(Clearwisdom.net) In November 2005, I was abducted and taken to Wuchang Brainwashing Center by Communist Party agents at my company. As soon as I entered the place, Fu Yanchun, an officer from the Wuchang 610 Office, tried to compel me to write a "transformation" statement. I did not write it, so I was punished by being forced to squat on my heels with my hands cuffed to two beds. Then I was intimidated and threatened. The next day, I was besieged by several already "transformed" people.

The brainwashing facility was on the third floor of Wuchang Urban District Seed Company. It was very hidden. There were residential buildings all around it. The only window faced the main street. Fu Yanchun was called the chief of "transformation" and Jing Ji, female, was called the deputy-chief. (Fu Yanchun has persecuted many practitioners in the last several years and he has his own vehicle.) They would besiege us, using a leather belt, their fists and feet to beat anyone who did not write the guarantee statement. Even women over 60 years old were not spared. They would cover your head with a bag, bring you to the point of suffocation, and then remove the bag. If you did not write, they would repeat the process and threaten you with a sentence and reeducation through labor. Contrary to their consciences, many fellow practitioners obeyed.

The "transformation" facility was a small jail. After you finished writing the three statements, they would celebrate your joining them. Jing Ji forced you to watch the video that slandered Dafa and also to write experience statements. It was extremely painful for Dafa disciples. However, this did not count as true "transformation." To be truly "transformed" you would also have to "transform" other devout practitioners. This was called "help-and-teach." They watched your words and deeds to see if you were truly "transformed." Based on their observations, they would decide on the length of your prison term.

Some companies must pay 2,000 yuan in "transformation expenses" each month to the brainwashing facility. In order to make money, they extend practitioners' prison terms. Some have been imprisoned for over a year.

Every evening they also compel everybody to sing and dance together in order to make you feel very joyful. They also want you to "transform" other practitioners. The phone is free. They force you to call your family members to convince them to hand in their Dafa books. The goal is to thoroughly separate us from Dafa.

March 7, 2007