(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher’s article “Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil” gives practitioners all over the world an opportunity to improve as a whole body. I think as Mainland China practitioners we should take the lead. Not only should we strengthen our righteous thoughts to eliminate and clean out the evil, but we should also go to labor camps to ask that Dafa practitioners be released. The evil is nothing now. What remains for them is total elimination. I suggest that fellow practitioners quickly take action.

My personal understanding is this: no matter what we do, everything depends on whether we believe in Master and believe in Dafa. How much success we have in doing things also shows how much we believe in Master and Dafa. The outcome will be different based on where we are in that regard.

One day another practitioner and I went to the Changle Forced Labor Camp to ask for her husband's release. When we got off the bus, the practitioner asked me my thoughts. I told her that I didn’t think anything but had come to ask for his release. She told me that she harbored an angry thought, and I asked her not to do that. Master told us to eliminate the evil, but we should have compassion for people, and thus we can cultivate ourselves at the same time.

We talked for a while before we got to the labor camp. Two men and two women came to speak with us. When we got inside, they told us that the arrested practitioner was doing all right. They chastised us, saying that we shouldn’t come anymore and disturb their work. The practitioner's wife said that we now know that organs are being harvested from Falun Gong practitioners, and that we are concerned about that. When they heard us saying this, the labor camp agents suddenly became very agitated and loudly denied it.

When I saw their angry expressions, I smiled and spoke compassionately with them, “Since it has been exposed around the world, I think it is not fake. Based on what has been publicly exposed, that is really happening.” Then they became quiet and listened to us.

After we told them the facts, I told the fiercest young policeman, “People have their own angle to view things, so the way they talk would be different. If you consider this woman's circumstances from her point of view, what would you do? Her son is now preparing for the college entrance exam. She is a housewife. All of her family's income is derived from the money her husband earns by repairing bicycles. However, her husband has already spent more than a year in this camp. The family has no income. Does it surprise you that she is worried?" The young policeman nodded his head and said, “Yes, I understand.”

Then I continued, “You said that he is doing all right. She came here twice but could not see him. Do you know that when she went back home, she couldn’t sleep and cried constantly? Especially now that the CCP-ordered harvesting of living Falun Gong practitioners’ organs has been exposed, can you blame her for worrying about her husband? You said that he is doing well, and no one beat him. Can someone prove that? When they sent my daughter to a labor camp, they told me they just wanted to put her in some classes. But after she was incarcerated for forty days, they called my family to take her to a hospital. After we brought her home, we noticed her unfocused eyes and that she had been badly beaten, with injuries showing all over her body. Is this what they call 'having class instructions?' Furthermore, I was in prison with Ms. Chen Zixiu, who the police beat to death. Isn’t that true? We came here and cannot see him. Has he been transferred or grossly abused? What other things happened to him? We have no idea, and we worry about him!”

Even though when I talked to them I always kept a smile on my face, my words were serious and somber. They said immediately, “That won’t happen to him. After we send him home, you will know it. We won’t lie to you.”

Later on I spoke with another policeman who was in charge. I told him, “Since your child is also preparing for the college entrance exam, you should set his heart at rest and focus on study, increase the nutrition in his diet, and try your best to take good care of him." He said, “Right.” Then I said, “All parents are concerned about their children. This woman's son can’t get any care from his father.” He said they would send him home in the near future. I told him that we hope so. I saw that there was a big change in their attitude.

On the way home I discovered my attachments. One is the notion of separation. I didn’t treat this rescue as my own thing, but considered it as helping other practitioners. Another problem is about my sentimentality towards my family. I pick up my granddaughter from kindergarten every day, and I had worried about being late. The practitioner who came with me also discovered her attachments, such as her competitiveness, resentment and family-centered emotions. Six days or so later the labor camp officials called her, notifying the family to bring her husband home.

This incident made me realize that no matter what we are doing, it is a cultivation process and also a process of eliminating our attachments. Therefore, we should always keep a compassionate and righteous field around us. I related this not for the purpose of explaining how well I did, but to remind all of us that no matter under what kind of circumstances, no matter in what kind of environment, no matter what we are doing, we have to assimilate into the Fa. Thus, in the process of clarifying the truth, we can reduce our losses and steadily walk on the last leg of our cultivation journey in the Fa-rectification process.