(Clearwisdom.net) Some minor incidents happened around me recently that helped me gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of the words "fellow practitioner."

I was pessimistic in the past. When I saw the mistakes fellow practitioners around me made or saw the conflicts between them, I did not look inward. I lacked understanding of assimilating into the whole body. In addition, I did not have a clear understanding of the special cultivation way that Master had arranged for us. I also did not realize the preciousness of the predestined relationship among practitioners.

I had a recent, acute conflict with practitioner A (I work at her company). Since I had not kept up with studying the Fa, I was strongly affected by jealousy. I could not get a hold of myself, felt that I was suffering and was very tired. One Sunday morning, I visited practitioner B while handling a matter. I told him about my current situation and troubles. I said that I really wanted to be free of conflicts but found it difficult to let go of my strong attachments. I could not study the Fa with a peaceful mind.

The practitioner listened to me patiently and quietly. He did not express any opinion that I was not cultivating well, that I was not diligent, or that he was better than me. Instead, he put himself in my shoes and related how he had dealt with the matter in a similar situation. He mentioned that although he could not always accurately recognize his attachments, he would definitely strive to behave like a practitioner and act according to Master's requirements. During the experience sharing with him, I became more clearheaded. I realized and understood what I should do with my tribulation. This discussion corrected my wrong mindset almost automatically.

This week I met practitioner B again. He casually asked me how things were going with the situation I had told him about. I said that I had let go of the matter and felt lighter. I said it was as simple as following Master's requirements and being more considerate of others. He smiled happily when he heard this and encouraged me, saying the fact that I could let go had already manifested itself in my improvement.

After returning home, I recalled practitioner B's smiling face and could not get it out of my mind. I felt practitioner B's selflessness and sincerity deep down. I felt the words "fellow practitioner" are so pure; it is a title worth treasuring. It is really different from any relationship that everyday people have among themselves. I recognized the disparity between the cultivation levels of practitioner B and myself and saw my pride and smugness (I had once looked down upon practitioner B). I saw my own inability to be understanding and considerate of other practitioners who are lost in their tribulations and struggling to find direction.

March 17, 2007