(Clearwisdom.net) After being persecuted at the Jixi Labor Camp, Mr. Yang Xiaoguang is currently being brutally persecuted at the Mudanjiang Prison by policemen and convicts.

Mr. Yang Xiaoguang, 49, is a Dafa disciple from Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province. Since learning Falun Dafa in 1998, he has persevered in cultivating. In October 1999, he was arrested and sent back to the Second Detention Center in Mishan City after traveling to Beijing to validate the Fa. On December 31 of the same year, he was illegally sent to the Jixi Labor Camp for persecution together with three other Dafa practitioners by Meng Qingqi, the Political Section leader of Mishan City.

At the Jixi Labor Camp, Yang refused to submit to the evil's arrangements and was imprisoned in a small cell several times by Wang Hongwu, a member of the Political Committee. In Fall 2000, the Provincial Labor Camp Bureau organized a group of forcibly "transformed" practitioners (those who turned against Dafa under the persecution) to go around to different places to "talk about their first hand experiences." During the meeting, Yang Xiaoguang and another Dafa practitioner (currently in the Fifth Prison District in Mudanjiang Prison) stood up bravely and tore apart the "transformed" people's speech that was printed on a piece of paper. As a result, he was brutally beaten by six or seven policemen. Later, he was again imprisoned in a small cell after refusing to give up his belief. While imprisoned in the small cell, Yang Xiaoguang was brutally beaten by Huang Yelin, leader of the prison police, using a thick plastic cane after reporting the brutality of the policemen to Deputy Minister Zou of the Provincial Labor Camp Bureau. He was beaten until he passed out. Even then, the police poured cold water on him until he woke up, and then beat him again. They did not stop the beating him until another practitioner intervened. Even after being confined in an isolation cell, Mr. Yang refused to to submit, and the police released him two months later. They initially sent Mr. Yang to the Mishan Public Security Bureau, but when the public security bureau refused to accept him, they released him.

After returning home, as the Jidong materials site was shorthanded, Yang Xiaoguang went over to help. Later, Meng Qingqi, police captain in Mishan, heard of his participation and scoured the region with the goal of arresting him. Yang was forced to leave his home and live in exile. Unfortunately, on April 25, 2002, Yang was again illegally arrested on his way back home to Mishan. He was arrested together with another practitioner, Yang Hailing, who has already died as a result of the persecution.

In March 2003, Yang was sent to the Jixi Hada Prison and secretly transferred to the Jianshanzi Prison in Mudanjiang later that year. Thereafter, he was transferred to the Mudanjiang Prison for further persecution. In October 2004, Yang Xiaoguang proclaimed that he was going to publicly study the Fa and practice the exercises, and was subsequently imprisoned in a small isolation cell. In the cell, Yang suffered inhumane torture by policeman Song Junlin. Every time Song finished his shift and his beer, he would brutally beat Yang. One night he gave Yang three beatings in succession. Yang was beaten so badly that his face became deformed and he was temporarily blinded. After being imprisoned for more than twenty days, he was released. While in the shower, many convicts saw that his chest and back were covered with welts and bruises. Moreover, his face was swollen and his mouth was filled with injuries as well. When he was brought back to the prison cell, he was further beaten by the convicts.

In early December 2004, under the instigation of First Prison District instructor Li Jiezhi and thug Li Yuhong, more than thirty convicts carried out an attempted forced "transformation" of four Dafa disciples. Every disciple had several criminals monitoring and coercing him, and each was monitored around the clock. They were forced to sit on a wooden plank and had paper strips hung in front of their eyes, and they had to focus their eyes forward and on the strips of paper. They were not allowed to sleep and were constantly beaten or tortured in order to force them to write guarantee or regret statements denouncing Dafa. Dong Yujiang, a Middle Team leader, told the convicts, "I don't care what methods you use, as long as you can get them to write the "Four Statements." "Thug Li Yuhong also added, "This work is directly tied to lessening your sentences." Instructor Li Jiezhi continued, "If you complete your task, you'll be evaluated well for your sentence reductions, otherwise, don't even think about it, you will get a zero." Under the incitement and instigation of the prison police, robber and murderer Liu Lijun began beating Dafa disciples Yang Xiaoguang, Sun Rongxiao and Liu Guolai like a madman. Yang Xiaoguang's nose and mouth were bleeding, and his face was badly swollen. He could not eat anything and had broken bones in three areas. He was bedridden as a result of his injuries. Sun Xiaorong was beaten brutally twice in four days. The first time, his entire face was swollen and disfigured, and two days later he was brutally beaten again. Sun, who was close to fifty years old, could only roll on the floor during the beating. The sight was unbearable.

Partial list of policemen in Mudanjiang Prison:
Prison Chief Chen Shougang: 86-13904676888(Cell), 86-453-6404715 ext. 8888 (Office)
Yu Jinghe, member of the Political Committee: 86-13904835888(Cell), 86-453-6404715 ext: 8388 (Office)
Sun Jiujie, chief of the Political Department: 86-453-6404715 ext: 8298(Office)
Song Xiaobin, leader of Re-Education Section: 86-13766603777(Cell), 86-453-6404715 ext: 8333 (Office), 86-453-6179431
Zhao Peng, deputy leader of the Re-Education Section: 86-13945326218(Cell), 86-453-6404715 ext: 8750 (Office)
Zhou Jinping, leader of the Prison Political Section: 86-13945345260(Cell), 86-453-6404715 ext: 8799(Office), 86-453-6179479
Wang Xuhui, deputy leader of the Prison Political Section: 86-13704534000(Cell), 86-453-6404715 ext: 8662 (Office)
Wang Hui, leader of the Prison Investigations Section: 86-13504830585(Cell), 86-453-6404715 ext: 8651 (Office), 86-453-6179535
Luan Jinghe, deputy chief of the Prison Transformation Department: 86-13766641111 (Cell), 86-453-6404715 ext: 8378(Office), 86-453-6663333/6666889
Yan Shanming, chief of the First Prison District: 86-13089836408(Cell), 86-453-6404715 ext: 8678 (Office)