(Clearwisdom.net) The West Jakarta local court ended the trial of Wong Wan Hie. He had harassed and attacked Falun Gong practitioners in Jakarta's Chinatown. A jury found Wong guilty on January 30, 2007. He was sentenced to a five-month prison term and eight months' court-ordered probation. As the defendant had no previous criminal record, the prison term was dropped.

Chief Judge Poernomo SH announced the verdict. He was lenient when considering the six months imprisonment and ten months probation recommended by the public prosecutor. Wong was found guilty of harassing Falun Gong practitioner Bachtijar Kyar during a peaceful protest in Caopu, West Jakarta. Mr. Kyar was exposing the brutal torture of Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities. The defendant violated Section No. 1 of Provision 351 of Indonesian Criminal Law, as he injured the victim, which was confirmed by a hospital. According to witnesses, the injuries were caused by the defendant's violent behavior.

During the six court sessions, the defendant's lawyer brought several witnesses who testified that the defendant was not at the crime scene, but in Bogor. The jury considered the evidence immaterial, as the witnesses and defendant were not together at the time of the crime.

The judge decided that the harassment of the peaceful protesting Falun Gong practitioners by the defendant was in violation of existing law, and was punishable under the criminal law of the country.