(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Bo from Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province was falsely charged with "using a cult organization to disrupt the administration of law," and was illegally sentenced to five years in prison by the Chinese Communist regime in early February 2007. Her father Wang Xinzhong and mother Liu Shuqin were also charged for the same reason, and each was sentenced to four years in prison. Mr. Wang Xinzhong's blood pressure is at 180/140 and doctors consider him to be in danger of losing his life. At the moment, he's trying to obtain release on bail for medical treatment. Wang Bo and family strongly protested the illegal trial and they have appealed to the Shijiazhuang City Intermediate Court. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to threaten and harass lawyers who dare to defend Falun Gong practitioners, with some being imprisoned for doing so. As a result, the Wangs' relatives had a difficult time finding defense attorneys to represent them. After extensive efforts, they found six attorneys in Beijing willing to defend the Wang family.

All six attorneys believe that the "crime" of which Ms. Wang and her parents are accused of, "using a cult organization to disrupt the administration of law," is not clearly defined and there is not enough evidence to make this accusation stick. The case does not fit the legal term "crime" in either aspect of fact or law. The six lawyers have appealed to the Shijiazhuang Intermediate Court and asked for a re-trial at the original Changan District Court.

Mr. Zhang Lihui, the attorney for Mr. Wang Xinzhong, believes that personal belief is not illegal and is not a crime. He also believes that the law that covers issues such as "evil cults" does not apply to people who practice Falun Gong. The reasoning the court used is flawed and not clear in its application.

The Ministry of Public Security's "Announcement on Recognizing and Banning Evil Cult Organizations" (Document [2005] no. 39) listed fourteen evil cult organizations. Falun Gong is not on that list. The text in the document identifies five main characteristics of evil cult organizations. Falun Gong is based on Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, and these personality traits do not even remotely resemble any of the five listed grounds.

1. Freedom of Belief is a Basic Human Right Recognized around the Entire World

The Chinese Constitution No. 36 stipulates that freedom of belief is the right of all Chinese people. Thus, belief is not a crime even under existing Chinese law. A person has the right to decide what he/she wants to believe - either in God or theory of evolution - either one is protected by this Constitutional directive. As we all know, law can only restrict people's behavior but can't punish one for their thoughts. Given this interpretation of the Chinese Constitution No. 36, the Wang Bo family case cannot be judged under a ruling that clearly is outside this "law," a ruling that should not be attached to the aforementioned Constitutional directive. This clearly shows that the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, who believe in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, is illegal from its inception. Thus, all "crimes" that are attached to practitioners during this persecution are illegal. Many attorneys who have defended Falun Gong in the past have elaborated on this topic.

(1) Attorneys Guo Guoting from Shanghai (residing in Canada) and Gao Zhisheng from Beijing have defended Falun Gong practitioners. They kept reiterating that the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong is contrary to existing Chinese law, and illegal.

(2) Attorney Zhang Xingshui, director of the Beijing Jingding Attorneys Office, who has defended Falun Gong practitioners, said that practitioners are innocent, and quoted "Criminal law no. 300." A charge of "Using an evil cult organization to disrupt the implementation of the law" was wrongly applied to Falun Gong practitioners. The reasoning is ambiguous and contradicts the spirit of the Constitution. Thus it is illogical.

(3) Attorney Li Heping, Gaobo Longhua Attorneys Office, Beijing, reasons that freedom-of-belief includes freedom of belief as well as religion. Religious evolution is beyond any government's power. A government does not have the right to decide what is "good religion" or "bad religion." Otherwise, an atheist government could decide that a religion is an evil cult. Mr. Li continued that even the existence of documents from higher officials, directing the crackdown on Falun Gong with the charge of "evil cult" is illegal. It does not establish any legitimate legal precedence and does not overrule existing Constitutional directives.

(4) Attorney Tang Jingling, previously employed at the Huazhijie Attorneys Office in Guangdong, said he believes that interference by a government in religions will bring disaster to the nation.

(5) Attorney Yang Zaixin, previously employed at the Zhongchi Attorneys Office in Guangxi, stipulates that no democratic country ever defined a religion as an evil cult. If governments use some documents without going through the legal system, it is itself illegal. Mr. Yang had defended Mr. Nong Youyue, a Falun Gong practitioner from Baise area, demanding a ruling of innocence

According to Article Three, Chapter I of the Criminal Law Code of the People's Republic of China, acts that are not explicitly defined as criminal acts under existing law, "can not receive conviction or punishment." There is no legal basis to charge Falun Gong practitioners with "using a cult organization to disrupt the administration of law."

2. There Is Nothing Wrong with Falun Gong - the CCP Abuses the Law to Persecute Falun Gong

China's Criminal Procedure Law stipulates a principle: "Rely on the masses, base on facts and take the law as the criterion." The law that was quoted and used to persecute Falun Gong is judicially illegal from inception. It is a political movement. What does it really look like? Let's look at the Ms. Wang Bo and family case.

The Truth About Wang Bo and her family

Before Ms. Wang began to practice Falun Gong in 1996, her parents' health and their relationship were deteriorating. Her parents were considering divorce as soon as Bo began high school in 1996. There was a family crisis. In 1995, Bo stopped taking piano lessons and the family was at the edge of breaking up. Beginning in July 1996, all three started to practice Falun Gong. In cultivating their thoughts, their character and physical their health improved. They followed the principles Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, considered others first and always looked within for weaknesses. Soon her parents communicated again and began to understand each other. Their lives changed. All their illnesses had been cured. Bo had her happy family back and she even played the piano again. Falun Dafa gave her wisdom and her grades improved. In 1999, 18-year old Bo was accepted by the Central Conservatory of Music, Tianjin Conservatory of Music and Hebei Normal University because of very high scores. Practicing Falun Gong brought happiness and blessings to the family and harmony was restored in an almost broken family.

Beginning July 20, 1999, the persecution of Falun Gong brought disaster to countless Chinese families, and Bo's family was hit especially hard. Wang Bo and her family were repeatedly arrested, and suffered beatings, imprisonment and brainwashing. All three were served with three-year sentences at forced labor camps. Six years later, the family was reunited again. In November 2005, Bo publicized an article, exposing the torture they suffered and the Party's general persecution of Falun Gong. In order to prevent further persecution, the family moved to Dalian, Liaoning Province.

On the evening of July 27, 2006, police climbed over a wall and barged into Wang Bo and her parents' temporary residence in Dalian City, Liaoning Province. They arrested Wang Bo and her mother, who were not fully dressed at the time. Wang Bo's father Wang Xinzhong was at work. They arrested him the next morning. Officers from the Politics and Security Division at the Shijiazhuang Police Department had waited outside their home for several days prior to the arrest. Police confiscated about 41,000 yuan and three suitcases filled with clothes, a notebook computer, a video camera, some truth clarifying materials and Falun Dafa books.

Wang Bo and her parents were taken back to Shijiazhuang City, where they were illegally and secretly detained. Their relatives could not find out where they were held, despite asking police numerous times. On August 25, police told family members that all three were doing well, but refused to give the place where they were held. They did not allow bringing any clothes to them. On September 5, relatives received phone calls asking them to send clothes. But, the caller did not give his name or where to take the clothes. Relatives finally found the name and location of the detention center where they had been held since early September. In early October, relatives asked for the return of the 41,000 yuan and the three suitcases, but the police refused. On November 3 they went to Changan Procuratorate and tried to get information about the case, but no one would talk to them. They went again on November 6 and a kind-hearted person told them that the case had been transferred to Changan District Court. They rushed to the court and saw that the announcement had been posted, and that November 11 would be the court date. They did not receive any formal notice and no one told them anything. It was too short of a time to find an attorney who was brave enough to defend them.

On the court day, all three of them looked very weak. Mr. Wang Xinzhong could not even stand without help. He had been on hunger strike for a while and was even taken to a hospital for emergency rescue. Reportedly after they were taken back to Shijiazhuang, they were tortured and taken to the Hebei Province Brainwashing Center.

At this time, Wang Bo and her mother are detained at Shijiazhuang No. 2 Detention Center, and her father, Wang Xinzhong, is detained at Shijiazhuang Zhaoxian Detention Center. The family members did not received any legal documents at any time.

Now Beijing lawyers have entered the case. But Shijiazhuang Intermediate Court ignored the facts of the case, did not investigate the facts of the case and refused to correct their wrongdoings. They simply followed instructions from "higher officials" and tried to end the case as quickly as possible. They wanted to imprison Wang Bo and her parents, so they would not be able to expose the truth of their suffering.

Falun Gong practitioners exposing the truth of the persecution is within existing Chinese laws. It is without doubt legal, peaceful, rational, and non-violent. Looking at the facts and associated laws, those actually breaking the law are the CCP officials. Believing in Falun Gong is not a crime. Falun Gong practitioner actions advance social morals and bring true conscience back to the people.

The heartbreaking story of Wang Bo's family is only one example among many. We state our hope, that judges, public prosecutors, police and 610 Office officials will listen to their consciences and be responsible to themselves without considering political benefits. We hope that they can think calmly and objectively, and not follow the CCP to persecute good people and create more karma. They should not be afraid of the CCP, but protect justice and be responsible to themselves.

More than 20 million Chinese people have withdrawn from the CCP and its associated entities since the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. The end of the CCP is approaching. At this special moment in history, choose a bright future for your family and yourself! Release Wang Bo and her parents unconditionally and return all their property!

More About Wang Bo and her Parent's Experiences

Ms. Wang Bo: Ms. Wang Bo, 22, is a student at the Central Conservatory of Music. Her father is Mr. Wang Xinzhong. They live at Tanguxijie 52-2-403, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province.

Since the beginning of the persecution of Falun Gong on July 20 1999, Ms. Wang Bo frequently let it be known that she refuses to renounce Falun Gong, and would not write a guarantee statement. In September 2000, Wang Bo quit school since the Central Conservatory of Music kept harassing her about writing the guarantee statement. She was arrested twice because she went to Beijing to appeal, although the right to appeal is granted to all Chinese citizens under the Constitution. She was monitored when home and under surveillance when going out. She was fined because she refused to write guarantee statements. The entire family suffered harassment and ransacking of their home. Their property was confiscated three times. They were also fined much more than 2,460 yuan.

On December 4, 2000, Wang Bo went again to Beijing to speak up for Falun Gong and was detained by police from Yudong Police Station for 30 days on so-called "criminal charges." Her entire family was searched and she was sentenced to three years of forced labor on fabricated charges. The police stole the 500 yuan that Wang Bo's family had sent her. While she was detained at Shijiazhuang City Forced Labor Camp, Team No. 5, Wang Bo was put into the "strict monitoring" division, as she refused to be called guilty.

In April 2001, Ms. Wang Bo was considered a "die hard" in Shijiazhuang Labor Camp and taken to Beijing Forced Labor Camp to undergo forced brainwashing. In Beijing Labor Camp, she was isolated and deprived of sleep for six consecutive days. Police tried to brainwash her using different kinds of torture methods, to force her to give up her belief. Ms. Wang was only 19 at the time and she was physically and mentally harmed. She was taken back to Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp, Team 304, after some time. In early 2002, because of being deceived and forced, she cooperated with staff from the local 610 Office to arrest her own father.

In September 2002, staff from the Hebei 610 Office named Wang Bo a "role model," and she returned to school. During the three years during which Wang Bo was allowed to attend college, the 610 Office assigned a female police officer to "accompany" Wang and keep her under constant surveillance. In October 2002, Ms. Wang's school, the Central Conservatory of Music, had seven days of vacation during a national holiday. She was taken to and was forced to undergo brainwashing at the Provincial Center for Legal Education in Hebei. Her family members could not find out where she was. Wang Bo was allowed to visit all her relatives around the New Year, but some of them only for 10 minutes. She was never alone, but under tight surveillance by the Shijiazhuang 610 Office.

In December 2005, Wang Bo publicized her experiences on the Minghui website. She told how CCP government officials made her do things she deeply regretted, and brainwashed and used her. She wrote, "I now realize how sinister they were to have fooled me with smiles on their faces. If they had treated me harshly, I could have remained clearheaded. But whenever they approached me, they always kept beaming smiles, yet the tricks they used were the most wicked. Invariably, they do everything they can to find out your concerns. When they see that you are concerned about your father, they try to achieve their evil goal by taking advantage of that sensitive point..." In the article she described her painful experiences at the forced labor camp and brainwashing center, and how they made the fabricated program about her and her family on CCTV's "In Focus" program, and other media blitzes, as well some background of the false self-immolation case(s). Then, to avoid being arrested again, Ms. Wang and her family became homeless.


Mr. Wang Xinzhong: Mr. Wang Xinzhong, 53, is an officer at the Railroad Shijiazhuang Bureau mechanical division.

On January 24, 2000, Mr. Wang Xinzhong was fined 1,500 yuan because he appealed in Beijing for Falun Gong. On February 21, police from the Yudong Police Station confiscated his home and arrested him because he was studying the Fa and doing exercises at home. After he was taken to the police station, police slapped him across the face, beat his back and neck with wooden sticks, and fined him 200 yuan. In summer 2001, Shijiazhuang 610 Officer agents suddenly showed up at Mr. Wang's work, and beat him for no reason. He was detained at his work afterward. Mr. Wang escaped and became homeless.

In late 2001, Mr. Wang Xinzhong returned home to see his daughter, Wang Bo. Staff from the 610 Office captured and detained him at the Hebei Provincial Center for Legal Education for around four months. He was deprived of sleep and forced to undergo brainwashing. On May 13, 2002, Mr. Wang escaped again but was unable to return home.

Since Mr. Wang Xinzhong declared in August 2002 on the Minghui Website that the brainwashing he had suffered was invalid, and revealed in a video interview the CCP's cruel brainwashing tactics and lies on CCTV's "In Focus" program, staff from the Hebei 610 Office issued a warrant for his arrest. In late October 2002, police arrested Mr. Wang at his temporary residence in Fenxi City, Shanxi Province. He was taken to Shijiazhuang City Forced Labor Camp, Team No. 2. He was released on December 25, 2004, at the end of his sentence. To avoid being arrested again, the entire family left their hometown in November 2005.

Ms. Liu Shuqin: Ms. Liu Shuqin (a.k.a Liu Hua), 51, mother of Ms. Wang Bo, is an employee of the Changan Branch of the Industry and Commerce Bank, Shijiazhuang Branch.

On October 26, 1999, Ms. Liu went to appeal to Beijing. Because she refused to give up her belief, she was fired from her job and detained for 15 days. She was then taken to Baoshi Hospital for 13 days to be "transformed."

On February 4, 2000, Ms. Liu went to Beijing to appeal again. She was arrested and detained for five days. When she returned home, before being able to eat lunch, Yudong police arrested her. She was released after being beaten at the police station. In July 2000, Yudong police arrested her on the street. She was beaten and detained again. They were afraid that she might go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.

In December 2000, Ms. Liu was arrested in Beijing and taken back to Yudong Police Station. Director Du Yaming ordered police officer Zhang Jianhong to beat her. He kept spitting into her face. Afterwards they detained her for 39 days. She went on hunger strikes to protest her imprisonment, which had exceeded normal terms. After six days of hunger strike, she was released.

On March 4, 2001, when Ms. Liu returned home from grocery shopping, she was stopped by local police and ordered to come in for questioning. Ms. Liu refused. Several policemen then forced her into a police car and took her to Yudong Police Station. Police tried to steal Ms. Liu's personal belongings, including a cell phone, her keys, and 2,000 yuan she just had picked up at the bank. When Ms. Liu's family members demanded that these things be returned, director Du Yaming claimed that they had not taken anything. The family insisted and Du had no choice but to return the money and some of Ms. Liu's belongings. Ms. Liu was detained at Shijiazhuang First Detention Center, and later released. But she was in critical condition after several hunger strikes, and in order to avoid being arrested again, she became homeless.

In November 2001, Ms. Liu was arrested when she was clarifying the truth of the persecution. She was sentenced to three years of forced labor and detained at Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp, 5th Team. She was tortured physically and mentally.

In the spring of 2002, Ms. Liu Shuqin was forced to appear on the CCTV "In Focus" program. After this, the authorities continued to detain her and torture her. She was released in January 2005, three years later. In order to avoid being arrested again, she left her hometown with her husband and daughter on November 2005.

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