.

Shortly after, I enlightened that this incident occurred because of a debt that I owed. Today it demanded repayment. If I had not had Master's protection, it could have been much worse. My eyes filled with tears when I realized this. I understood that only if I cultivate diligently and follow Master's requirements can I live up to His painstaking salvation.

An Eight-Year-Old Child Is Healed After Practicing Falun Gong For Two Weeks

When Little He (pronounced 'Huh') was eight years old, his spleen was injured when he fell off his bicycle. His parents did not think it was serious and neglected to take him to the hospital at first. But when he was in such pain the next day they became worried and hurried to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed a ruptured spleen and suggested they transfer him to a larger hospital in Harbin for emergency surgery. Complications during the surgery caused Little He to have a drainage tube and bag outside his stomach to relieve internal pressure near his spleen. Doctors said that he would be required to carry around the tube and bag for several years.

Little He was in a great deal of pain after returning home. Most eight-year-old children run around happily. However, Little He was unable to play like other children, and it was even very painful for him to move around normally.

One day when he was in extreme pain, Little He remembered his aunt, a Dafa disciple. He asked his mother to invite her over, and when she came he asked, "Please teach me Falun Gong. After I practice Falun Gong, I will feel better." Because his father was misled by the CCP propaganda about Falun Gong, he adamantly opposed it. Little He knelt in front of his father and begged, "Daddy, please just let me read the Dafa books. If I do not recover, I will not continue further." But his father still would not permit it. Little He cried sadly when he saw his father being so unreasonable.

When Little He's Aunt saw this, she secretly told him not to cry and that she would give him Zhuan Falun to read. Two days later she brought Little He the book as promised. He was very happy when he saw it and began reading whenever his father was not home. After two weeks, the drainage tube came out of Little He's stomach and the hole closed up with a fresh layer of skin growing over the opening. The pain also ceased. All his family members were astonished and overjoyed. Little He gratefully said, "It is Falun Gong that made me better! I must continue to practice Falun Gong!"

Now Little He is very healthy. His neighbors all know the miracle he experienced. Even his father no longer opposes Falun Gong.

March 16, 2007