(Clearwisdom.net) After I read that Li Guiping openly protested the persecution and called out "Falun Dafa is good" at a mass meeting in the Beijing Women's Prison on February 16, 2007, I was deeply shaken and inspired by her courage. At the same time, I remembered that six years have already passed since she was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment. In all these years, the persecution that was forced upon her and her family has not been fully exposed. The responsible ones have not yet been investigated and are still committing crimes. Below are some details that we have gathered. We hope that people in the know will add more information.

Ms. Li Guiping, 50 years old, resided in the Chaoyang District of Beijing City. Her health was quite poor before she started practicing Falun Gong. She had serious liver disease that no Chinese or Western medicine hospitals in Beijing could cure. The disease made her look pale, made her sensitive to the cold, and she was unable even to walk while standing upright. She couldn't go to work or have children like other women. There was no happiness in her life. She tried out the Falun Dafa exercises in 1996 and found that her health improved dramatically after a period of time. All the diseases that she had endured eventually disappeared. Since then, she has become more devoted to guiding her behavior according to the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance."

Since the Chinese Communist Party started persecuting Falun Gong in 1999, Li Guiping has appealed to the State Council and the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress many times. She clarified the truth of Falun Gong to every person she met that was deceived by the Party, and told many people her personal story in order to redress the injustice done to Falun Gong and its founder. As a result, she was detained by the Beijing Public Security Bureau Chaoyang Branch and Sanlitun Local Police Station two or three times in 2000. Since there was no place to appeal, Ms. Li went to Tiananmen Square and called out "Falun Dafa is good." The police kicked her in her abdomen with their boots and dragged her on the ground, even though she was pregnant at the time.

In October 2000, 44-year-old Li Guiping gave birth to a healthy, chubby baby boy. The doctor had treated her as a high risk patient for childbirth, but never imagined that the birth would be even easier than normal. This had rarely happened in the history of Chaoyang Hospital. People witnessed the miraculous effect of Falun Gong.

Because Li Guiping upheld her belief of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" and dared to speak out the truth and validate Falun Dafa, she was regarded by Beijing Public Security Bureau as an "important figure." In August 2001, when her baby was just 10 months old, police from Beijing Public Security Bureau, Chaoyang District National Security Team, and Sanlitun Local Police Station illegally arrested her over 70-year-old father and her 20-year-old brother (both non practitioners) and took them to the Sanlitun Local Police Station. The police intimidated and threatened them with their hands cuffed, saying that if they refused to tell the address where Li Guiping was renting, they would beat her brother. Both of them were detained for 24 hours.

Ms. Li's young brother couldn't stand this kind of trial, so he told them the where his sister was. Right away, the police arrested Li Guilin's mother and put her in a car, then started to search her for the house key. The mother condemned them, stating that such behavior was like "underworld hooligans and bandits." The police then arrested Ms. Li Guiping and her husband. They even didn't leave the baby, who hadn't yet been weaned on solid food, alone.

In order to dig out the so-called "criminal evidence," they questioned her husband the same night. At the local police station, they separated Li Guiping from her baby son. Atr her family's strong protest, she was finally allowed to see her son for a while and got to breast-feed him. The next day, when the police van was taking her away, her husband followed behind the van and tapped on the rear window calling out "Guiping..." It was really heartbreaking. The less than one-year-old baby boy lost his mother's love. Seeing his sister being taken away by the bad people, Li Guilin's younger brother was filled with remorse and cried for half a day, sitting on the side of the road.

After that, the family didn't hear anything from her. Her husband visited every detention center and prison that he could find, but the only answer he got was "no such person here." The local authorities didn't notify the family of her whereabouts for more than a year. The place where she was actually held, which no one knew about, was the "Beijing Legal System Training Center." At that time, she was being subjected to brutal brainwashing, which means she was deprived of sleep for many nights, and ten collaborators continually attacked her in turn using both hard and soft tactics. Winked at and shielded by the guard, one collaborator even slapped her face more than 300 times without stopping.

But coercion and violence could never alter a true practitioner's belief. In 2002, the CCP court, without notifying her family, secretly convened a court session, fabricated a charge, and sentenced her to 12 years in prison. With awe-inspiring righteousness, Ms. Li Guiping lifted her hand, knocked the "sentence paper" to the ground, and refused to sign her name. She said, "What you say does not count!" Using that as an excuse, the thugs haven't shown any legal documents about the sentence to Li Guiping's family to this day. The only thing that the family received was a piece of paper written with the number of years of the sentence.

Ms. Li Guiping was detained at the Beijing Correction Institution for Juveniles at first, then was transferred to Beijing Women's Prison, where she is currently being held. She suffers inhuman treatment in her daily life. During cold winter days, she is only given a wooden dipper full cold water to wash herself. It is several times more expensive to buy daily necessities in the prison than outside.

The 8th ward�"the warden is Huang Qinghua�"where Li Guiping is kept specializes in brainwashing. Many steadfast practitioners have been sent there. The 8th ward abuses and brainwashes people with the evil Party culture in order to control their minds. For example, they organize the family-like "transformation" meetings that instigate hatred towards steadfast practitioners. They slander practitioners and call practitioners "unpatriotic," "against China," "against the human race," "betraying fellow Chinese people," etc. They produce films, literature, and artwork that defames Falun Gong. They force practitioners to repeatedly watch a TV show that defames Falun Gong and the Communist Party's news programs that broadcast lies. We can only imagine the pressure and bitterness that Li Guiping has had to endure. Because she refused to be "transformed," she was forced to squat for a long period of time, which made her calves very swollen.

During the last six years, Li Guiping's family has never had a family reunion, even at the Chinese New Year. The child lost his mother's love when he was less than a year old, and he is still waiting for his mother to return. The child's father is over 60 years old and is bearing the heavy burden of the family expenses and the suffering of a broken family. He is raising the child by himself. Li Guiping's parents are about 73 or 74 years old, and they cannot be happy without their devoted daughter. They also have to bear the bitterness of missing their loved ones and worrying about their daughter and grandson. Furthermore, there are thugs watching them and people who don't know the truth are giving them the cold shoulder. The long-term mental pressure has caused Li Guiping's mother to suffer from insomnia and heart problems. Both Li Guilin's husband and her father have become uncommunicative.

Falun Gong practitioners, the "World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong" and people who uphold justice will further investigate the details of what Li Guiping is going through in prison. Those who are directly responsible for the persecution will be brought to justice.

Let us expose the crime, as it will reduce the pressure on those who are persecuted and reduce the pain that they are going through. It is also disintegrating those dark dens that persecute and detain Falun Dafa practitioners. At the same time, hopefully more and more kindhearted people will see through the lies of the CCP and learn the truth. Kind thoughts from your hearts and a few words that uphold justice are a great help to the countless people like Li Guiping and her family. They support the good and uphold justice. It will make your heart upright, and good fortune will be with you.