Witness at Tiananmen Square

On May 14, 2002, Falun Dafa practitioners Ms. Pan Jing and Ms. Ma Na (from Shandong Province) went to Beijing to validate the Fa and let people know the truth. They took the bus to get to Tiananmen Square, and after the flag-raising ceremony was finished, each of them unfolded a banner reading, "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance," and "Good Will Be Rewarded with Good, Evil Will Meet with Retribution." At the same time, they called out: "Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa!" A few police officers came over, shoved Ms. Ma to the ground, put her into a police car, and took away her banner. They drove the two women to Tiananmen Police Station and put them in a cell. In another cell were tourists without Ids who had been arrested at Tiananmen Square. Later they arrested a few more practitioners. Some of them were elderly, some women, and some children. They clarified the truth to the officers at the police station and explained that Falun Dafa was innocent and "good will be rewarded with good, evil will meet retribution." It is a terrible deed to persecute kind people, so they went on a hunger strike to protest.

Falun Dafa Demonstrates Its Magnificent Power

Three days later, a dozen police officers transferred Ms. Pan.to Tiantanghe Police Station for detention. A female police officer found 160 yuan on Ms. Pan and confiscated it along with her bag.

The police officers wasted a great deal of effort, but still they did not find out anything from Ms. Pan. When they turned on the TV, it was showing a program entitled "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." A boy said to Ms. Pan, "Yesterday you were at Tiananmen Police Station, today you are at Tiantanghe Police Station, tomorrow your Teacher will help you to get out." Ms. Pan thought in her heart, "Good, then I will be able to get out tomorrow."

At midnight, when they were switching shifts, the chief of the police station locked all the doors and said, "We need to be careful in case she escapes with her Teacher's help." Then they handcuffed Ms. Pan to a heating pipe. She quietly recited Lunyu and kept sending forth righteous thoughts. It was 5 o'clock in the morning, and the few police officers surrounding her all fell asleep. All of a sudden, her handcuff opened by itself. Ms. Pan thought, "It is Teacher helping me to get out of here." She stood up. Seeing no reaction from the police officers, she reached out and picked up the "Falun Dafa Is Good" banner lying on the table and the picture the police officers had taken of her. She turned the doorknob, and the door opened. Then she walked to the entrance. She saw a big metal lock hanging there, but it was not really locked. Ms. Pan took off the lock and pushed the door open. Then she turned around and hung the "Falun Dafa Is Good" banner on the iron gate.

Benevolent Heart Develops Benevolent Predestined Relationship

Ms. Pan followed the road ahead of her, and after walking for a while, she ended up near the Tiantanghe Police Station again. She had had nothing to eat or drink for four days, and she felt she couldn't stand up any more. Deciding to beg for some food, she found a household where a kind elderly man gave her some cookies and hot water. After Ms. Pan finished eating, she heard that the elderly man's wife had had a stroke. Ms. Pan immediately told them about the health benefits of Falun Dafa. The man said that since it was so good, he wanted to find a copy of Zhuan Falun to read to his wife, and his wife agreed as well.

After Ms. Pan left this kind family, she continued walking and reached a small forest. Because she had not closed her eyes for a few days, she fell asleep as soon as she lay on the ground. She felt that her whole body was very light, so she had a nice rest. When it was dark again, she felt tired and hungry. She arrived at a household where there was a lady over 70 years old standing in front of her house. She greeted the lady and told her that her purse had been stolen, so she wanted to beg for some food. The lady gladly brought her into the house and gave her a few buns and some hot water.

The lady's daughter owned the home. She was in her 40's and had undergone three operations. She had been bedridden for two and a half years. The lady's granddaughter, about 14 or 15 years old, a sweet-looking girl, carried water and food for Ms. Pan, who she called her "sister" many times. The lady's son-in-law went to work, the lady herself, for the past few years, had been taking care of her ailing daughter.

It started to get dark. Ms. Pan didn't have any money with her, but it was still hard for her to ask for the elderly lady if she could stay with them for the night. The lady nodded her head first then turned to look at her daughter, who said, "Please stay with us. The condition of our place is poor, but it's not safe outside." The young girl was also very pleased.

After dinner, the four of them sat together to chat. The woman in her 40's who had not sat up for the past two and half years, all of a sudden wanted to sit up. With her daughter holding her, she gradually sat up! The whole family was very happy and astonished. After a little while, she wanted to get up and take a walk, so her daughter helped her to stand up by the bed. After this amazing occurrence, the woman thought a little bit and said, "This is truly a predestined relationship! You must be an unusual person." Ms. Pan said, "Your kindness has been exchanged for good fortune."

The following morning, the elderly lady got up to make breakfast. After Ms. Pan had breakfast, thanked each one of them, and was about to leave, the elderly lady's daughter took out a few dozen yuan and asked her mother to give it to Ms. Pan. She said, "This is the only money we have. It won't be enough to cover your transportation to Shandong Province, but please take it." Ms. Pan was very touched. She only accepted three one-yuan bills from the elderly lady, saying, "This will be enough to make phone calls with."

The elderly lady went to look for someone to help find a bus to go to Shandong Province when her neighbor told her that the buses going to Shandong passed by her door. There was one bus leaving in the morning and one bus in the afternoon. You could just wait at her door. So they went home to wait for the bus. The little girl carried a plastic bag with a bottle of water in it and told Ms. Pan to take it with her.

The elderly lady's daughter held onto her walker and stood by her door with tears in her eyes to see Ms. Pan off. She kept telling Ms. Pan to call her after she got home to make sure everything was OK. Equally emotional, Ms. Pan said farewell. After waiting for a few hours on the road, finally an old bus going to Shandong Province arrived. Ms. Pan said to the driver, "My wallet was stolen. Can I pay you after I arrive?" The driver refused and wouldn't allow her to get on the bus. At noon, the elderly lady invited Ms. Pan back to their home, and after they had lunch, they went back to wait for another bus. Soon a luxury bus going to Shandong Province passed by, and after Ms. Pan discussed her situation with the driver, he agreed.

This time the elderly lady's daughter saw her off from the entrance. While holding onto her walker, she said, "Make sure you come to my home to visit again!" The elderly lady and the young girl didn't want Ms. Pan to leave. Ms. Pan said in tears, "We will see each other again for sure!"

Two days after Ms. Pan arrived home, she called them to thank them and then mailed them truth-clarification materials and Dafa books. Their whole family has since begun to practice Dafa as well.