(Clearwisdom.net) In August 2006, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Li Yunsheng's house was ransacked by the local police. She left home to avoid further persecution. On February 12, 2007, her 92-year-old mother Ms. Luo Jingqiu, also a practitioner, died under harassment from State Security agents.

One early morning in August 2006, police officers Ma Yuliang (male) and Feng Guangyong (male) from the National Security Division of the Xuyong County Police Department, and Bao Yuanfen (female) from the Neighborhood Administration broke into Ms. Li Yunsheng's house and ransacked it. At that time, three generations of the family were about to eat breakfast. While the police were searching the house, they intimidated Ms. Li. However, under the protection of Master, she escaped. She has been living a homeless life since that time. Her mother became very angry and worried, and soon she fell ill.

Officer Ma Yuliang and others went to Ms. Luo Jingqiu's house every two or three days to harass her and tell her to turn in her daughter. The elderly lady could not withstand these threats and passed away before the Chinese New Year.

February 24, 2007