(Clearwisdom.net) I am a practitioner from the countryside in Liaoning Province. I started practicing Falun Gong in January 1999. Before practicing, I had various kinds of sicknesses, such as rheumatism and tracheitis. In addition, my eyes hurt and my stomach ached. After practicing for only two weeks, all the diseases disappeared. Dafa is truly amazing.

When I first started, one day when I got home from practice, I was eager to read Zhuan Falun. However, being illiterate, I could not even read the word "Buddha," although I was practicing in the Buddha school. Nevertheless, I started to read. While reading, I believe that I fell asleep, but I clearly saw Teacher's law body enter. Teacher told me to "read Zhuan Falun more." He repeated this sentence five or six times. A few days later, after I got home from practice, I felt in earnest that I still could not read Zhuan Falun. While reading the book, I believe I fell asleep again. At this moment, Teacher's law body came again. Teacher helped me to read it word by word. The next day, while reading together with fellow practitioners, I read a paragraph from Zhuan Falun when it was my turn. They said that I was doing pretty well. Before that, I could not even follow the others when they read. Afterwards, with Teacher and fellow practitioners' help for two weeks, I could almost read the whole book. I knew that it was Teacher's mercy. With Teacher's encouragement that I should study the Fa diligently, I knew that I had to cultivate even harder.

After practicing for only seven days, I destroyed all of the fox and wolf tablets that I had worshiped before. After that, they all came to bother me. It was exactly like Teacher described,

"Some have messy, long hair, and some want to fight you or even make various moves that are quite frightening. Sometimes one will see them all crawling outside the window, looking very scary." (from "Lecture Six" in Zhuan Falun)

I saw two ghosts who were about to kill me with a knife. It was very frightening. When I was afraid to practice in the evenings, I practiced during the daytime. Yet, even in the daytime, the two ghosts still came to scare me. No matter what they did, my heart remained firm in Dafa and I was not moved. After that, Teacher's law body took me to a valley at the foot of a high mountain. Since that time those ghosts have no longer bothered me.

After that, I studied the Fa constantly and came to understand many things. I understood why it was difficult for humans in this world, why human beings lived, why we had to go through hardships, etc. For a human being to have the opportunity to obtain Dafa, he/she must have cultivated for thousands of years. Therefore, I had no choice but to cultivate diligently and be a genuine practitioner.

With Faith in Dafa

On July 20, 1999, when the persecution started, my husband believed the TV propaganda, so he no longer wanted me to practice. My two brothers-in-law and my other in-laws would also did not want me practice. They also got my second uncle, who was an official, to come and try to persuade me to stop practicing. I then clarified the truth to them and told them that the TV was broadcasting lies. But they would not listen to me. All my illnesses had disappeared after I practiced for only two weeks, and I could do all kinds of jobs at home. My family became harmonious. Teacher taught me to be truthful, compassionate and tolerant, to be a good person. Was there anything wrong with that? Seeing that I was still not persuaded, my family members decided to allow me to practice at home, but not outside. My husband, however, still would not let me practice.

I would practice when no one was home or when they were all asleep. I dared not play the exercise music because if they heard it, my husband would either scold me or beat me. After that, I practiced and studied the Fa inside the little house that my family built to store grain. The empty house was very cold, and my husband would not let me use electricity. I had to use candles. Then he said that we spent too much money on candles, and he started to beat and scold me. Nevertheless, I still would not give up practicing. I told my husband, "If you continue treating me this way, I will leave you. Since I began to practice Falun Gong, I have taken over all of our farm work for our four-member family. I also respect my in-laws and serve them well. When you beat me, I do not beat you back. When you scold me, I don't scold you back. I have been following Teacher's teaching and have disciplined myself according to 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.' Why do you still treat me like this?" After that, he changed a little.

Regarding Loss Differently from Ordinary People

After it quieted down a little, my daughter needed to start school. Because we did not have money to pay for her education, I sold our corn for 270 yuan. I was planning to use it to pay for her schooling. However, one day, my daughter's aunt (my husband's brother's wife) broke into our home and took the money. Although my mother-in-law saw it, she dared not stop her, and she was full of regret. When my mother-in-law told me that, the aunt heard it. Before I could say anything to her, she came inside and started to beat and scold me. She tore my clothes and used a rock to hit me. She continued verbally abusing me for three days. Then I told her, "Even if you keep on abusing me for seven days in a row, I still will not do the same to you, because I'm a Dafa practitioner and I practice 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.'" Some people said that I was a coward and that they would rather give up on Dafa to beat her. Ordinary people live for fame, but I am a practitioner. I was very calm and positive. I always disciplined myself according to the teachings of Dafa.

In January 2004, I was going to a friend's house to take her some red bean dumplings. I did not see any cars on the street, so started to cross. Just as I just stepped onto the street, a motorized tricycle suddenly ran into me and knocked me down. The red bean dumplings were scattered everywhere. As soon as I stood up from the ground, the driver got out of the motorized tricycle and blamed me, "Why didn't you watch where you were going." I calmly replied, "I'm a Falun Gong practitioner. I'm fine. You can go now. Had I not practiced Dafa today, I would not have treated you like this."

One Person Practices, the Whole Family Benefits

In the winter of 2003, I went to grind grain with my father-in-law. It was snowing heavily. On our way home, a car crashed into our horse drawn carriage. The horse was hit and it lifted its front legs. The brake was broken. The front of the car was damaged, too, however, only one of my father-in-law's feet was scratched. The others were not hurt at all. Without Teacher's protection, the result could have been much worse. After this accident, I started to tell them the benefits of Dafa and said, "One person practices, the whole family benefit."

My husband worked at a molybdenum ore mine. He has come across many dangers but was protected by Teacher each time. Every day before he went to work, I would remind him, "Don't bring home any molybdenum ore. You will get good returns." One day, while at work, suddenly my husband grabbed two coworkers and started to rush out. As soon they were outside, they saw that many things falling down inside. His coworkers asked him, "How did you have so much powerful strength today that you could drag the two of us out? Did you see anything?" He said, "I clearly saw my wife telling me to save you two." Such mysterious things happened to him several times.

Following Teacher to Rectify the Fa - Helping Sentient Beings Quit the CCP and Its Associated Organizations

In the spring of 2004, an old herdsman in my village understood that Dafa was good after I clarified the truth to him. One day, he went to one of his relatives homes and a young thug asked him, "Are there any Falun Gong practitioners in your village? If you report on one, you can get a 2000 yuan reward. I have already got a lot of money doing that. The pay is much better than working at the molybdenum ore mine." The old man said, "I hear that all Falun Gong practitioners are good people. They learn to be truthful, compassionate and tolerant. You get 2000 yuan for reporting on practitioners. Why do you do such bad things." The young thug did not want to listen to him, so he left. The old man used to need a walking stick. However, right after he said that, his legs felt much better, and he no longer needed the walking stick. Now he can do all kinds of jobs. I was told later that the young thug died in a car accident, and his wife left his family.

In 2003 on the 15th day of the first month (the last day of Chinese New Year on the Chinese Lunar Calendar), I was returning to my parents' home. I brought with me 200 truth clarifying brochures, CDs, and small cards. After sending forth righteous thoughts, I set off. Some fellow practitioners also helped me by sending forth righteous thoughts at home. No one at my parents' home practiced Falun Gong. On the third day, after sending forth righteous thoughts, my younger brother said that he would help me distribute some truth-clarifying materials. Since no one in my parents' village had seen any of these materials before, my brother and I distributed the brochures to four teams so that people in my hometown would all know the truth of Dafa. After that, one of my parents' neighbors told me, "Hurry up and go home tomorrow. Your fourth aunt reported on you because your fourth uncle is a CCP member. Tomorrow, the police will come and arrest you." I knew that Teacher had sent her to me to tell me to leave quickly. After getting home, my younger brother called and said that some policemen had come and searched door to door.

A few of us practitioners frequently went out to clarify the truth to people. Because we didn't have enough printed brochures, we would copy some by hand. After the nearby villages were covered several times, we went to some far away areas. One evening, on our way back from a distant village at about 3:00 a.m., it was pitch dark, and we could hardly cross the river in front of us because we could not see anything. At that moment, it became very bright in front of us. We thought that some cars were passing by. However, we did not see any cars. We knew that it was Teacher who helped us.

One evening we went out to distribute truth-clarifying materials. As soon as we finished, a dog started to bark loudly. Then the owner came out, but we were not afraid. Instead, we began to clarify the truth to him. I said, "We are here to save you." I told him about quitting the CCP and its associated organizations for his own safety. He agreed with us and also helped his entire family to quit. He also said, "Go ahead and continue to distribute the materials. You can do whatever you want here. As long as I live here, nobody will do anything to you." During the day time, no matter what I was doing--mending shoes, riding on a bus, shopping, getting a hair cut, etc.--I would always clarify the truth to people. In addition, I also gave them the little brochures and told them that Falun Dafa is good. They all thanked me. Once a person said that I had such a good book that he wanted more copies.

One time a shop owner made a mistake. I discovered it after I returned home that she had charged me 12 yuan less than what the item actually cost. A few days later, I went back to return the money to her. She was stunned. Hearing me telling her what had happened, she was shocked, "I can't believe there are still some good people like you on earth!" I replied, "I practice Dafa. I can't take your money." She said, "I truly thank you very much." I said, "If you really want to thank anyone, please thank our Teacher. It is my Teacher who tells me to do good deeds like this."

I also actively help people to quit the CCP and its associated organizations. I went door by door in my village to clarify the truth to them. Except for a few families, all the other families in my village have quit. In June 2006, my mother passed away. I felt anxious and worried, but I still did not want to miss the opportunity to clarify the truth to the people there. After sending forth righteous thoughts at home, I went to my parents' village. After the burial, I started to tell my relatives about quitting the CCP and its associated organizations. One relative was against my practice of Falun Gong in July 1999. But when I told him, "Quit the Youth League. It can protect you." He said, "If you can, please help me quit the CCP." I did not know that he was a CCP member, so I said, "Why are you different this time?" He said, "You just said that if I quit, I could be protected. Who doesn't want safety nowadays!" Hence, my older sister, who is a CCP official; my sister-in-law; and 30 other relatives all asked me to help them quit.

I know that without Teacher's mercy and protection, I would not be able to live like this today. Teacher, please trust me. I will do the three things well until the day the Fa rectifies the human world.

If something is inappropriate here, please mercifully point it out for me. Heshi!