The Persecution of Lei Guiling and her husband from Ankou Village, Taoxu Township, Mengyin County

Mrs. Lei Guiling, 36 years old, used to have a bad temper. After she started Dafa cultivation, she tried to be a good person according to "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." She became kindhearted and tolerant and enjoyed perfect health. When the persecution of Dafa began on July 20, 1999, Party members fined all the practitioners at Taoxu Village 200 yuan each. Ms. Lei and her husband were tortured many times.

They signed a group petition in order to clarify the truth to the international community in 2000. On the night of February 21, substation police officers Zhang Daoxin, Diao Chuanjun, and Li Changxiang arrested Ms. Lei and Zhang Jiashui, her husband. The police took their photos and fined them a total of 440 yuan. On February 25, Lv Hu and others arrested the couple and took them to the township officer. Zhang Zhaohui then took the couple to the judicial agency, where they were illegally detained. They had to sleep on the cold cement floor at night. Zhang Chengwu forced the practitioners, including Ms. Lei, to remove their shoes and place one foot on the window sill for a long time in order to freeze their feet. He then forced her to sit on the floor with straight legs and bent toes. Zhang Chengwu and Mo Guangliang slapped her face viciously. Mrs. Lei's head was humming and she saw stars in front of her eyes. She also could not hear anything for quite a while. One night, Liu Xingshi hit the couple so hard that they fell to the floor. Then nine hooligans, including Zhang Hongmeng, beat them with wooden sticks for quite some time. The couple's clothes were soaked in blood and they felt unbearable pain in their bones. After torturing the couple for over ten days, the police also extorted 8000 yuan from them.

During the People's Party Congress in February 2001, Muo Guangli and Muo Guangliang broke into the couple's home at night and took Mr. Zhang Jiashui to the township brainwashing center. One afternoon, Hu Faming, Gao Baohua, Li Qiang, Zhou Zijun, and Bao Xitang beat him so severely that their sticks broke and the bamboo split. Zhang Jiashui's flesh was torn and bruised. Finally they got tired and forced him to pay 2000 yuan.

On the night of April 28, 2001, a gang led by Zhao Hongfeng raided Ms. Lei's home. They found an empty cassette case and extorted 300 yuan from her. They arrested her and took her to the township office. On the night of the 29th, a dozen hooligans, including Bao Xitang, Lv Hu, Li Zhaofa and Zhang Jianjun, covered the heads of 14 to 15 practitioners and kicked them to the floor. Each thug used a rubber stick and together they hit Lei Guiling. When she lost consciousness, they poured cold water on her to rouse her. They laughed loudly when they saw the practitioners in pain. Lv Hu dragged Ms. Lei into a small room. For six days, they denied her food, water and the freedom to move. Police officers from the substation handcuffed her hands behind her back to a pole and kept her out in the strong sunlight. Only after extorting 2000 yuan did they release her.

At the end of January 2004, Mrs. Lei was taking care of her sister who was in the hospital giving birth. The Party township authorities came to her home in a vehicle full of people. They forced the door open by prying the lock and turned the house upside down. Not finding anything, they illegally confined Ms. Lei to a vacant shed owned by the township. They hit her to the floor and pressed her down while holding her head and neck. Li Zhaofa viciously kicked her around the waist. The pain was beyond words. Li Zhenguo and Qiu Yanguang forced her to sit on the cold cement floor and threatened and swore at her everyday and forced her to pay 500 yuan.

Altogether, personnel from the 610 Office extorted over 13,000 yuan from Ms. Lei Guiling. During the past years, people from the 610 Office threatened and harassed her in her home frequently. She has been living in an atmosphere of fear, which has greatly harmed her both physically and mentally.

The Persecution of practitioner Wang Guangjian from Jiuquanyu Village, Taoxu Township, Mengyin County

Mr. Wang Guangjian, 47 years old, started to cultivate Dafa in 1998 and benefited greatly from it. Since July 20, 1999, Jiang's group has been defaming and persecuting Dafa and its practitioners. The deputy head of Taoxu Township, Muo Guangli, along with Zheng, Shi Zengli, and Shi Yunduan, followed Party orders to raid the homes of practitioners in Jiuquanyu Village. They also fined and beat them. Other practitioners were fined 200 yuan, but Mr. Wang was fined 1000 yuan, because Muo Guangli claimed that he was the assistant at the group practice site.

He signed the group petition in order to clarify the truth to the international community in 2000. Diao Chuanjun and Zheng Jie from the Taoxu substation arrested Mr. Wang and fined him 220 yuan. On February 25, Zhang Hongmeng, Muo Guangli, and Lv Hu illegally arrested him and detained him at the township office. Party members stripped Mr. Wang of of his clothes in a small dark room and made him lie down on his belly in his underwear on the floor. Qin Chengzhi and Zhang Yujun hit him with both fists and feet. On March 2, they called Mr. Wang out, stripped off his clothes, and hit him to the icy cold ground. Muo Guangli, Zhang Hongmeng, Qin Chengzhi, and Gao Baohua took turns beating him. They used their feet to roll his head around on the ground and also stepped on his head. Mr. Wang's head was bleeding and cut by the stones on the ground. Zhang Hongmeng tried to force Mr. Wang to curse Teacher. Mr. Wang was covered with muddy snow from the beatings.

Another day, Muo Guangli and others made Mr. Wang sit on the ground and forced him to bend his toes. The torment lasted about seven hours. They tried to force him to swear at Teacher but he refused no matter what they did to him. Muo kicked him a few more times. By then, Mr. Wang was no longer able to stand up. Party members detained Wang Guangjian for 14 days and released him after his family was forced to pay 6000 yuan.

Mr. Wang's mother passed away because she was afraid and very concerned about her son.

On April 28, 2001, Muo Guangli, Shi Yunduan, Shi Zengli, Lv Yixiang, Lai Xianlu, Zhang Jiman, Lv Hu, Zheng, Li Qiang Sr., Muo Guangliang, and Qin Chengzhi raided Mr. Wang's home and stole 400 yuan in cash. They arrested him and took him to the township office. There, many practitioners' heads were battered and bleeding because they had been beaten. It was horrible. Several of the sticks that were used to beat Wang Fubao were all smashed. Wang Guangjian escaped due to his righteous thoughts. The following day, they broke into his home once again, stole a TV set, a tape recorder, a sewing machine, a telephone, a round table, an iron cart, two barrels of peanut oil, a silver coin, a wall clock, etc.

During that period, Liu Yong, Zhang Daoxin, Diao Chuanjun, Zheng Jie, and Xu Qiang from the substation, as well as township personnel Shi Yunduan and Li Zhenguo, often attempted to arrest him in his home. Mr. Wang was forced to hide on Mengshan Mountain. His father died of a stroke due to being coerced numerous times.

On May 28, Mr. Wang returned home to get some food. Liu Yong, Li Changqiang, Diao Chuanjun, Zhang Daoxin, Zheng Jie, Xu Qiang, and others surrounded him on top of the bungalow for a whole night. They subsequently arrested him and took him to the substation, where they handcuffed him to a chair while they beat him. Diao Chuanjun, Liu Yong, and Zhang Daoxin started to torture Mr. Wang at 4 p.m. No one knows how many rubber sticks were used or how much blood Wang lost. He lost consciousness for a long time, They poured water on his head but it was past 10 p.m. when he finally came to.

Lying on the floor, Mr. Wang was not able to move at all. His fingers were broken and he could neither eat nor drink for about four days. He did not recover after he was transferred to the detention center for over 20 days. He was interrogated once several days later. People from the 610 Office of the county public security bureau forced over 20 practitioners to parade on the Duozhuang Township Fairgrounds with signboards hanging around their necks, handcuffed, including Mr. Wang with his legs disabled due to the beating.

After 46 days at the detention center, they illegally sentenced him to three years of forced labor. Wang Guangjian is detained at the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp of Shandong Province and suffers from various tortures in the strict control class and confinement room.

During the past seven years, Mr. Wang has lost 10,000 yuan and his freedom for three years.

February 20, 2007