(Clearwisdom.net) Approximately six lawyers wrote to the court regarding the illegal trial of Wang Bo and her family. This was a good start. It has declared to the whole world that although the evil party is very tyrannical, people still bravely stood up under heavy political pressure. It is a good opportunity to completely disintegrate the evil's headquarters. The center of evil is in Beijing. All Falun Dafa practitioners inside and outside of China should cooperate with each other. The practitioners in China should especially cooperate with each other, communicate in a timely way and make appropriate adjustments. Coordination as one body that I mentioned does not refer to a phone team making phone calls, but everyone should try his best to make phone calls and send emails throughout the whole country in order to distribute materials exposing the incident and the lawyers' letters. If more people know the truth, the evil will be eliminated in front of the truth.

In our local area, there was a good rescue like this. Practitioner A was “illegally sentenced” and sent to a labor camp. In the beginning, his family and other fellow practitioners went to the labor camp and requested the release of practitioner A. The guards were very rude and unreasonable. When they returned from the camp, we shared our understanding and thought that each of us should treat this thing as our own matter and we should send letters to them, even if it was only one sentence. As a result, fellow practitioners' letters fell on the camp like snowflakes, carrying benevolence and energy. After that, we went to the camp again. The guards had completely changed. They actively offered the release on bail to practitioner A (Of course, practitioner A did very well also).

I understand that many opportunities regarding the issue of Wang Bo and her family have been created. Now, it is time to see how all Dafa practitioners coordinate. If we can coordinate well in this matter, it can disintegrate the evil's root. And at the same time, it will greatly encourage the Chinese people to resist the evil with justice. Of course, we should not be attached to any specific result.

Let's act now. When one practitioner is persecuted, everyone should become concerned with benevolence and righteous thoughts, and the evil will definitely be defeated. At the same time, people's sense of justice and righteousness will be encouraged.