(Clearwisdom.net) My son is the only child in his elementary school who is not a member of the Young Pioneers [a Chinese Communist Party affiliate]. We have experienced much interference and tests during this process of denying the old forces' arrangements. While facing this interference, I followed the path arranged for me by Teacher. I would now like to share our experience with fellow practitioners, for others to use as a reference to totally deny the arrangements of the old forces.

My son was born in October 1999 and that year I cultivated most diligently. In the eighth month of my pregnancy, I was still practicing sitting in the full lotus position. I was practicing Falun Gong a few hours before my delivery. At the age of one, my son could recite Hong Yin with me. Later we worked together clarifying the truth and witnessed the miracle and beauty of Falun Dafa.

When he started going to school, my son asked me to tell his teacher that he would not participate in the Young Pioneers. But one day six months later, he asked us to fill out the application for the Young Pioneers for him. What was wrong? He was afraid to look at me. I found out that he was afraid his teacher would not allow him to continue to be the class monitor. Then I realized that my state was not pure. I hadn't sent forth righteous thoughts in the morning for a few days. Because I was busy at work, I hadn't studied the Fa very diligently, so the evil was taking advantage of me.

Since this happened, I decided to take the opportunity to deal with it well. I calmly told my son, "Whatever you do, you make the decision. As your mother, I can't force you to do something you don't want do. But I have to tell you a principle to help you make the proper decision. To become a member of Young Pioneers, you have to lift your right hand and swear to their bloody banner, and you will be marked by the evil, so you will become a member of the evil CCP [Chinese Communist Party]. Then are you still a little Falun Dafa practitioner? Could Teacher continue to take care of you?" After listening to me, my son immediately tore up the application form and said, "I understand now. I don't care if I can't continue to be class monitor. I will be happy with your praise and even happier with Teacher's praise." I smiled and said, "What you said is not based on the Fa again. Isn't it an attachment to fame when you like to be praised? Is this whole event helping you to remove you attachment to fame?"

My husband saw our son decide not to apply for the Young Pioneers and then he couldn't be class monitor any more. He went to my parents to report this. My dad came to our home shouting and yelling. The situation seemed to revert to the beginning of the persecution. My son felt so much pressure that he wavered and asked me, "Could I apply first and withdraw later?" I told him, "Knowing it is a manure pit, why would you jump into it and then climb out? Should this be the behavior of a little Falun Dafa practitioner in the Fa-rectification period?"

Then I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts. Soon I calmed down and felt no pressure. I felt a compassionate field surrounding me, knowing that Teacher was strengthening my righteous thoughts. Thinking of those fellow practitioners who have been tortured to death or disabled, tears flowed down my cheeks. So many practitioners have lost their lives when validating the Fa and refusing to compromise with the evil. How could I be affected by such a little interference? I had a thought, "My son should never make a pledge to the evil!" That thought was solid and strong.

The next morning, my husband insisted our son make his stand. The child spoke out calmly, "I have torn up the application form. I will not apply!" His attitude was totally different compared to the day before, so I realized that the root of the problem was with me. Once my righteous thoughts were strong, my son's attitude was also righteous and really like a little practitioner's.

At school, I told his teacher, "We believe in Buddha and don't want our child to get into any political organization We will definitely not allow our child to make a pledge to atheism. I also suggest that the school teach our child more of the essence of our traditional culture."

The teacher looked thoughtful and told me that applying for the Young Pioneers was basically of our own free will. My husband didn't agree with the result. He first wanted a divorce and then said he wanted to commit suicide. My heart was quiet like still water, not moved by any human thought. Fellow practitioners also sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors for us. After only a few days, our family was back to normal. It seemed as though nothing had happened.

Although this incident has passed, I don't feel complacent. I seem to understand better what Teacher has to suffer for all the beings in the universe. It is indescribable in any language. In the meantime, I also feel how big our responsibility is. Whether we as practitioners do well or badly is directly related to the continuance or termination of our own universe. As long as we believe in Teacher and the Fa, give up our attachments, and keep righteous thoughts, the evil will definitely be eliminated. There is no test or difficulty we cannot pass.

This is my personal understanding at my current cultivation state. If you find anything improper, please kindly point it out to me.