(Clearwisdom.net) I attended some Falun Dafa experience sharing conferences in China before the persecution began in 1999. Many practitioners shared their stories of attending Teacher's lectures, which left me with precious memories. I would like to recall these adorable and precious experiences here to share with others.

Practitioner A was on the medical staff at a hospital in Wuhan. Because she had relatives living in Beijing, she was able to attend the second “Fa”-teaching class Teacher held in Beijing. She felt wonderful and wanted to attend the class again. When she heard that a class would be given in Wuhan, she immediately called her son and daughter to ask them to make reservations. She ultimately attended all three of Teacher's lecture series in Wuhan.

Once, Teacher took a break between lectures, walking down the rostrum and through the aisles. Practitioners along the aisle stood up and clapped their hands, showing their admiration. When Teacher reached practitioner A, she was so excited that she was not clear about what to say. She suddenly asked, “Teacher Li, do you remember me?” She always sat in the middle or the rear in class and never contacted or talked to Teacher in person. Generally, it was impossible to identify who she was.

Teacher replied with a smile, “Aren’t you the one who attended all the classes since the one in Beijing? You also called your son and daughter to attend. Did they come?” Practitioner A was shocked in her heart. “Wow! How come Teacher knows everything? I am truly meeting a living Buddha!” She excitedly replied at once, “They did! They did!”

When Teacher just arrived in Wuhan, he cured some illnesses for someone. Practitioner A’s son was luckily cured by Teacher in person. Her son suffered from chronic arthritis, back problems and other diseases. Teacher patted the sick parts with His hand. Practitioner A's son felt that the diseases were suddenly removed from the sick parts. From then on, all his symptoms were gone.

Practitioner B is a tall and old man. He attended Teacher’s lecture series in Zhengzhou. When practitioner B arrived in Zhengzhou, he did not know anybody and did not know how to get to Teacher's class. He wanted to ask someone for directions. A young fellow appeared nearby. He immediately went to ask him. The young fellow looked very kind and showed him the way. After receiving the answer, he shook hands with the young fellow and got a wonderful feeling. He thought that this young fellow must be extraordinary and he never shook such a warm and huge hand. Since he was hurrying to attend the class, he did not think too much of it. At the class, he looked up at the rostrum, “Is Teacher that young fellow?” He suddenly understood that it was Teacher who showed him the way in person.

Practitioner B loved playing tennis so much that he was almost addicted to it. He always participated in tennis competitions for older-age groups and showed a very strong competitive mentality. Because he just started cultivation, he was reluctant to give up the hobby of playing tennis. Then he asked Teacher, “Teacher Li, can I play tennis from now on?” Teacher smiled and told him that he will not want to play with others. Practitioner B did not understand what Teacher actually meant. When he returned home from the class, he still participated in the tennis competitions of older-age groups as usual. However, he lost every game and always sprained his ankle. Then he understood that he should remove his attachment.

Later, practitioner B did not have the competitive mentality and excitement as he did before when playing tennis. Later, he felt that he lost interest in playing tennis and would like to spend time on exercise and Fa-study. Thus he completely gave up the hobby by himself.

Practitioner C attended Teacher’s lectures in Zhengzhou. When Teacher taught the Fa at Central China University of Finance and Economics in Wuhan, he was studying at the university. Probably because the predestined relationship was not mature, he did not know this at all. When he heard about the class, it had ended. He felt it a great pity that he had missed the opportunity. When he learned that Teacher would give a class in Zhengzhou, he went without hesitation, which left him with an unforgettable and precious experience.

Practitioner D was from Hunan Province. He attended Teacher's fifth lecture in Guangzhou, the last series of lectures Teacher gave in mainland China. Practitioner D did not have good hearing. At the beginning of class, he could not hear anything clearly and was very anxious. Later, Teacher adjusted the students’ bodies in class. With a wave of Teacher’s hand, the practitioner's ears resounded with a “boom” and regained their normal function. From then on, he could hear Teacher’s lectures clearly. Practitioner D and his spouse, who is also a practitioner, emigrated overseas about ten years ago. They are now in their eighties and are very diligent in validating the Fa and saving sentient beings.

Practitioner E was a white collar worker in a foreign-funded enterprise. He loved qigong and fortune telling and had sought out well-known masters, but always ended up with nothing. In December 1994, after ten years of seeking, he luckily attended Teacher’s final lecture series in China, i.e., the fifth class in Guangzhou. Practitioner E had for so long wanted to learn a method of cultivating both mind and body. Some methods claimed to cultivate both mind and body, but their teachers looked very old. How could they make others believe them? For this reason, practitioner E wanted to have an up-close look at our Teacher. He waited at the exit of the stadium after class. Eventually his dream was realized. He told his relative, who was also a practitioner, “I have never seen such a person who is so slim with such nice skin. His skin looks like an infant’s skin.” At that time, practitioner E believed that this Teacher is a true Master who could teach the great Fa and Tao.

It is so wonderful to recall the days of attending Teacher’s lectures! They are unforgettable; the happiest memories of my life!