(Clearwisdom.net) Kong Ji, also known as Zisi, was the grandson of Confucius. He was a famous thinker in the Spring and Autumn Period and during the Warring States Period.

One day, Zisi mentioned Gou Bian to the emperor of Wei State. He said, "Gou Bian can command an army of 500 chariots." The emperor said, "I know he has the ability to command an army. However, when Gou Bian was an official, he once took two eggs from citizens and ate them when he was collecting taxes. So I did not choose him."

Zisi said, "A sage chooses personnel with ability just as a carpenter chooses wood, taking the good part and discarding the bad part. So, if a large piece of good timber only has a couple of inches of rot, a good carpenter would not discard the whole piece of wood. Now, you are in a time of war and turmoil. However, when you were selecting a general to command your troops, you bypassed a good candidate just because of two eggs. Don't let the neighboring state know this!"

The emperor of Wei State repeatedly thanked Zisi and said, "I accept your advice."

Actually, everyone has his own strong points. And everyone also has shortcomings and does wrong things sometimes. Looking at other's strong points more and being more forgiving and understanding of others' shortcomings and mistakes is a good way to get along with others and to choose the right people for the right task.