(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Gong in 1996. Ever since, I have been feeling that Teacher is always with me, protecting me, and guiding me, especially when I am doing the three things to assist Teacher to validate the Fa. Teacher has done a lot to change me from a person full of karma to a Dafa practitioner whom even many gods in the heavens are not able to be. Without Teacher's benevolent protection and help, I could not have achieved the things I have done and become what I am now.

Before practicing Falun Gong, I had many illnesses including severe rheumatism, neurasthenia, cystitis, and hyperthyroidism. All these diseases disappeared after I started to practice. How much did Teacher have to endure to remove the karma for me!

My celestial eye is closed, but I believe every word that Teacher tells us. This belief is from the Fa. So whatever Teacher asks us to do, I will try my best to do it, because I know that Teacher gives us the best and that the things he tells us to do are for us to improve. Teacher has emphasized the importance of Fa study many times. Teacher said,

"Even now, in fact, there are some students who are doing very poorly with Fa-study. Being able to study the Fa well is the fundamental guarantee that you can head towards Consummation, it's the fundamental guarantee that you can emerge from here. All beings were forged by this Fa, as are your futures." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference")

"The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts." ("Drive out Interference" in Essentials for Further Advancement II)

So I spend a lot of time studying the Fa. Whenever I have time, I read Zhuan Falun. I have read every one of Teacher's articles many times. I understand a lot from Fa study.

Studying the Fa Well to Clarify the Truth Thoroughly

After July 20, 1999, through studying the Fa, I understood the importance of clarifying the truth to save sentient beings and our historical mission of assisting Teacher to rectify the Fa. My benevolence has grown more and more.

At first, I did not want to expose to others that I was a Dafa practitioner, so I chose to distribute and post truth-clarification materials when nobody was watching. Teacher's articles "Hurry Up And Tell Them" in Hong Yin II and "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference" made me understand the urgency and importance of face-to-face truth-clarification, so I started to talk to people directly. After I was released after being arrested, I clarified the truth to everyone that I met.

I thought that there were not enough truth-clarification materials in our area, so I decided to set up a material production center myself. At that time, I rarely left my home because there was a lot of interference and danger. But I had a strong thought of saving sentient beings, so I went and bought a photocopier. That was the start of my own small materials center. The materials from my center helped my fellow practitioners and me save many people. I follow Teacher's guidance to have benevolence and show the wonderfulness of Dafa to whomever I know or can talk to, such as my relatives, friends, classmates, and colleagues.

To save people, I travel to many places. On a train or bus, I clarify the truth to people. My benevolence and sincerity have moved many people, exactly as Teacher said would happen when we use our hearts to do something for others. As long it's required for saving people, I do not care how much money I need to spend. Because I have no attachment to money, no matter how much money I spend on saving people, I always earn it back because of Teacher's arrangements, so I have never been short of money for saving people and my family's business does well. People that know us say that our fortunes are due to Dafa.

To save people, I do not mind enduring hardships and being complained about or cursed at by others. Sometimes other practitioners say, "So and so is so bad and hopeless that it's a waste of time to try to save him." But I have a different view. Nobody but Teacher has the right to say someone is hopeless. There is still a chance before the Fa rectifies the world, so whenever I have the opportunity, I show them my benevolence and try many approaches to help save them. One time I wanted to clarify the truth to a colleague, so I sent forth righteous thoughts and then went to her home. But when I mentioned Falun Gong, her father and her husband said many bad words to me. I did not give up on them. Instead, I kept being nice to my colleague. A few days ago I met her at a supermarket. This time, she agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). She understood the truth of Dafa and also shared her knowledge with her family. Before she left the supermarket, she said to me, "You have such a nice heart!"

Once I clarified the truth to a classmate over the phone. When I mentioned Falun Gong, she cut me off and then hung up the phone. I did not give up on her. Now, she, her husband, and her child have quit the CCP and the Youth League. They also understand the wonderfulness of Dafa.

It was very difficult in the beginning to walk my own truth-clarification path. At first I clarified the truth to employees in our family's company. They were very fearful and I had to talk to them one at a time and in private. When my husband heard about what I was doing, he scolded me, "Why do you clarify the truth at our company but not other places? What happens if someone reports you to the police? You are going to destroy our business and our family." I cried. My daughter encouraged me, "Mom, it won't feel so difficult if you think of Teacher." Yes! I stopped crying, and I continued clarifying the truth the next day. After many tribulations, I have developed my environment. I can freely clarify the truth in any of our own shops, in the supermarket, on a train or bus, or on the street. Many people have quit the CCP after I talked to them.

Studying the Fa Well and Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts Well

When I study the Fa well, I feel myself grow bigger and my righteous thoughts become stronger. This enables me to overcome every hurdle on my cultivation path and reject the old force arrangements.

Last year on a train I lost a bag with fellow practitioners' "Solemn Declarations." I was so worried that I almost cried because practitioners' names were in it and I couldn't imagine what would happen if someone handed it in to the police. Then, when I listened to Teacher's lecture, I heard Teacher say, "a good or bad outcome comes from one thought. The difference in one thought leads to different results." (Zhuan Falun) I realized that our benevolent Teacher was telling me something important, so I told myself not to worry and to trust Teacher. Indeed nothing happened after I stopped worrying.

After I understood the importance of sending forth righteous, I made every effort to do it every hour. I always send forth righteous thoughts before leaving to clarify the truth to people. In the afternoon, I usually study the Fa for a while, then send forth righteous thoughts for a while, then study the Fa again. Thus, I have cleaned my dimensional field and the fields of the people that I want to save. For the more stubborn people, I send forth righteous for them for several days in a row. Sometimes I send forth righteous thoughts for 40 minutes to an hour. So with Teacher's strengthening, I am able to save many sentient beings via righteous thoughts. Just as Teacher said, "However much you give is however much you get." ("Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Yanji" from Zhuan Falun Fajie).

A few years ago, after I had done a lot of Dafa work, my attachments of showing off, being too zealous, and validating myself began to surface. For a while I spent a lot of time on Dafa work but ignored Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts, so the old forces found a gap in me [that they could exploit]. Teacher gave me hints many times but I did not get it. One day my father was arrested and then released for clarifying the truth to people. I did not realize this was Teacher's hint to me. A few days later, when we went out to clarify the truth, my daughter and I both fell down and my fall was the worst. I still did not get Teacher's hint and forgot to look inward and send forth righteous thoughts well. Then a few days later, I was arrested when my mother and I were posting truth-clarification materials. A police officer told me to write a guarantee statement promising to stop cultivation. I firmly rejected his demand, but my human attachments led me to sign a "statement" promising not to post truth-clarification materials any more. I regretted signing the document when I got home. The managers at my company told me to write a "statement" promising to stop cultivation and threatened to send me to a brainwashing center if I did not agree to do it. I sent the following strong righteous thought: "Reject all of the old force's arrangements for me. Only walk on the path arranged by Teacher. I am doing the most righteous thing in the universe; nobody can touch me." I kept sending the righteous thought and finally the arrangement was disintegrated. Because I was arrested, my company withheld two months of my salary. With a pure heart of wanting to save them, I clarified the truth to the managers in my company. After that, I received my salary. My righteous thoughts showed their power.

Two years ago I felt that my dimensional field was not very clear and I had some fear. Teacher gave me a hint in a dream. In the dream a practitioner was arrested and then gave my name to the police; the police came to arrest me and I started to run away. Finally I was able to escape. After I woke up, I kept sending righteous thoughts and telling myself that even if I was able to escape in the dream I would not acknowledge the idea, because I wanted to completely reject the old force arrangements. I kept sending forth righteous thoughts until my dimensional field was cleaned up. However, I did not realize that the dark minions were targeting our group as a whole. A few days later, my father and mother said that they felt strong fear when clarifying the truth, feeling as if people were looking at them. I did not realize this was another hint to me from Teacher. I did not look inward, send forth righteous thoughts for them, or remind them to send forth righteous thoughts well. A few days later they were arrested.

This spring I had a vague dream that someone was arrested. I did not pay much attention to Teacher's hint. A few days later, a fellow practitioner was arrested, but I did not know about it right then. Thus, Teacher gave me a hint in a very clear dream. There was a group Fa study at my home, and someone brought a note to my home. I was holding something, and then we were arrested. I was able to escape using strong righteous thoughts; many people chased me. Finally I said that my Teacher could protect me and they would not be able to see me. When they came close to me they couldn't see me and so they left. I then woke up. This time I realized that our group had loopholes, especially myself. So I urgently arranged two days of intensive Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts. After that we felt that the black hands and rotten spirits were eliminated.

I did not look inward after the previous two incidents. This time Teacher used a practitioner's mouth to give me a hint. As we spent more time on our materials production center, our attachment to doing things became stronger. We focused on the work but omitted Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts; we tried to validate ourselves; and we did the work for the sake of doing things but not for saving sentient beings. So the old forces took advantage of our loopholes.

Last year I developed a deep understanding of the importance of studying the Fa well to negate the old force's arrangements.

"We don't acknowledge any of the things that the old forces arranged - I as your master don't acknowledge them, and Dafa disciples of course don't acknowledge them either... When you encounter ordeals during your cultivation, you have got to cultivate yourself and look at yourself - that doesn't mean acknowledging the ordeals arranged by the old forces and trying to do well amidst the ordeals they've arranged, that's not the case. We negate even the very emergence of the old forces and everything that they've arranged; we don't even acknowledge their existence. We're fundamentally negating all of their things, and all of, and only, the things you do while negating and getting rid of them is mighty-virtue. It's not that you're cultivating amidst the ordeals they created. Rather, you are to walk your own path well while not acknowledging them, not even acknowledging the elimination of their ordeals' manifestations. (Applause) So looking at it from this angle, what we need to do is completely negate the old forces. Dafa disciples and I don't even acknowledge the manifestations of their last-ditch efforts." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference")

Enhancing Xinxing When Doing the "Three Things"

Studying the Fa well is the foundation for sending forth righteous thoughts and truth-clarification. Only when we study the Fa well can we SRFT well and have strong righteous thoughts. Only then will we do truth-clarification well. However, if we do not cultivate ourselves well, no matter how well we clarify the truth to others, the results will not be positive.

"You are cultivators, whose conduct is [supposed to be] pure and righteous. There are so many people who think you're great just by having seen how you act. If we don't pay attention to our own behavior in our daily lives, everyday people will see our actions and, since they can't get to know you at a deep level, such as by studying the Fa, they will just look at how you act. And it's possible that one sentence or one action of yours will make them unsaveable or create a bad impression of Dafa." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston")

Over the years of truth-clarification, I have developed a deep understanding of this Fa. When clarifying the truth to people, I am not simply asking them to quit the CCP, I also tell them the wonderfulness of Dafa and how far it has spread, because I understand that people will face elimination if their heads contain bad thoughts about Dafa. However, many people have been deeply poisoned by the CCP having slandered Dafa for seven years, so it is hard to change their minds with our words. Every practitioner is a window to express the wonderfulness of Dafa. Our every thought and action is directly related to whether sentient beings will be saved. People look at practitioner's actions to make up their minds about Dafa. Therefore, it is very important to cultivate ourselves well.

Once I talked to a person on a train about quitting the CCP. He said, "I won't believe in your bad theory." I asked him, "Why is it a bad theory? Is teaching people to be 'truthful, benevolent and forbearing' a bad theory?" He said, "No, but you are neither benevolent nor forbearing." His words surprised me. My classmates, colleagues, and friends always say to me, "Since you are such a nice person, we believe Falun Dafa is good, and we want to quit the CCP." Why had this stranger said such a negative thing about me? I immediately looked inwards and realized that when I got on the train, though I did not compete with others for seats, I had put my bag in the corridor and made it inconvenient for others to pass by, so I was not thinking about other people. I changed my behavior right away. After many people got off the train at Beijing, I did not sit down until all the passengers had taken their seats. Then it was very smooth for me to persuade four or five people to quit the CCP. On the return train, there were even more people. I gave my seat up and let several people take turns to sit down. In the meantime I told them about the wonderfulness of Dafa and helped eight people quit the CCP. One CCP member said to me, "I believe you, because you are such a good person. Thank you very much!"

Getting Rid of Fear

Ever since I was young I have not been very brave. I was afraid to walk in the dark, sleep by myself, or even cross the street. To get rid of my fear, Teacher kept giving me hints. When I first started clarifying the truth to our own employees, one person reported me to her team leader. The team leader called all her people away. When I got home, I called my sister. Teacher used her mouth to give me a hint, "What are you afraid of? Whoever interferes with your truth-clarification is committing a big crime. Tell her that!" Suddenly I was enlightened. Yes, I must be brave and firm. I called the team leader and said to her seriously, "If you treat Dafa nicely, you will be rewarded with great fortune. If you interfere with my saving people, you are going to be punished by the heavens." She dared not intervene again.

Last year when I went to my hometown to clarify the truth, I encountered a lot of interference. Teacher words, "A great Arhat walks the earth, Gods and demons fear with awe." ("Benevolent Might" in Hong Yin) and "a pinky is more than enough to crush them" (Zhuan Falun) kept echoing in my head. They gave me courage and I was able to let everyone that I talked to understand the truth. Over 90 people quit the CCP.

When I posted my announcement to quit the CCP after reading the "Nine Commentaries on Chinese Communist Party", I felt great pressure from other dimensions and the last-ditch struggles by the dark minions, rotten demons, and the communist evil specter. I felt scared when I was holding copies of the Nine Commentaries, so I passed them out quickly. Later I realized that this feeling was wrong. Why did I feel scared? This was an illusion from another dimension. They wanted me to feel scared, but actually they were scared. It meant that the Nine Commentaries had immense power. So I spent more time on Fa study and recited "What's to Fear" from Hong Yin II. Every time I would first send forth righteous before I went out. Then my fear became much smaller and gradually it was gone.

Becoming Firmer and Firmer in Dafa

I had many strong human attachments, such as being impetuous and lacking self confidence. I improved to some extent after studying the Fa. After I read Teacher's articles about saving sentient beings, I became very impetuous again. Gradually I was able to control myself after more Fa study. After reading the Nine Commentaries, I acted impetuously again: "I have helped many people understand the truth of Dafa in the past. But they are still going to be eliminated if they don't quit the CCP." I felt so bad for them that I wanted to cry. That made me not able to clarify truth to people any more. So I stayed at home to study the Fa and read the Nine Commentaries three times. My human sentiments were driven away and righteous thoughts came out. I felt that I could talk to people again. I asked Teacher to strengthen me and I talked to a few employees in our company. They all agreed to quit the CCP. Now my human attachments were fewer and righteous thoughts were stronger. I try to recite Teacher's Fa whenever I have time. My benevolence, confidence, and righteous thoughts all come from my belief in Teacher and the Fa.

Everything is arranged and done by Teacher. The people we will to talk to are arranged by Teacher. This year I went to my high school to celebrate the school's anniversary. I prepared a long list of names of my classmates, but none of them showed up, so I talked to several alumni from lower classes and was able to help them quit the CCP.

Once, after sending forth righteous thoughts, I planned to take bus to a place to clarify the truth. When I arrived at the bus station, a bus was leaving in front of me. I told myself to be patient and wait for the next one. Then a person showed up and I was able to convince him to quit the CCP and help him understand that Falun Dafa is good. During our conversation, another bus came and went. I remained patient and got on the third bus. Then I saw a former colleague and asked him to get off the bus. I talked to him for one minute and he quit the Youth League and accepted Dafa's wonderfulness. Some friends say to me, "You are full of confidence." Yes, I am confident because I have Teacher and I have the Fa. With Teacher's help, I can help Teacher to save any person with a predestined relationship.

We have not done much, but Teacher gives us the best and highest from the universe. No matter how beautiful human words are, they can't describe our gratitude to our benevolent Teacher. The only thing that we can do is to advance diligently, meet Teacher's expectations, bring sentient beings hope, and earn the title of Fa-Rectification period Dafa disciples.