(Clearwisdom.net) There once was a little monk called Miaoyan. One time, when he was visiting the Emperor’s palace, the Empress saw him. She thought he was very cute and adorable, so she wanted to give him a hug. However, Miaoyan stopped her and said, "You should not come too close to a monk." The Empress did not agree, saying, "You are about the same age as my son and there is nothing wrong with me giving you a hug."

Miaoyan answered, "What you have said complies with ordinary people’s principles. However, big things all start from trivial things, just like a spark of fire can cause an entire prairie to burn down or tiny water drops can penetrate a very hard rock. Many things are developed gradually from subtle things, and many small portions can accumulate to become a large amount. Therefore, a wise person should always avoid suspicion and mind the slightest details."

When we ponder this further, it relates to a person’s illness. If he does not pay attention to his illness before it becomes severe, it will be difficult for him to recover when he is seriously ill