(Clearwisdom.net) In 1995 I had to retire early due to ill health. After years of hospital treatments there was no obvious result, so I wanted to try practicing qigong to improve my physical condition. Finally, after looking everywhere, with a friend's help, I was introduced to Falun Gong and read the brief introduction. I felt only Falun Gong explained clearly the real facts about qigong and the principles of qigong practice. Moreover, it was free of charge.

A thought appeared in my mind, "That's it. I choose to practice Falun Gong!" After I had that thought, one morning a few days later, my period started. Just a little, but it had stopped three years before! It really shocked me: Falun Gong is really marvelous!

At that time, I still had two hesitations: one was that I was weak and did not have any energy. I was afraid that I might not be able to stand up for the required length of time to do the exercises. The other one was that I was older and my legs were not flexible and I worried that I could not do the double leg sitting meditation. In the beginning of 1997, one night I dreamed about an older man guiding me through a big red door.

The next morning, I joined a group of people who were practicing Falun Gong on the Square. I imitated the movements by looking at the person in front of me. After the exercises, a veteran practitioner immediately came over and warmly greeted me and taught me how to do the exercises. He also invited me to join their group Fa studies.

When I first did the exercises, I felt nauseous. Both my arms were shivering and my legs were soft. When it came to double cross leg sitting, I could only put up one leg for two minutes. Suddenly, a fellow practitioner came to my side and said, "You must endure this!" I then came to realize that it was Master who arranged that fellow practitioner to give me a hint.

Therefore, whenever I felt that I could not endure any more, I would tell myself: "When it's difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it's impossible to do, you can do it." (Zhuan Falun) A few months later, when I first was able to do the double cross leg sitting, I could hardly believe it was real.

I realized that without noticing, I could do the standing exercises for longer periods of time. I also passed the difficulty of sitting in full lotus position. I became healthier and felt light while walking.

At the end of 1998, I went to the U.S. to take care of my grandchildren. In the spring of 1999, with the help of some fellow practitioners, I attended the New York Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference and saw respected Teacher for the first time. A few months later, Jiang Zemin suddenly began the large scale persecution of Falun Gong.

An old lady called me three times and said that she dared not practice Falun Gong anymore. After serious thought, I told her, "I have decided to continue with the practice." That night, I dreamed of myself on a huge ship. There were many people on the ship and it was ready to launch.

In the fall of 2000, while I was taking a bath, I slipped and fell down. I hit the back of my head on the edge with a heavy thump! My daughter-in-law heard that sound from downstairs. She rushed upstairs and was so shocked her face went white. But I was not afraid. I climbed out of the bath and noticed that I did not have any wounds. A slight fear gradually appeared in my mind when I thought about what had happened afterwards. I knew that accident could have taken my life. It was Teacher who endured that for me and helped me to eliminate my karma.

In the summer of 2001, I felt itchy on some areas of my body. Since I did not maintain my xinxing, with my son urging me, I applied some ointment to stop the itching. However, it soon spread to my entire body. I realized that I had done the wrong thing and stopped using the ointment. The itchy symptoms slowly disappeared. That was a lesson to me. One's words and behavior in cultivation should not stray away from Dafa. Otherwise, one will have trouble.

After that I often dreamed about myself running towards home from outside. I would be rushing to catch a train or a bus. Nearly every time I was in a hurry and the transportation started right after I got on. I understood that these were hints from Teacher. I should grasp the time to practice cultivation. Time will not wait for me. I should not be lazy. Otherwise, I will miss the train going back to my real home.

At first, I began to learn Dafa for the sake of getting rid of my illnesses. But now I understand the truth of human life and have become a genuine Dafa practitioner. In 2005, both my husband and I published our open statement in the Epoch Times to withdraw from the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP), although we haven't paid the Party fee for over ten years.

My granddaughter was born in the U.S. For some reason, she began to talk very late. By the time she was three she still could not say a whole sentence. The whole family was very worried. Being enlightened by a fellow practitioner from the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, I tried to teach her to say "Falun Dafa is good!" On the third day, before I finished saying "Falun," my granddaughter immediately finished the entire sentence, "Falun Dafa is good!"

That was the first time I heard her say a whole sentence clearly. I was astonished at first and then I could not help my tears.

In the summer of 2006, my body began to feel itchy again in some areas. I remembered my previous lesson and maintained my xinxing. The itchy symptoms disappeared soon. Not long after that, I dreamed of a big dirty outhouse full of men and women. I was wondering whether that outhouse could still be used? Suddenly, the outhouse disappeared. Before my eyes was a pond of crystal clear water. I tried to understand the dream and see whether it was trying to tell me that everywhere in the three realms is very dirty. However, once the Fa rectification comes to the human world, everything will be eliminated at once.

Since I obtained the "Fa" in 1997, with the help of Teacher, I have walked all the way to the present day, falling and stumbling but always getting up on the road of cultivation practice. I have encountered very violent interference and confusion, shed tears while doing the exercises, become depressed for not being understood by other fellow practitioners and experienced sentiment toward my family.

All the above is in the past. The most important thing is that under the guidance of Dafa I have advanced all the way to the present. I want to use my own experiences and tell all who have a predestined relationship a sentence from the bottom of my heart: Please value the opportunity if you have the predestined relationship to practice Dafa!