1. Falun Dafa Practitioner Ms. Xian Mingzheng Has Been Repeatedly Arrested and Persecuted

Ms. Xian Mingzhen is a Falun Dafa practitioner from Longquan District, Chengdu City. At about 8:00 a.m. one day in June 2001, Du Pei and Zhang Jun from her workplace security section went to her home and demanded, “We were told that you have Falun Gong materials at home. Hand them over to us, otherwise you will be fined and detained.” As soon as they finished speaking they entered the house and took all the Falun Gong books, materials, a cassette recorder and some other items. Du Pei made a phone call asking for a search warrant. Not long after, seven or eight policemen arrived, among them Liu Jianping, Guo Xiaohe and Gong Jianguo. They took Ms. Xian to the Hangtian Police Sub-bureau and ransacked her home.

In the evening, Ms. Xian told them she wanted to go home. Du Pei told her that she'd better ask her son-in-law to bring the money and pick her up. Ms. Xian asked him, “What money?” Du Pei said it was the money for “knowing each other,” and what they had found in her home. Ms. Xian asked how much. Du said 4,000 “yuan”. Ms. Xian said she only had 50 yuan of her own and therefore had no money to pay. She said she had a sofa and TV set at home and asked Du Pei to go and get them. Du Pei said what he wanted was nothing but cash. Du said that when they had searched the house they had found money. Ms. Xian said what they found was her daughter's insurance money. Du said they would release Ms. Xian only when they received the money from her family. Because of Du's threat Ms. Xian's son-in-law and his parents paid 1,000 yuan for her release.

In October 2001, Ms. Xian and another practitioner, Ms. Li Fangling, went to Hangtian Hospital residential compound on Changbo Road to post “truth-clarification” posters. They were arrested and sent to Hangtian Police Sub-bureau. Policemen Liu Jianfeng, Yu Hong, Guo Xiaohe and others ransacked Ms. Xian's home. They interrogated Ms. Xian and asked her where she got the materials. Then the officers handcuffed Ms. Xian and Ms. Li Fangling to the handrails of the stairs on the second floor until 5:00 a.m. the next morning. Then, in order for them not to be seen by others, they handcuffed the two practitioners to an iron pole in the backyard. Ms. Xian and Ms. Li loudly clarified the truth to them. No one in the office said anything. In the afternoon, the two practitioners were taken to Beigandao Police Sub-station. After having drunk and eaten to their hearts’ content, the officers took the two practitioners back to the Hangtian Sub-Bureau and then ransacked their homes. At 6:00 p.m., the two practitioners were sent to the Longquan Detention Center where they were detained for 15 days.

At 6:00 p.m. one day in June 2005, three male and two female police officers forced their way into Ms. Xian's home and tried to drag her away. Ms. Xian went to the kitchen balcony shouting, “The bandits have broken into a private residence!” The two policewomen went to the balcony and tried to drag Ms. Xian who pushed them away and said loudly, “You don't have the right to drag me. I am cultivating the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. You have no rights whatsoever.” However, the two female and one male officer dragged and pushed Ms. Xian out of the house. Ms. Xian grabbed the handrails of the stairs and shouted, “No matter what happens I will not go with you.” Zhu Zhanglin, the head of the “610 Office” and the director of the Comprehensive Management Office said, “I will bring you with us even if I have to call in another 30 policemen and saw the handrail off.” Realizing that Ms. Xian was not afraid, Zhu said, “You only need to go to the neighborhood committee and sign a guarantee statement promising not to practice Falun Gong any more and then you can come back home.”

By that time, neighbors from upstairs and downstairs were all on the scene. Some people who did not know the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party said that the CCP would not cheat people and asked Ms. Xian to go with them. The police then said to Ms. Xian's daughter, “We guarantee to let her come back after she comes with us. In this way we are able to report to our leader that our task was accomplished.” Ms. Xian's daughter believed them. However, after coming downstairs, the officers would not allow Ms. Xian's daughter to go with them. The daughter said, “My mother does not read or write. I can help her with it.” They still did not allow her to go with them. Only then did Ms. Xian's daughter realize she had been tricked. They said, “Since we have tricked her going downstairs, let's go.” Ms. Xian's daughter forced her way into the car. However, on their arrival at the Hangtian Guest-house, three or four policemen from the Beigandao Police Substation came out and dragged Ms. Xian's daughter from the car. Ms. Xian's daughter was really very angry for having been deceived. As a result, she almost fainted. After coming to she banged her head against the car and said, “You have tricked my mother. I don't want live any more!” So Ms. Xian said, “Please wait until my son-in-law comes back so that I can ask him to care of my daughter. In this way she will not do something silly.” However, the policemen said in unison, “If something happens to her it's your responsibility, not the communist party's.” They dragged Ms. Xian to the Xinjin Brainwashing Center, where she was subjected to brainwashing for one month.

2. Practitioner Ms. Li Fangling Repeatedly Arrested and Brainwashed

On the evening of November 11, 2001, Ms. Li Fangling and Ms. Xian Mingzheng went to Hangtian Hospital residential compound on Changbo Road to post truth-clarification posters. When they got there, they separated in order to cover different areas. Ms. Li Fangling went through the back door of the compound and went to post the truth-clarification posters after she finished handing out all the fliers. Ms. Li was discovered by someone, who tore down the poster and chased after her. He demanded, “Did you post it?” Ms. Li did not answer but started to walk away. The man grabbed Ms. Li's sleeve and stopped a tricycle. He pushed Ms. Li onto the tricycle and rode straight to Hangtian Police Sub-bureau where Gong Jianguo took a pair of handcuffs, grabbed Ms. Li's right hand and twisted it backwards. Then he grabbed her left hand and cuffed them together. While doing this he said, “Now let’s see how smart you are.” Then he pushed Ms. Li to a corner of the room.

Afterwards, Ms. Li Fangling was escorted to her home, which was then ransacked. Seven or eight policemen and a policewoman searched every drawer and cupboard and all four corners of the house. They took copies of “Zhuan Falun”, Teacher Li Hongzhi's recent lectures and articles, Falun Dafa materials, a cassette recorder and all the cassettes. Ms. Li was then returned to Longquan Police Sub-bureau. It was nearly midnight. Ms. Li and Ms. Xian Mingzheng were handcuffed to the handrails of the stairs at the entrance. At 7:00 a.m. the two practitioners were handcuffed to iron poles in the parking lot in the back. Policeman Deng Hong watched them until noon and then sent them to the Beigandao Police Substation where they were interrogated separately and body searched. This continued until 5:00 p.m. and then they were sent to the detention center.

On the afternoon of May 15, 2003, Ms. Li Fangling and another fellow practitioner went to Baigongyan by bicycle to hand out truth-clarification materials. On seeing a reporting box on the gate of the local government, Ms. Li put in a copy of the truth-clarification material. However, she was spotted. The two practitioners left on their bicycles. They only rode for about 400 meters when a young man and woman caught up to them on a motorbike. They dragged their bicycles and asked the practitioners to go with them. As soon as they walked into a courtyard, the two practitioners were pushed into a car and taken to the Longquan Township Police Substation. They were locked up and interrogated separately. The substation dispatched a dozen or so policemen to go to Ms. Li's home. They ransacked the entire house and pried open all the suitcases and locks on the cupboards. They took all the Falun Dafa books, materials, cassette recorder and cassettes. They even abducted Ms. Li's daughter, taking her to the police substation. Officials interrogated Ms. Li several times before handcuffing her to an iron pole in the parking lot in the back for 24 hours. Then a policewoman covered her eyes with a red cloth and two other policemen carried her to a police car. After driving for 20 minutes they stopped the car, opened the door and dragged Ms. Li out of the car and went into a building. They dragged her into a small room on the 6th floor. The head of No. 1 Section named Deng, Head of Longquan Township Zhang Chunmin and others took part in the interrogation that lasted three days and nights, but they failed to get anything. At about 5:00 p.m. on May 20, they took Ms. Li Fangling to a detention center. Ms. Li was detained for more than 30 days before she was released.

At 8:00 a.m. on May 21, 2004, several people including Yang Hong from Mingjiang Community (a former policeman at B District 062 Base, Longquan Township), and Zhu Zhanglin from the Comprehensive Management Office, dragged Ms. Li Fangling downstairs and pushed her into a waiting car. She was taken to Xinjing Brainwashing Center where she was detained for nearly 2 months. During her detention she was forced to write “Three Statements.”

3. Practitioner Ms. Si Lanfang from Chengdu City Suffered Persecution

Ms. Si Lanfang is a practitioner from Longquan District, Chengdu City. She has been arrested and detained many times. She was beaten and her home ransacked.

In the summer of 2001, someone asked Ms. Si Lanfang to visit Zhao Benyong's mother. Mr. Zhao was a teacher from Hangtian Industrial School, Longquan District. Pressured by his workplace, he was forced to leave home and become homeless in order to avoid being arrested and persecuted. Mr. Zhao's mother sometimes went to her son's home to tidy up the house.

Mr. Zhao Benyong was not home. When Ms. Si Lanfang came downstairs, she met an old lady as well as a man and a woman, who both went upstairs. (These two were from the local police substation. The man was Guo Xiaodong but the woman's name is unknown.) Since Ms. Si did not know Mr. Zhao's mother, nor did she know that the two people were from the local police substation, she asked, “Are you Zhao Zhiyong's mother?” The old woman answered yes. Then Guo Xiaodong asked Ms. Si if she practiced Falun Gong. Ms. Si said yes. The police took her to the Security Section of Hangtian Industrial School of Longquan District. Ma Chun from the Security Section escorted Ms. Si to the Beigandao Police Substation. At that time Mr. Zhao's mother was also arrested and taken to the substation. The policemen from the substation sent Ms. Si to a detention center where she was detained for half a month.

One evening at the end of 2001, when Ms. Si was handing out Falun Gong materials, she was reported by people who did not know the truth about the persecution. Police from Hangtian Police Sub-bureau arrested Ms. Si. Wang Jianguo and tried to force her to answer where she got all these materials. He also beat Ms. Si about her head and body with a police baton. Ms. Si's hands, ribs and legs were injured as a result of the beating. Her head was swollen and she could not open her eyes. The following day she was sent to the police substation. One policeman there was very much shocked on seeing her and asked, “Who beat you so relentlessly?” Even so, Ms. Si was still locked up in a dark room. She was confined to the room and was not allowed out even to go to the bathroom. Two days later she was sent to Longquan District Detention Center and detained for 15 days.

One afternoon, in June 2004, Ma Chun, Bi Yun and Wang Wei from the Security Section of the Hangtian Industrial School, Longquan District suddenly broke into Ms. Si's home and dragged her downstairs and attempted to stuff her into a waiting car. Ms. Si refused to go with them and said her granddaughter would be coming home soon from school. If there was no one at home she would not be able to enter the house. However, they did not listen and dragged Ms. Si to the car and sent her to Yulinshanzhuang Brainwashing Center in Longquan District. The following day, He Xiwen, Head of the Longquan District 610 Office kicked Ms. Si's legs and threatened to detain her son, daughter and granddaughter and lock them up in the brainwashing center. One person from the brainwashing center found Ms. Si practicing the exercises in the washroom and slapped her face repeatedly with a lot of force. After one hand started to hurt, this person switched to the other hand.

Chen Decai (Deputy Head of the Political and Judiciary Committee for Longquan District) from the brainwashing center tried to brainwash Ms. Si into renouncing Falun Dafa. However, Ms. Si Lanfang said, “I am determined to cultivate Falun Dafa. You have no way to make me renounce my belief.” Chen Decai began to slap her face. Then he ordered Wang Jianguo and Luo Jun to transfer Ms. Si to the Xinjin Brainwashing Center.

On arriving at the Xinjin Brainwashing Center, the doctor gave her a checkup and found that her blood pressure reading was 200 mm Hg over 120 mm Hg. Her pulse was also very fast. The doctor was frightened. However, even under such circumstances, Ms. Si was still detained for six days. Only when she was on the verge of death was she released.

On October 26, 2004, Ms. Si Lanfang went downstairs and saw two elderly men reading the newspaper. She gave them a truth-clarification flier. One of the old men went to the police sub-bureau to report her. The police took her to the police sub-bureau and then sent her to Beigandao Police Substation where she was sentenced to a 15-day security detention.

On the third day (October 28) when the head of the detention center went to inspect, he said many bad things about Ms. Si. Ms. Si said, “You persecute us simply because we want to be a good people. You will receive retribution.” The head of the detention center ordered the criminal inmates to handcuff Ms. Si's right hand to her left leg so that she could not stand up. She could not straighten up even when she went to bed. She was shackled in this way for 11 days before they unlocked the cuffs. After the handcuffs were taken off Ms. Si still could not stand steadily.

On the evening of July 25, 2006, the policemen from the Longquan Police Substation stopped Ms. Si while she was strolling down the street and asked her what she was doing. Ms. Si said she was not doing anything. Then the police asked her who Mr. Li Hongzhi was. Ms. Si said, “He is our Teacher, the best teacher I have ever had and also the best Teacher of practitioners all over the world. People in over 80 countries practice Falun Dafa. China is the only country that forbids its people to be good people and forbids them to practice the exercises.” They immediately did a body search (the policemen who searched her were all men.). When they failed to find anything they slapped her face until it turned red. Then they dragged Ms. Si into a car and took her to the Longquan Township Police Substation for an interrogation that lasted for more than half an hour. After that an old man and a youth watched Ms. Si until she was released at about four the next morning. On returning home she found that her home had been ransacked.

4. Ms. Shen Shufang Arrested and Sent to Xinjin Brainwashing Center

At 12:15 p.m. on April 11, 2004, five policemen from a local police substation in Longquan took Ms. Shen Shufang to the Longquan Detention Center and ransacked her home. Fifteen days later, officials from the Longquan 610 Office sent Ms. Shen Shufang to Xinjin Brainwashing Center, where people assigned to monitor her (“personal cangues”) strictly controlled her daily life.

On April 11, 2004, they broke into Ms. Shen's bedroom and took away all the Falun Dafa books, Teacher's portrait, the truth-clarification materials and exercises tapes. At about 2:00 p.m. Ms. Shen was taken to the interrogation room of the police substation and interrogated for more than three hours. Ms. Shen tried to clarify the truth to them but they turned a deaf ear to it. They demanded she sign the document they had prepared. Ms. Shen refused and would not cooperate. She did not sign or fingerprint the document.

At 10:30 p.m. Ms. Shen was sent to the Longquan Detention Center where she was locked in a 20-square meter supervision room and not allowed to leave. Eight people were already in the room before Ms. Shen. They were swindlers, thieves, murderers and prostitutes. Only then was Ms. Shen given a certificate of 15-day administrative detention. The reason for her detention stated in the certificate was that in April 1999 Ms. Shen Shufang tried to persuade Li Guangqing to practice Falun Gong. However, Ms. Shen Shufang did not know Li Guangqiong before 2004.

When the 15-day detention expired, Ms. Shen Shufang was not released. In a plot conceived by the Longquan 610 Office, Ms. Shen was sent directly from the detention center to the Xinjin Brainwashing Center (Zhu Zhanglin, Head of the Longquan Township took part in the plot). The 610 Office ordered two people to escort Ms. Shen to the brainwashing center.

The staff at the 610 Office would pay salaries to these monitors in person and would also buy gifts to reward them. The 610 Office rewarded these people economically and materially so that they would persecute practitioners. They strictly controlled Ms. Shen's daily life. No matter what Ms Shen wanted to do, she had to get permission from these “personal cangues.” Otherwise, even if she needed to go to the toilet immediately, the monitors would not approve. They would not let her go. Even if they agreed to let her go, she had to wait until there was no one in the washroom, then they would escort her and keep surveillance outside. They would also shout, “Hurry up! Hurry up! Don't let other people see you!”

Every day the windows and door of the cell where Ms. Shen was held would be shut. There were only two small screen windows open. In the evening the monitors would cover the windows with thick curtains. This was a torture method so that detainees would feel suffocated. They used this method to ruin Ms. Shen's health and threaten her life. On the morning of May 18, Ms. Shen felt very uncomfortable and was on the verge of suffocation. She struggled to get up and went to open the door in an attempt to get some more air. However, the monitor with a surname of Yang shouted, “Who let you open the door? What do you want? If you feel ill we'll send you to the hospital. Close the door and leave a crack! You go and sit behind the door.” Just at that time, the one who made the rounds of the cells saw this and asked the monitor to open the door and drag her out to get some air for fear that Ms. Shen might die of suffocation.

During the day, the two personal cangues would go out of the cell to get some air, get some sleep, relax or knit a sweater by turns. When they were inside to keep an eye on Ms. Shen, they complained bitterly and shouted that there was lack of air and that they felt suffocated. However, in order to gain money and material benefits they joined the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners who are simply trying to become good people. They said to Ms. Shen, “Our work is arranged by the Longquan 610 Office. We are here to 'accompany you, help you and take care of your daily routines.'”

During her detention at the Xinjin Brainwashing Center, the evildoers forced Ms. Shen to watch video programs and photo exhibitions that slandered Falun Dafa. They also talked to her and threatened her in an attempt to make her to renounce Falun Gong. From the outside, the brainwashing center is called a “legal education center,” however, in essence it is a monster's den for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.