(Clearwisdom.net) On March 7, 2007, Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhao Wenpeng from Guiyang City died in the Guiyang City Police Hospital as a result of brutal persecution. Mr. Zhao was just over 40 years old. Currently, another practitioner, Ms. Yin Deqin, about 60 years old, is also being illegally detained and persecuted in this hospital.

In the afternoon of August 7, 2006, Liu Suzhi, chairman of the Workers Union in the Guiyang Postal and Tele-Communications Equipment Factory, led people to Zhao Wenpeng's home to gather "background information." During the morning of August 9, Liu led two staffers from the National Materials Office to illegally break into Mr. Zhao's home. They threatened Zhao, telling him to not practice Falun Gong anymore. Liu and his accomplices were very rude and unreasonable. Zhao Wenpeng compassionately clarified the truth to them. However, Liu and the others did not listen at all and viciously swore at Dafa and Teacher. Mr. Zhao further exposed the facts of the evil party's brutal persecution and offered the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to Liu and accomplices.

Liu and his followers were infuriated and reported Zhao Wenpeng to the 610 Office. Soon, more than ten policemen and officers from the Guiyang City Police Department, the Yunyan District Police Department, the Weiqing Road Police Station, and the Neighborhood Committee swarmed into Mr. Zhao's home and illegally confiscated all of his truth-clarification materials, Dafa books, computer, and other valuables. Mr. Zhao was then arrested and sent to the Yunyan District Detention Center in Guiyang City.

In the detention center, Zhao Wenpeng suffered all kinds of brutal torture. In just a few months, he developed edema all over his body. Torture also left a big wound on the side of Mr. Zhao's left thigh, which continually oozed pus.

Zhao Wenpeng was transferred to the Guiyang City Police Hospital for what was called "treatment" by the authorities. After a checkup, the police doctor declared that Mr. Zhao had diabetes. The so-called "treatments" of injections and drugs only made Zhao Wenpeng's health deteriorate more rapidly. During this treatment, Mr. Zhao contracted acro-anesthesia [numbness of limbs], incontinence, and other disorders.

Even under such severe conditions, the officials still sentenced Zhao Wenpeng to forced labor camp (for two or three years, the details are still under investigation) without a trial. On March 7, 2007, Mr. Zhao Wenpeng died in the Guiyang City Police Hospital as a result of the brutal persecution he suffered.

Ms. Yin Deqin, over 60 years old, is still illegally detained and being persecuted in the Guiyang City Police Hospital. Ms. Yin is a Dafa practitioner from Qingyan Town, Guiyang City. Because she persuaded elementary students to quit the Young Pioneers for their own good [the Young Pioneers is an affiliate of the Chinese Communist Party], the Qingyan Town police searched her home at around 7:00 p.m. on October 23, 2006. When the police tried to arrest her without a warrant, she resisted and jumped out of the window in an escape attempt and broke her leg. Nonetheless, the police still arrested Ms. Yin and continue to hold her in the Guiyang City Police Hospital.

Phone numbers of agencies that took part in the persecution of Dafa practitioner Zhao Wenpeng:

Guiyang City Police Hospital: 86-851-5100094

Yunyan District Politics and Law Committee of Guiyang City:
Secretary's Office: 86-851-6864457
Deputy Secretary's Office: 86-851-6833725, 86-851-6824248, 86-851-6829004
Main Office: 86-851-6820664, 86-851-6835965, 86-851-6859646
Comprehensive Administration Office: 86-851-5904962

Yunyan District Police Department in Guiyang City:
Director's Office: 86-851-6820101
Deputy Director's Office: 86-851-6823569, 86-851-6828829, 86-851-6828827, 86-851-6828826
Deputy Commissar's Office: 86-851-6828830
Main Office: 86-851-6819599, 86-851-6861592
Detention Center: 86-851-6862336

Weiqing Road Police Station: 86-851-6502689, 86-851-6507583
Weiqing Road Administration Office of Yunyan District: 86-851-6502949, 86-851-6515164
Weiqing Road Neighborhood Committee: 86-851-6511928, 86-851-6505251
Guiyang Postal and Tele-Communication Equipment Factory: 86-851-6824591