(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners are illegally detained in labor camps, prisons and other dark dens to suffer terrible tortures, such as being hung up for long periods of time, exposed on a tiger bench, and shocked with electric batons. The guards who participate in the torture are so inhumane--they are like monsters. Even though the practitioners being tortured are clarifying the truth to their torturers, and practitioners from overseas make phone calls to them and ask them to stop committing the crimes, these evildoers don't listen to the truth. Instead, they frequently change their cellphone numbers. However, their knowing sides all are aware that their behaviors are offensive to gods and they worry that what they do will be publicly exposed. They are scared of being condemned by international organizations and good people who support justice. They also worry about getting on the list of persecutors compiled by practitioners. They know they will not be able to avoid punishment by heaven or by society in the future.

Why do we Falun Dafa practitioners all over the world make use of that fear and collect the names of those organizations, evil gangs, and individuals who are involved in persecuting practitioners within the hidden, dark dens in local "610 Offices," bureaus of forced labor, police departments, public security bureaus, etc? We compile the persecution facts and post them on the Internet to expose their vicious conduct in order to frighten them! If the perpetrators hold back from what they do or abandon their vicious behaviors after seeing that their crimes are exposed, won't they commit fewer crimes? If some of them wake up, escape disaster at the last moment and make amends for their faults by exposing the facts of the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners publicly, won't their lives be saved?

The perpetrators are controlled by the evil specter of communism. On the surface they often don't know they will be punished by gods, so they commit crimes without constraint and don't fear death or retribution. Zhao Shuang, a guard from Harbin City Changlinzi Labor Camp, tortures practitioners like he's gone crazy. He also seems aware that he will be punished for his vicious acts. He once said aloud to himself after beating practitioners, "Why do I beat you? I don't make one more penny for doing it; instead I receive karmic retribution."

If we expose Zhao Shuang's vicious conduct in time and eliminate the communist specter controlling him, we may wake him up. We will strongly frighten him even if he does not awaken. After he was released from Hulan County Prison, one practitioner said, "One guard from Hulan Prison beat a practitioner. Right after he beat him, he went to check on the Internet to find out whether his crimes had been exposed. He did indeed see that his acts had been reported. He was very angry and went to ask the practitioner whom he had beaten, "How did the Internet know I beat you?" The practitioner replied, "How would I know?"

These stories tell us that the guards are very frightened of being exposed on the Clearwisdom website for their heinous conduct. Fellow practitioners, please act now. Those practitioners who are not good at compiling the persecution facts may collect the names of evil people and their monstrous acts so that other practitioners who know how to use the Internet can compile them and post the list on the website.

March, 7, 2007