(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Fu Zhenmin is a Falun Dafa practitioner in Xinxing Village, Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province. When riding in his own car on February 8, Fu was reported to police by villagers Na Jun and Li Gang in Xingfu Village. Fu was illegally arrested by the Xingfu Village police. He was later handed over to police officers Sun Shiyou and Tong Huiqun from the Public Security Bureau in Shuangcheng City. On February 25, with no trial or evidence, Tong and Sun sentenced Fu Zhenmin to one year of forced-labor in Wanjia Forced Labor Camp on the grounds of "spreading Falun Gong material."

Fu Zhenmin's relatives are very concerned about Fu's safety and protest his illegal imprisonment. They plan to sue police officers Tong and Sun for knowingly violating the law. Fu's relatives demand that authorities execute the law, uphold justice, punish Tong and Sun, and unconditionally release Fu Zhenming.

Here is the appeal letter from over two hundred relatives of Fu Zhenmin:


Fu Zhenmin's relatives: Li Laichang, Hu Yuqing, Li Zhishan, Li Min, Li Zhuguo, Li Donghui, Wu Yujuan, Li Yingying, Tao Xia, Li Ping, Li Xu, He Chengyu, Li Rao, Li Rao's wife, Shuang Yingkai, Zhang Bin, Cui Xianfu, Cui Yonggang, Liu Shuxia, Cui Xiange, Cui Dongmei, Wang Tingbo, Wang Tingfu, Hou Jiwen, Zhao Shufang, He Yaying, Guo Gang, Yue Feng, Yue Mei, Wang Yongnian, Wu Yuguo, Xiao Lan, Wang Er, Shuang Yingda, Xiao Wang, Li Dahong, Yue Junhai, Zhao Lin, Wen Zhonglin, Wang Chunyan, Wen Dezhi, Sun Guangwen, Han Liping, Cui Xianchang, Wang Tingsheng, Wang Tinghai, Lan Guokun, Guo Chong, Zhang Guohua, Zhang Guojiang, Yue Chunyu, Li Yanling, Sun Hui, Na Li, Zhang Hongshan, Zhang Guocai, Geng Zhiguo, Zhao Jingchang, Zuo Guangquan, Liu Xingyu, Liu Licai, Guo Jiafu, Guo Feng, Guo Er, Jia Limei, Yue Junhai, Zhang Juan, Yue Xiaoyu, Yue Xiaogang, Guan Li, Zhang Yingying, Yue Chunyu, Xiao Ling, Yue Yuanyuan, Wen Zhonglin, Wen Dezhi, Wen Changchun, Zhao Hongshan, Tao Li, Zhao Hai, Wang Chunyan, Xiao Duan, Duan Yubin, Sun Guanghui, Sun's wife, Na Li, Han Yachun, Liu Hua, Liu Lizhong, Bai Yulian, Liu Nv, Sun Sheng, Ma Ji, Geng He, Geng Long, Geng Fu, Zhu Lan, Zhang Xin, Li Lan, Zhang Jing, Zhang Jia, Mao Lu, Zhang Hua, Ma Li, Ma Er, Yu Shui, Yu Sheng, Shuang Bo, Shuang Ting, Shuang Jie, Shuang Ying, Shuang Liushi, Xiang San, Yang Tian, Hu Ying, Yang Dongsheng, Li Erfang, Yang Da, Li Si, Qi Nv, Jia He, Ya Hua, Li Cheng, Li Shuang, Qi Ying, Wu Ying, Qi Bo, Wang Feng, Guo Lin, Zhang Er, Wang Lan, Da Shuang, Er Shuang, Zhu Ying, Zhang Tai, Liu Xing, Liu Xin, Liu Qiu, Liu Qiu's mother, Er Bin, Bai Lian, Na Yan, Na Lan, Na Yu, Gao You, Zhang Fen, Gao Hong, Gao San, Gao Si, Gao Yan, Li Cheng, Chang Ying, Xing Yu, Xing Guo, Zuo Chen, Han Ying, Zhao Xin, Guo Chen, Guo Xiuqin, Zhang Bao, Guo Yan, Yue Chunlin, Yang Yue, Xing Guo's wife, Zhang Suo, Cao Yuxiang, Na Er, Liu Ping, Yang Mu, Yang Yang, Er Yong's wife, Wen Hao, Xin Ming, Ling Ying, Yu Guiying, San Wen, Hu San, Na Dagang, Fan Yan, Yue Wu, Yue Wu's wife, Yue Ye, Wang Ting, Xiao Qing, Wang Tingzi, Tingzi's wife, Ren Feng, Ren Feng's wife, Zhang Fa, Yu Ying, Er Kai, Liu Yufei, Sun Yue, Er Bai, Xiu Juan, Zhang Wei, Zhang Bin, Tang Zhangnv, Deng Hai, Zhang Tianxi, Yu Hua, Zhang Hua, Zhang Xiao, Ming Fu, Yue Lan, Zhang Liang, Geng Shan, Kang Lan, Guo Fu, Xiao Wei, Zhang Huan, Zhang Ming, Zhang Tao, Zhang Hui, Hu Fu, Qing Ming, Qing Ji, Xiao Feng, Zhang Jun, Zhang Jie, Zhang Peng, Zhang Sheng, Zhang Lin, Zhang Zhi, Zhang Qin, Liu You, Yang Liu, Yang Qi, Yang Quan, Hong Wei, Wang San, Liu Qiu, Han Bo, Jia Limei, Guo Feng, Guo Er, Zhang Guohua, Zhang Guohua's wife, Zhang Erpang, Zhang Hui, Xiao Juan, Zhang Fengqing, Li Yanling, Yue Haohao, Han Liping, Zhao Zhen, Sun Hui, Sun Hui's wife, Geng Bu, Geng Shan, Zhao Jingchang, Zuo Guangquan's wife, Liu Yangyang, Liu Yangyang's wife, Liu Lifang, Liu Qiang, Hou Tao, Zhang Yali, Hou Yue, Cui Xiancang, Yue Gang, Yue Er, Zhao Yinglin, Wen Zhonglin, Wen Dezhi, Meng Changchun, Meng Xing, Duan Binbin, Sun Guangwen, Sun Guangwen's wife, Sun Rui, Hou Zhigang, Xiao Cui, Wang Tingsheng, Fu Chunyang, Wang Dong, Wang Liang, Wang Tinghai, Wen Yulan, Lan Guokun, Xiao Shuang, Liu Zhen, Zhang Bin, Cui Yuan, Shi Shaojun, Song Jie, Shi Jiming, Shi Er, Xiao Wang, Wen Yulan, Wang Shan, Wang Liang, Wang Hao


We protest the detention of Fu Zhenmin in Xinxing Village by Tong Huiqun from the National Protection Section, Public Security Bureau in Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province, and Sun Shiyou from the 610 Office

Our demands:

  1. As governed by the law, to investigate and prosecute Tong Huiqun and Sun Shiyou

  2. As governed by the law, to compensate all economic and psychological loss that Fu Zhenmin and his relatives sustained from his illegal arrest and detention

  3. As governed by the law, to immediately release Falun Dafa practitioner Fu Zhenmin

Background information:

On February 8, Fu Zhenmin drove through Xingfu Village in his own vehicle. Villager Na Jun and father reported Fu to police as a Falun Gong practitioner. Fu was arrested by officers from the local police station in Xingfu Village. After being beaten, Fu was transferred to the National Protection Section in the Public Security Bureau in Shuangcheng City. Tong Huiqun from the National Protection Section and Sun Shiyou from the 610 Office were in charge of the case. Tong and Sun participated in the abduction of Fu and his imprisonment. Tong and Sun imprisoned Fu on the grounds that he distributed Falun Gong materials, which Fu did not do. Even if Fu had distributed Falun Gong materials, it would not be wrong. Fu practices Falun Gong and acts according to Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance. Having been persecuted for no reason by Jiang's regime and the Chinese Communist Party for years, Falun Gong practitioners do not have any right to speak for themselves. According to available statistics, Jiang's regime has killed over three thousand Falun Gong practitioners across the country and harvested organs from live Falun Gong practitioners. We, Fu Zhenmin's relatives, are very concerned about Fu's safety. Therefore, we protest the detention of Fu Zhenmin by Tong Huiqun and Sun Shiyou. We demand the authorities to execute the law, uphold justice, punish Tong and Sun, and unconditionally release Fu Zhenmin.