(Clearwisdom.net) Due to my current condition, I am temporarily unable to establish a truth clarification material production site at home; therefore, I especially value the materials produced by hard-working fellow practitioners. I send righteous thoughts frequently for the production sites. Although my workplace doesn't distribute wages regularly or on time, I still keep sending 100 yuan every month to the production sites because I believe this is what I should do --- even though I am still far behind practitioners who are truly doing well on truth clarification. Below, I share my experiences distributing truth clarification materials. Please point out any errors I may have.

Every time I receive new materials, I first read them myself carefully before I package them. Single page materials are packaged with plastic or packing paper and tied with packing tape. Handbooks and CDs are glued at the back of a large piece of paper with the Chinese character "Fu" (福) (meaning "good fortune") on the front. (I bought this kind of paper from a wholesale market; paper with "Fu" characters is often used during Chinese New Year.) Then I attach the paper bearing the "Fu" characters to the gate of each residence. I only put a little bit of glue at one corner of the paper so that people can have a chance to get the materials behind the paper. With this method, only the residents can realize that there are books or CDs behind the paper; people walking by won't notice. For distribution of the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”, I first carefully write a short greeting on a piece of paper the same size as the book. The following is an example:

Gift for the Fortunate

Hello, My Friend!

We save money from our everyday living budgets and print these booklets at our own expense. Seeing this booklet is the best fortune for you. We hope nothing but good health for you. In addition, we hope you will learn the truth and quit the evil party (and any of its related organizations) for a peaceful life!

Then I package the book and the letter together with a piece of 40 cm by 40 cm square, transparent colored plastic. Finally, I tie the package with a colored ribbon, making it a well-prepared gift. Before going out to distribute the books, I always send out righteous thoughts first: “Teacher, please reinforce us. I am going out to save sentient beings. Eliminate all evil beings and communist evil specters and let the sentient beings be saved.” When I go to a resident with a security door, I speak to the door: ‘If there are people who can be saved behind you, please open yourself and let me in!”

After sending righteous thoughts, I bring the truth clarification materials with me and go out. While walking, I keep reading the verse, and it is a smooth trip every time. Sometimes, just when I reach the entrance of an apartment building, there are people leaving, and they open the door for me. Other times, there are residents entering, so they open doors for me and even ask me whether I want to bring my bicycle inside, as I ride my bike every time. Also, several times there has been an elderly lady who sits in front of the gate and will tell me, “Lady, the door isn't locked; you can just open it.” Every time I encounter such a situation, in my heart I say, “Thank you, Teacher!” In fact, all this happens under Teacher's compassionate arrangement. As long as we have a compassionate heart of saving sentient beings, Teacher will help us. It is truly as Teacher said: “The cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master.” (“Why Doing Cultivation Exercises Doesn’t Increase Gong,” The First Talk, Zhuan Falun, 2003)

It takes many practitioners' efforts and coordination as a whole body to produce truth clarification materials. The materials carry Teacher's painstaking compassion. Therefore, as practitioners who receive and then distribute these materials, we should think carefully on how to distribute them more effectively to save people and let them know that Dafa practitioners' efforts are truly for the good of sentient beings.

Practitioners at the production sites make high quality materials, and we who distribute them carefully add fine packaging and send strong righteous thoughts before the final distribution. This is one of the ways we coordinate as a whole body and harmonize, and it is what we should do in order to perfect the great work! It makes the content and the distribution of the materials more effective, and I believe it makes those who receive our material become more respectful of Falun Dafa. In fact, when we make additional efforts, there must be more and better ways to distribute truth clarification materials. Teacher has told us: "A perfect work of art with the presence of a God is what's most sacred." (“Teaching the Fa at the Discussion on Creating Fine Art” ) In addition, I personally think that when distributing truth clarification materials, quality comes first before quantity. Even if only distributing one copy of materials, we want that one copy to truly carry out its full power to save sentient beings.

Above is my personal experience with the purpose of sharing and soliciting better ideas.