(Clearwisdom.net) I have repeatedly read Teacher's latest article “Further Remarks on 'Politics'” and I'd like to share some of my understandings.

  1. In order to help people quit the Chinese Communist Party and escape the evil influence of the Party culture, we as practitioners first have to get rid of our notions and mentality that were formed by the evil Party culture. We must be able to tell the difference between “politics” in its original form and the distorted concept of “politics” as defined by the Party culture when the Party abuses its authority.

In the free world, outside of the influence of the Chinese Communist Party culture, “politics” is a neutral word, just like “economics” or “education.” It is a part of society and exists naturally. Getting involved in politics is not a crime and not getting involved in politics does not necessarily mean you are a good person. My understanding is that for everyday people, getting involved in politics is a right and a responsibility. Party culture, however, labels “politics” as a crime. Whenever Chinese people hear this word, they tend to feel anxious and try to avoid “political topics” as much as possible.

In 2003, some malicious people tried to persecute me. However, they couldn't justify their acts. One policeman then threatened me, “The Chinese Communist Party has labeled Falun Gong as its enemy. Therefore, we do not need any proof to sentence you to prison. This is politics. Understand?” This is the Party's distorted gangster logic. This is how the evil Party defines politics. Anyone with common sense would see that this is absurd.

In fact, the Party's use of labels and catch phrases like “promoting superstitions,” “following the path to capitalism” or “joining the anti-China forces” are all clubs it uses to beat the Chinese people. The Party will attack anything that's different from itself. It comes up with labels to maintain its authority. It distorts the meanings of commonly-used words to more easily confuse people.

As Falun Dafa practitioners, we have been exposing the persecution and “clarifying the truth” to people. We don't have any desire for everyday people's political power. We try to awaken people's consciences and harmonize the society. This is a normal activity and this is every citizen's right. What we've been doing only benefits people. We do not do any harm. Of course, the purpose of our actions is to save sentient beings. We have the “Fa” principles as our guide. We should clarify the truth with dignity. We don't need to worry about anything or fear anything.

  1. We need to have a correct foundation. Whether we get “involved in politics” or not, our purpose is to save people. We've set up our own media and have our own artistic performances. All these are different forms we use. In fact, weren't these forms created for Teacher to spread the Fa? Isn't the purpose of their existence for us to use to save sentient beings?

Some fellow practitioners think that Teacher's latest article means we can get involved in politics. Personally, I don't think so. The Fa does not change, and therefore sentient beings in the cosmos can always follow the Fa. Teacher has already told us that Dafa disciples should not get involved in politics and “no politics.” I think Teacher's article “Further Remarks on 'Politics'” tells us from another perspective that cultivators should give up the pursuit of everyday people's political power. Falun Dafa practitioners live in this society, yet our hearts are beyond it. We are not interested in political power, and we are not attached to anything in this everyday people's world. Those everyday people's heroic deeds happen in response to celestial climates, and they occur to lay a background for the Fa and Dafa disciples' saving sentient beings. Gods validate the Fa and save sentient beings in this humanly world. Yet gods will not be changed by everyday people