(Clearwisdom.net) On February 14, 2007, Mr. Zhou Jianzhong, who was living in exile due to the persecution, was illegally sentenced to five years in prison by the Sansui County People's Court in Guizhou Province.

People who participated in the illegal arrest were:

State Protection Brigade: He Xiaoying (head), Chen Yun, Chen Peng, Ou Dayuan

Sansui County State Security Division: Bai Ping, Yang Bensheng, Liu (surname)

The Sansui County Procuratorate procurator Long Ling (female), who suggested that Mr. Zhao Jianzhong be punished severely

Presiding judges of the Sansui collegiate bench Wan Kaizheng, Wan Lin and Wang Yuqiang, Liu Po (court clerk)

In July 2006, practitioner Ms. Yang Cuitao from Changji Town in Sansui County gave an elderly lady "truth-clarifying" material, but the lady's son, who worked for the Discipline Inspection Commission, reported her. Ms. Yang Cuitao's home was searched and her belongings illegally confiscated. She revealed to the police several names of other practitioners who were in contact with her. Cheng Jingming, in Sansui County, one of the practitioners betrayed by Ms. Yang Cuitao, went on to implicate Zhang Youzhi in Jianhe County with providing Dafa materials and Mr. Zhou Jianzhong for visiting her home with Chen Guolan. Zhang Youzhi went on to reveal that Chen Yingdi in Jianhe County was acquainted with Mr. Zhou Jianzhong and received the materials from Zhou. Practitioner Chen Yingdi coordinated with the police department. After receiving a call on August 1, Chen informed the police. As a result, Mr. Zhou Jianzhong was arrested by the police, who were hiding. He, along with Zhang Youzhi and Chen Yingdi, was illegally prosecuted.

On January 18, 2007, Zhang Youzhi and Chen Yingdi's radiant faces turned sallow and were full of dark spots. (Was it because they betrayed Dafa practitioners?) The court announced that Zhang Youzhi had signed a guarantee statement, which stated that Zhang would not practice Falun Gong any more, and that Chen Yingdi had cooperated in the arrest of Mr. Zhou Jianzhong. They also agreed to written consents from their workplaces to guarantee that they would not practice Falun Gong again. Zhang Youzhi was sentenced to three years and Chen Yingdi was sentenced to two years, but both of them were allowed probation, a "reward" for betraying other practitioners and cooperating with police.

In the detention center, Mr. Zhou Jianzhong continued clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. He also clarified the truth to police during the arraignment. He didn't yield to any unreasonable demands, such as "practicing army exercises, giving the army gestures, doing the rote movements, and reciting the regulations." Zhou Jianzhong helped prisoners sew their clothes. His righteousness changed many prisoners' attitudes toward Dafa practitioners. A prisoner who worked in a 610 Office wrote in his diary, "A good person is Lao Zhang" ["Lao Zhang" is a pseudonym for Zhou Jianzhong] and read it in front of the guards.

The authorities were planning to send Mr. Zhou Jianzhong to some unknown place in March.

Sansui County People's Court: 86-855-4522131

Detention Center in Jianhe County: 86-855-5223233

(Zhou Jianzhong was detained in the Detention center in Jianhe County when he was first arrested.)

Police who participated in arresting Zhou Jianzhong:

He Xiaoying (female), Chen Yun, Chen Peng and Ou Dayuan

Ou Dayuan, State Security Division head: 86-13985827949(Cell)

Detention Center in Sansui County: 86-855-4523115

Other phone numbers of the detention center: 86-855-4797124 (You can change the last 7 digits from 4797111 to 4797333, because all of these are inner phone numbers of the center.)

Head of the detention center: Su Guohui

Deputy-head of the detention center: Pan Zhengwen