(Clearwisdom.net) Before I practiced Falun Gong, I suffered from various chronic diseases. After I started cultivation, I became the healthiest senior in the community. Meanwhile, the wonders of Dafa continually manifest in me.

About three months into cultivation, when I was on my way home after finishing the morning exercises, I suddenly felt as if I was stepping on a spring and my feet were bouncing off the ground. After breakfast I rode a bicycle uphill, unlike previously when I needed to pedal hard, I rode up easily as if being pushed from behind.

My third eye opened about six months after I started cultivation, and I could see several dimensions. Once while sitting in meditation at the practice site, after I got into tranquility I felt as if I was sitting up high, and I saw many gong columns projected out from the practice site like flashlight beams. The gong columns looked dynamic and solid. I also saw a sun rising up and the scene of "three flowers gathering above the head" (“Lecture Eight” in Zhuan Falun) where the three flowers and the three big poles took turns rotating above one’s head. They rotated together clockwise and counter-clockwise, and also by themselves. These three big poles were not gong columns—they were not solid, instead they were like white smoke. (What I saw might be different from what others see). In addition, I saw sparks flashing in and out of practitioners' hands periodically.

Two years into my cultivation, I was lying in bed one day, and it seemed that something flew into my head and exploded. There was a spark and a loud noise, and my skull exploded open. Frightened, I sat up. My ears were humming and it took a while before things went back to normal. I knew that was not a dream. For several days after I felt the air was very fresh, as if I was in a forest. I felt joyous and my memory improved significantly.

The above occurred before the persecution started, and there are a lot of things that I haven't mentioned. In fact during that time magnificent things came to me almost every day.

Our righteous thoughts are very powerful in other dimensions. The first time practitioners around the world sent forth righteous thoughts simultaneously was on a Sunday in mid-June of 2001. I did not get the notice ahead of time, so I missed it. That morning, I was sitting in meditation and suddenly saw all kinds of people fleeing in all directions; some died while running. I did not know why. It was not until a month later that I learned about sending righteous thoughts, and I realized those fleeing were evil beings eliminated by practitioners' righteous thoughts.

Once when I was doing the sitting meditation, an evil being stood in the front of me cursing. I had experienced this kind of interference before and had been ignoring it. That time I thought, “Why not eliminate it with righteous thoughts.” Right after I recited the formula for sending righteous thoughts, the evil face twisted in pain and turned into ashes. The whole process took only 3-5 seconds, yet each step was very clear, which validated Dafa's divine power. Once in my dream I was meditating on a hill, and a group of evil beings surrounded me. While I held one palm erect, a string of fireballs shot out of my hand towards the evil and completely eliminated it.

I hope that all practitioners can pay enough attention to sending forth righteous thoughts, as Master would not tell us to do insignificant things.

I often warn myself that my thousands of years waiting was to obtain the Fa in this lifetime. Whenever I am in tribulations, my belief is solid and I can keep a clear mind and strong righteous thoughts. Thus the tribulations, threatening as they look, have all been resolved by Master.

All I have was bestowed by Master, and no human words can describe even a bit of Master's infinite grace. We must follow Master's teachings to save sentient beings and reach Consummation. That is what Master hopes for us. I have shared my experiences with fellow practitioners so that we will make progress together.