(Clearwisdom.net) "I appreciate New Tang Dynasty Television for providing us with this opportunity to see such a wonderful performance. I have totally changed my attitude toward life and come to know the true meaning of life," said a Chinese person, after seeing the last show of the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular in Berlin, Germany on February 28, 2007. He was not the only one to say so.

"I Seemed to Have Returned to Heaven"

After seeing the show, a German woman talked to some Chinese people, saying that originally she went to the show just for fun, but was surprised to find that it was so magnificent and that not only were the stage and the backdrop very creative, but the ideas and content of the show were very unique.

She added that she used to be a very conservative person, so it was hard for her to accept something new and to talk to strangers. However, after seeing the show, she felt like associating with Chinese people so as to learn more about Chinese culture, as the show allowed her experience genuine Chinese culture. Despite the fact that she had no idea about the Chinese songs sung in the show, through the English subtitles on the stage backdrop and the singers' tones, she could sense the magnificence of the performances. She felt as if she was taken back to heaven or another dimension. She also expressed that she would pay more attention to Chinese culture in future. Before leaving, she heartily embraced that Chinese woman.

"I Came to Realize the Meaning of Truthfulness and Compassion"

Mr. Wittmann, Professor of Law Department at Viadrina University, Frankfurt Berlin and his wife appreciated the show very much. Professor Wittmann mentioned that as he could read the Chinese subtitles of the lines on the stage backdrop, he was especially touched by contralto Yang Jiansheng's song entitled "Tiananmen Please Tell Me." He perceived that this song has very profound meanings, and both he and his wife have come to know the meanings of Truthfulness and Compassion. He also mentioned that before going to the show, they received some other invitations to various social functions including the ones regarding Chinese martial arts, religions, Vietnamese festivities, etc. It was hard for them to make a decision at that time, but they eventually chose to attend the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular show.

Demonstration of Traditional Chinese Culture

After the performance, many audience members lingered in the theater. A Chinese person who has lived in Berlin for several decades told our reporter: "It was indeed a marvelous performance, which has truly demonstrated traditional Chinese culture. It is so peaceful, touching and wonderful, and it is the best performance I've seen in the past. Since I learned the news about the show from the Epoch Times several months ago, I started to anticipate this show. Today I came here to see the show with my friends and I am glad that it didn't disappoint me."