(Clearwisdom.net) Because truth clarification flyers have appeared in the housing provided by my employer, I am considered a suspect. The chief of our department has talked to me about this. The chief's attitude was rather positive because I had clarified the truth to him and also because he thinks I am a good employee. He tried to persuade me rather gently, saying, "You still keep delivering these flyers. Recently we have received some flyers that were wrapped up in newspapers. If you think it is a good practice, you may do it by yourself. But you should not say or do anything publicly." I then asked him directly, "Why is that? There are so many Falun Gong practitioners. Why must you assume it is always me when you find a flyer? Please don't come to ask me again if you find another flyer!" The chief said, "Don't you know the seriousness of this matter and the possible results of your actions?" I asked, "Does this mean I will lose my job, be put into prison, and end up on an operating table?" He then asked me, "Is that what you are mentally prepared for?" I replied, "No, I don't see myself in any of those scenarios. Why do I need to? The Chinese Communist Party thinks that it can do anything it wants, but it can't!"

After that conversation I thought to myself that, if I encountered a similar circumstance, I should neither admit that the flyer was delivered by myself nor someone else, nor deny it. If I admit it, I will be persecuted. Otherwise, other practitioners will be persecuted. I should not let the evil gain any information again, with similar questions, and take advantage of us. Thus, I can protect fellow practitioners and also myself.

In addition, when ordinary people are controlled by the evil to inquire about us, it doesn't matter whether we are mentally ready or not. If we answer their questions as I did above, we are acknowledging the old force arrangements. In other words: "I could lose my head or I could be bleeding, but I cannot give up my faith in Falun Dafa." Although you may look very confident and act with determination, you may inadvertently be admitting the persecution by the evil. We must not go along with the persecution that the evil forces us to suffer, such as "losing a life or bleeding." So we should firmly point out the nature of the persecution and how evil it is. This prevents the evil from saying more. This is a way to completely negate the persecution of the old forces.

March 17, 2007