(Clearwisdom.net) I began cultivating in Falun Dafa in late 1994. I can basically recite the entire book, Zhuan Falun. In 2001, when I was illegally arrested and taken to a labor camp, I had one thought: I am a god, I shall use my life to end all evil persecution targeted at Dafa disciples in this labor camp (which does not mean sacrificing my life). As I kept this thought, no matter how the evil tortured me, and compared with other practitioners, my environment was more lax. Even when I went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution, the evil perpetrators would not start force-feeding me or torturing me right away as they did with other practitioners. Of course, I would also tell the guards: "What I'm doing is in fact giving you an opportunity to position themselves."

In the prison, due to interference by the evil, I was unable to recite the entire Zhuan Falun. I could not recite much at all. There was too much interference in my mind. All I could do was send forth righteous thoughts every day and recite Master's short articles. This state persisted for approximately one year, during which there were some actions that strongly resisted the evil, and others that conformed to their demands. One day, I thought about the issue of being considerate about others, and a thought surfaced in my mind: Master has done so much for all of us, why can't we help to share some of Master's burden? How good would it be if I could help Master shoulder some of the burden? With this thought, I was able to do better in studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts. I would recite Zhuan Falun's table of contents several times a day.

After reciting this for about a week or two, I started feeling very strongly that each and every word in Zhuan Falun's table of contents was telling me something. This feeling became stronger and clearer, as if I could see every single word communicating with me, but my human side could not understand it at all. The desire for the Fa in my heart grew stronger every time and finally I made a decision: I have to recite the entire "Zhuan Falun."

With this strong will and desire, Master must have helped me, for I began reciting "Zhuan Falun" paragraph after paragraph, and was able to recite everything! I calmed my mind and recited it several times in my heart, and I learned a lot of new things in this process.

Before, when I studied the Fa, either I spotted something that I had not noticed earlier, or I felt that I understood something new, but I have never felt a very strong difference between my first and second understanding of something. However, this time, when I recited the sentence: "Those high-level great enlightened beings may find it more unfair"(Zhuan Falun, English version in 2000) several times, I found that my thoughts were totally different each time I read it. The first time, I felt that I should treasure Dafa, the second time, I felt puzzled as to why they still had jealousy; and the third time, I cried, feeling sad for these beings of the old universe.

One day, all the prison guards involved in persecuting Falun Gong held a meeting in the team where I was imprisoned. I felt a lot of pressure inside, and saw that the entire sky was covered in karma. I bore this indescribable pain in my heart, and recited Master's writings, article after article in the midst of this overwhelming karma. A minute later, and it felt like ages had passed, I saw myself floating up in the sky in shining golden light. I saw myself breaking through the boundaries of that universe, and saw an even broader universe emerge in front of me. The universe covered in karma that I saw just now became no more than a little black dot, and quickly diminished into a speck of dust, until it finally disappeared from sight.

During that period of diligently and calmly reciting the Fa, I felt myself improving very quickly. I could feel changes in myself almost every day. Then, I also saw this image: I was initially walking along a straight path. Later, my body expanded, and I saw that the original path was simply a small, narrow section of the larger road; when I became even bigger, I saw that even this larger road was very small, even though I thought I had walked a very long distance, it was actually only a very short distance, and then, even that much larger road proved to be just a small part of the entire planet, and an even larger path encompassed the entire planet. When I broke out of this planet, and continued flying upwards, I turned around and saw that the original planet was also very small, and it also disappeared from sight later. At this current level, I've come to realize the magnificence and all-encompassing power of Dafa. I must not be restricted by my own notions.

During my illegal imprisonment, I made use of the opportunity to write "thought reports" to expose the evil's persecution, especially some evil acts by a certain prison guard who was also a middle team leader. It had a very significant effect. Whenever he walked past the team that I was imprisoned with, he would turn his head the other way; and although he was nominated for promotion to become a big team leader, he was not promoted in the end.

Later, in a state of absolutely no fear, under the monitoring of several people, I was able to walk out of the prison door miraculously. Even though later I was brought back to the team by the evil perpetrators, the blow to the evil was very big. The so-called "Falun Gong Special Disciplinary Middle Team" persecution on that day was halted as a result. Later, with the joint effort of all fellow practitioners, this "Special Disciplinary Middle Team" was dissolved.

In the process of my cultivation, with Master's help and the guidance of Dafa, and through studying the Fa diligently, I have developed an even deeper understanding of Dafa. Master has helped me to truly recognize the profoundness of Dafa.

The above are just some limited personal understandings, please feel free to point out any inadequacies.