(Clearwisdom.net) Today (March 5, 2007) I read Master’s new article, “Disintegrate Completely All the Meddling Deities in the Three Realms that Have a Hand in Interfering with Fa-Rectification,” and I was shocked. This new article has solved a problem that has bewildered me for a long. Here I write down my understandings to share with fellow practitioners.

Ever since I attained the Fa, I have been perplexed by some questions concerning present day religions. Why can't people with religious affiliations see Dafa’s purity and profound principles? Why can't they see Dafa’s wide popularity, and especially amidst this unprecedented severe tribulation: The forbearance, compassion, wisdom, and pure and positive realms that Dafa and Dafa disciples as a whole have exhibited, which now surpass what all righteous ways and religions in history have shown in this regard? Why can't they see that Dafa has already brought to the human society fresh and immense changes and tendencies?

While the religious scriptures can, to different degrees, predict the most crucial aspects of today and enlighten humans to their true natures, why can people with religious affiliations still find, from the classic books of their religions, some verbiage and statements that are contrary to Dafa?

During the persecution of Dafa, why can some religious individuals with ulterior motives use some special religious theories to attack Dafa? Even amidst the sinister, slanderous, brainwashing propaganda, why can the wordings from many religions, especially Buddhism, be used to undermine Falun Gong practitioners’ righteous faith and even make some practitioners go to religions? How could people with religious affiliations have neglected the fact that the genuine cultivators are being brutally persecuted?

While Dafa is going toward glory amidst the severe tribulation, why have these religions, which are in their Dharma-ending time, appeared on the surface to be widely promoted and prospering, particularly in China? Many temples have been built and religious believers are increasing in numbers. What is more interesting is the phenomenon that there are often some well-known individuals who convert themselves to Buddhism and some famous actors or actresses who become monks or nuns. These things caused big stirs in the media, which carry articles, one after another, to report these incidents. What significance will these things bring on the current theme of this historic moment?

When I read Master’s new article, I suddenly enlightened to many of the questions. Everything is not accidental. All of the old arrangements contain the principle of mutual generation and mutual inhibition, and also reflect the old forces’ standards and intentions.

Master has told us that the primary purpose of righteous cultivation ways and religions in history was to establish the culture that Dafa can use to save people today. That is to say, the real significance of these cultivation ways is only in that they have created the foundation and culture for Dafa’s spread today. Their paths are not intended to be the ways that people can take to return to their true selves. Although the old forces, with all of their arrangements, had the intention of helping Master spread the Fa, we have to be clear that what the old forces eventually want is to have everything done in accordance with their requirements and objectives. Thus, while the old forces made all the arrangements, they inevitably added or brought a different set of arrangements that are in accordance with the old cosmos’ standards and that the old forces want so that they can control the Fa rectification.

The old forces, by use of the religions, paved the culture that people can use to attain the Fa. But subsequently they implemented its destruction and diminished the role of the culture paved to the extent they desire. They have also arranged some elements to prevent people from attaining the Fa. Master said,

“There are problems with many factors. In modern times the old forces have damaged Chinese culture and left a big mess for me to deal with as I impart the Fa. There are just so many damaging factors in a myriad of areas, so a lot of things needed to be put right.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York” on November 21st, 2004)

There is the following example in history: When Jesus was spreading his teachings, he sometimes treated illnesses on the Sabbath. The believers of the old religion then took what the old religion said, that is, that no work should be done on the Sabbath, as evidence and an excuse to oppose Jesus and sabotage his activities.

One present example is the monk story that was staged in this year’s New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) Chinese New Year Spectacular. This story described a monk who had endured humiliations to save a life. Some people in China who have watched the story, on the other hand, have derived from this story some negative views. They think that Dafa practitioners should not publicly clarify the truth and tell people what has been happening, and they should, instead, keep quiet, tolerate and not compete, because the truth will become naturally clear when the time is due. As Master said in the latest article,

“…which has gone against the principle "Open to all, only what a person truly wants matters" [that we have] when spreading the Fa--and have failed to adjust to the change in situation that occurred during Fa-rectification.” (“Disintegrate Completely All the Meddling Deities in the Three Realms that Have a Hand in Interfering with Fa-Rectification” on February 28, 2007)

The old forces and meddling deities have utilized the force of various religions and the elements that they put into these religions to manipulate the people in the religions. This manipulation has made these people pay no attention to the cosmic climate changes and the shocking manifestations in the human world. This manipulation has prevented these people from gaining contact with the truth of Dafa and made them become numb to the connotations of Dafa. The manipulation has completely surpassed the level required for religions to protect their cultivation ways by ensuring that their believers not take any second way in their cultivation. This indicates that the old forces and meddling deities are not in accord with the requirements of Fa-rectification and have chosen their own path. The results are interference with the Fa rectification and preventing sentient beings from attaining the Fa and being saved.

The old forces and meddling deities have used their criteria to judge who can attain the Fa and who cannot, as well as when one can attain the Fa. But how could they possibly know what is the true accurate standard that Dafa uses to judge beings? They know that once those with religious affiliations have learned the truth or attained the Fa, the results would be far-reaching. The door would be open to groups of people closely linked in their thoughts and who have already been cultivators and religious believers themselves, and the resulting changes would be tremendous. However, the old forces and the meddling deities, during this unprecedented, dangerous moment for sentient beings, have failed to cooperate with Master to save sentient beings. They are, instead, still stubbornly, through their control of the religions, persisting with their arrangement, trying to prevent those with religious affiliations from accepting the truth, and thus attempting to manipulate the Fa-rectification. This kind of sin can no longer be allowed to continue.

Master said,

“All of the beings in the Three Realms came for the Fa, were created for the Fa, and were forged for the Fa.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Washington DC Fa Conference” on July 20, 2003)

The parts of the religions that are still playing the negative roles have not wakened up and stopped their actions. The hindering effect of the meddling deities increasingly stands out, although the world's people can, from what has truly happened inside the religions, feel how degenerated they have become during the Dharma-Ending Period. The meddling deities, in the meantime, constantly arrange some things to happen to prevent people from understanding the actual situation in the religions. For example, they constantly arrange some well-known individuals to convert themselves into Buddhism and some actors or actresses to become monks or nuns. They use these incidents to catch media attention and arouse people’s interests, and also make those in the religions feel that their religions are becoming increasingly strong and stable. The meddling deities continue to reinforce religious forces that can no longer save people. What is their purpose? Isn’t that interference with the Fa-rectification?

Some of the meddling deities may be among those whom we had revered and not viewed as meddling deities before. Now we need to clearly know that when we judge those enlightened beings as well as our formed notions, we need to put the standard of the Fa in the first place and let go of our past impressions of them. Although we cannot make clear judgment while we still live in the human world, the standard of the Fa can naturally make the judgment, and so can our enlightened sides. Thus, as long as we can correctly position the relationship, let go of the qing and clearly understand this new article from Master, we just need to send forth the righteous thought that we will completely disintegrate all those so-called deities who have been playing the roles of hindering and sabotaging the salvation of the sentient beings, no matter whom they are.

Our divine powers function according to the pure and righteous standards of the Fa so those that need to be eliminated will be eliminated, while those that should not be eliminated will not be touched. Whether we, based on our views in the human world, want to eliminate them or not is not the issue. We should clearly know that Dafa judges everything and Dafa naturally has its own criteria. What we need to pay attention to is that we break through the confinement of our human notions and truly put the Fa in the first place. We should deeply examine our worries to see where they come from. There is no harm if we again ask ourselves what kind of Fa could fulfill such a great reality and future.

These are my understandings, which may not be mature. Fellow practitioners, please share your understandings.