(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Ma Xiao, 59 years old, was a peasant. He lived in Group 4, Sanguandianzi, Lingbei Village, Lingbei Town, Lingyuan City. Mr. Ma regained his health after he started practicing Dafa in 1996. He was a well-liked person known for his kindness. He conducted himself according to Dafa's requirements.

After the Chinese Communist Party started persecuting Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, officers from the Lingbei Police Station arrested him several times. Mr. Ma was illegally sentenced to three years in prison in 2001. He was held in the No. 3 Prison in Shenyang City and also in the No. 2 Masanjia Prison in Shenyang City for three years.

Banners urging people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party appeared at public locations in Lingbei Township in June 2005. Authorities from Lingbei Police Station asked around who had posted the banners. One person said, "Ma Xiao is the most well-known [Falun Gong practitioner] in this area." The officers went to his home to arrest him, but he was away. In June, he encountered the police on the street. They arrested him, put him in a police car, and took him to a detention center.

Mr. Ma was arrested again on June 30, 2005, by Li Xinghai and other officers from Lingbei Police Station. They arrested him and sentenced him to three years of forced labor. He was held in Dayingzi Labor Camp in Chaoyang City, where he was tortured until he vomited blood and was in critical condition. The labor camp authorities were afraid of being held responsible, so they sent him home in February 2006. Ma Xiao never recovered and died on February 18, 2007.