(Clearwisdom.net) The relative of a policeman who works at the Beijing Women's Prison remarked in a casual chat that Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhou Zi was brutally stepped on and kicked by the leader of the Tenth Prison Section, Zheng Yumei, for refusing to wear a name tag. Afterwards, Ms. Zhou was transferred to a strictly controlled unit for further persecution, under the "crime" of "criticizing a police officer." When Zhou Zi protested and requested an investigation into the matter by a prison administrator, the administrator instead covered up for Zheng Yumei as a result of party connections and corruption. Ms. Zhou is currently on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The relative of the prison police also commented, "The prison prohibits such information from being released to the public. I do not know any more, but the Women's Prison is truly dark and corrupt." More details of this story follow:

Dafa practitioner Zhou Zi, former teacher at the Beijing Technical Instrumental School, was forced to quit her job in January 2000 for refusing to give up her practice of Falun Gong. In July 2000, she was illegally detained for a month after practicing the exercises outdoors. In January 2001, Ms. Zhou was arrested on Tiananmen Square while validating Dafa and was illegally detained for half a month. In May 2001, she was forced to leave home and live in exile in order to avoid further persecution. On March 27, 2003, Ms. Zhou was illegally sentenced to seven and a half years of imprisonment by the Haidian District People's Court. In July of that year, she was arrested and taken away to the Beijing Women's Prison.

In the Third Prison Section, Ms. Zhou suffered severe persecution after refusing to be brainwashed and refusing to be "transformed". For six months, she was only allowed to sleep for a single hour every day. She was also prohibited from having family members visit and even from contacting them through letters or by phone. A police officer surnamed Xu barked at Ms. Zhou, "We have a ton of ways to 'transform' you." In the winter, Zhou Zi was forced to stand while the perpetrators splashed cold water on her; in the hottest period of summer, she would be brought under the sun and burnt until an entire layer of skin fell off. Each time, Ms. Zhou would be forced to stand for three days in a row. She almost fainted on several occasions, and both her legs were severely swollen.

Sometime in June 2006, Zhou Zi was transferred to the notorious Tenth Prison Section for further persecution. A police officer shouted at her, "Since you are against the Chinese Communist Party [CCP], we won't let you wear CCP clothes," and he tried to forcefully remove her clothing. With the support of several other practitioners, the policeman was stopped. In order to force Ms. Zhou to be "transformed", they tried to use underhanded means. Not only did they prohibit Ms. Zhou from sleeping, they prohibited everyone else in the team from eating, sleeping, etc. so as to incite hatred against her on the part of the other inmates. The authorities instigated the convicts to torment Dafa practitioners, encouraging them to beat them and spit on them. Some Dafa practitioners were severely injured from this abuse. Later, when the authorities realized that they could not achieve their goal of forcing practitioners to renounce Dafa, they made the entire team kneel down in front of Ms. Zhou to force her into saying, "I will not practice anymore." They were told that otherwise, they would not be allowed to stand up.

From November 2005 to December 2006, Zhou Zi was imprisoned alone, with two prisoners monitoring her. She was prohibited from seeing family members and other Dafa practitioners. In late July, 2006, after Ms. Zhou refused to submit to the demands of wearing a prison name tag and performing slave labor, the leader of the Tenth Prison Section, Zheng Yumei, personally came up to her and shouted, "I don't care if I even lose my job because of beating you." She took off her police uniform and started beating Ms. Zhou brutally. Ms. Zhou was then transferred to the strictly controlled unit and imprisoned in a small cell.

Zhou Zi began a hunger strike sometime around February 26, 2007, demanding that the prison investigate and punish policewoman Zheng Yumei. Currently, the Beijing Women's Prison has already begun a new round of persecuting practitioners. Practitioners Li Guiping and Liang Zhansheng are also imprisoned in the strictly controlled unit together with Ms. Zhou.

Warden of the Beijing Women's Prison: Xing Hongjun, Phone: 86-10-60276688 Ext.8178, 8179

Tenth Prison Section, Phone: 86-10-60276688 Ext.8101

Beijing Women's Prison Address: 3 Runhe Lane, Huifeng Street, Qingfeng Avenue, Tiantanghe, Daxing District, Beijing City