(Clearwisdom.net) I was fortunate enough to begin Falun Dafa cultivation in September 1998. Since my supernormal abilities are locked, I didn't see anything and I didn't feel any physical differences. Even so I've experienced miracles that I want to share with my fellow practitioners.

A Miracle Happened When I Thought of Others First

Dafa changed me. I became a completely new person, and I constantly strive to be a better person. Soon after I learned Falun Dafa I went to buy some bananas. I accidentally dropped a bunch on the floor, and some of them were bruised and scratched. At the time I thought, "I'm a Dafa practitioner. Master told us to consider others first when things happen, and that we shouldn't hurt others. I shouldn't switch to another bunch of bananas." So I bought the bunch I'd dropped. When I got home I wanted to separate the damaged bananas, but to my surprise I found not even one bad banana. It was really a miracle.

Another example happened more recently. Every day I get off work about 11:50. In order to send forth righteous thoughts at 12 o'clock I have to work very hard to finish the job in order to get off work on time. At times problems have suddenly come up, and when they did I worried that the extra trouble would delay my getting off work and my sending forth righteous thoughts. Thinking this way caused me to become even more anxious, and I even began to get angry and complain to others. On the surface it looked like I wasn't doing this for myself, but when I thought it over I found that it actually was for me. I needed to get off work on time. I needed to send forth righteous thoughts. I used Dafa work as an excuse to cover up my attachment to self, which is selfish.

Today there was another accident at work, but this time I treated myself like a practitioner and maintained my xinxing. First I set aside the work I was doing and took care of the accident. After that, I planned to clean the floor, otherwise someone might slip and fall. I cleaned the floor and then resumed my usual work. After I finished everything I looked at the clock and found that although I'd done a lot, I wasn't late getting off work. Actually, I was done early. I immediately realized that because I was thinking of others and I conformed to Dafa's standard, the result was different. No matter what happens, as long as we truly think of others, miracles will happen. This is absolutely true.

My Silk Window is Like New

Since 2001 I've been spending a lot of time clarifying the truth. Every morning I went out to clarify the truth to people face-to-face. Time went by quickly and soon it was the Chinese New Year of 2002. Because I wanted to clarify the truth to more people, I didn't have time to buy New Year's gifts or clean my house. We celebrated the New Year anyway, and my family members had no complaints. On New Year's Day I inadvertently looked at my silk windows, and they looked new. I was very excited at that moment. I knew Master was helping and encouraging me. We just did a little better, and Master gave us much, much more.

Master Is Always Beside Me

Along with the progress of the Fa-Rectification, the Fa has higher and higher requirements for Dafa disciples. In order to save more people in the world we need to have materials sites everywhere. I previously got truth-clarification materials from another practitioner, but later the practitioner was subjected to persecution and I lost my source. In order to solve the problem I started to learn how to create truth-clarifying materials myself. Although I didn't know how to use a computer, with other practitioners' help and Master's strength I am now able to print copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and other truth-clarification materials myself.

During the process of making materials, miracles continue to happen. One time I needed to burn a CD. Since the software used to burn CDs had been changed and I couldn't find anyone to teach me how to use it, I decided to try it by myself. Finally I successfully burned the CD. I was very happy, and I knew it was no coincidence. Master helped me. Because I wanted to do it, Master saw my heart and then he helped me.

December 15, 2006