(Clearwisdom.net) Once I visited a practitioner by chance. There I met two practitioners from another town. They told us about their experiences of saving local sentient beings. It was really touching for me. I looked inside myself and asked why I couldn’t follow Master’s teachings to do the three things like them? It was because I did not study the Fa well. I did not truly cultivate myself.

To help more sentient beings know the truth about Dafa and be saved, we must have enough truth clarification materials. Why couldn’t I establish a material production site at my home? It was because of my attachment to self-interests and sentimentality. I was thinking of putting money into my son’s marriage. It was still selfishness. No matter how, I had to establish a site at my home. Once my daughter called me and asked me if I needed money, and I told her my ideas.

My daughter is not a practitioner, but she supports Dafa very much. For the sake of security, I did not tell her very specifically what I wanted to do, but she understood what it was for. She sent me some money. Later, with help from fellow practitioners, I bought an inexpensive notebook PC and a printer. With Master’s arrangements and benevolent protection, the family-based site was successfully established. During that time, I learned simple skills of printing and word processing.

Because there are very few computers in our village, it was not so safe to have an Internet connection at home. So I chose to use USB storage. Every week, I went to a fellow practitioner’s home in the town and downloaded "Minghui Weekly" and other truth-clarification materials. My daughter bought me a bike. To help other practitioners read Minghui Weekly on time, I rode the bike to the town that was ten to fifteen kilometers away. Then I printed the saved documents at my home.

At the beginning, all of the interference was broken through. Everything went quite well. Later there were some problems with the printer. I started to rationally think about why that had happened. I tried to calm down and look within. Even before I got to the root of the problem, my attachment of fear became obvious. I kept a distance from other practitioners and did not go to the group Fa study. I did not support the movement to withdraw from the CCP either. I thought all the things I had done were good enough. The other things had nothing to do with me. Without noticing it, I divided my cultivation path into "my own duty" and "not my own duty."

Master lectured on this subject in order to answer a disciples' questions in "Teaching the Fa at the Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students":

"If they’re not all that busy with Dafa things, then it’s not quite right if they don’t come out for group activities to validate the Fa and clarify the truth, or for other activities like group Fa-study. Group Fa-study is an environment I created for you and a form that I’ve left for you. I think you should still participate. That’s because it has stood the test of experience, and cultivating that way allows our students to improve the fastest. When you cultivate on your own, you miss out on factors that help you improve. And haven’t you, as Dafa disciples, said that you would do as your Master says? Haven’t you said that you should walk straight on the path that a Dafa disciple should take?"

How could I justify leaving the group study and staying away from other practitioners just because I had done such small things for truth-clarification? I’m not any different from other practitioners. We were all chosen by Master and saved from hell. I stayed away from other practitioners because I had done such small things; how can this be my own true nature? Studying the Fa well, clarifying the facts and sending forth righteous thoughts are what Master asks Dafa disciples in the Fa rectification period to do. Group Fa study and practice is the way of cultivation left by Master. How can I stop following Master after having done just some small things for Dafa?

As I enlightened to this, I immediately mended my ways. With Master’s benevolent protection and a practitioner’s righteous thoughts, the materials site started to function again.

I am grateful for our great Master’s benevolence and my fellow practitioners' righteous support. Please point it out if there is anything inappropriate in my sharing.