(Clearwisdom.net) Taiwan's Liberty Times reported on March 29, 2007, that the "Divine Performing Arts" that is touring around the world and has received rave reviews has been invited to start this year's Asian tour. It is expected to be staged in Taiwan beginning April 7. The "Divine Performing Arts" is composed of 62 outstanding Chinese artists, including contemporary top-class Chinese artistic tenor Guan Guimin; alto vocalist Yang Jiansheng, the only Chinese alto among seven famous altos mentioned on Wikipedia; soprano singer Bai Xue; renowned erhu (Chinese violin) soloist Qi Xiaochun; and professional ballet dancer and choreographer Vina Lee.

The "Divine Performing Arts" performances showcase originality within traditional music, with exquisite and gorgeous costumes that reflect traditional dress styles. It presents beautiful dances from different nationalities in China, such as the "Ladies of the Manchu Court" dance, the "Mongolian Bowl Dance," and the "Snowy Mountain, White Lotus" Tibetan dance. It also portrays legendary stories in Chinese history. Its special stage backdrop designs have created stunning effects for audiences in Europe and America and received high acclaim. Apart from their artistry and superb performances, while they were training the artists were required to do sitting meditation and cultivation of their moral character so that, during their highly difficult, artistic performances, they are able to convey an inner lofty and divine beauty, and even move the audience to tears. Paul Joseph Walkowski, commentator and publisher of the Opera Online website, commented, "Mission accomplished! It was a tantalizing and fascinating evening that made me want to stay and see more. In a word, I was simply captivated."

With the momentous success of their tour performances in Europe and America, the "Divine Performing Arts" has caused a sensation even before its performances have opened in Taiwan. Tickets for their performances in Taipei have been sold out. The performances are also scheduled to be staged in Tainan beginning April 9, Taichung beginning April 11, Kaohsiung beginning April 14, and Chiayi beginning April 20. Three additional shows in Taipei will begin on April 16. Tickets for all additional shows started selling on March 12. Booking details are available on the Internet.