(Clearwisdom.net) "Who is the director of today's show? He must be a great character! Tears filled my eyes from the beginning to the end of the show," a Chinese lady in her fifties told this reporter after watching the New Year Spectacular in Berlin.

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The NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular in Berlin came to a grand finish at 10:45 p.m. on Feb. 28, 2007 amid long-lasting applause. Warm applause and cheers continued after the curtain dropped. Audiences in Paris and Berlin appreciated the high-quality art and philosophical value of the show and praised it as perfect. They felt completely enraptured by the penetrating color and music of the show.

The audience thanked the Divine Performing Arts for giving them such a pure, elegant, peaceful, refreshing and healthy experience. A lady from Berlin asked if the show would be brought to Berlin every year. She was determined to come if it would be on next year because it was gorgeous. She thought the applause at the end of the show wasn't enough. If the curtain had been raised one more time, they would give the artists even warmer applause because the artists did such a wonderful job.

Europeans Said They Had Found another China

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The four performances of the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular in Europe gave a total of fourteen thousand people an opportunity to learn more about genuine Chinese culture.

Mr. Michel Meyer, Director of France Bleu of Radio France, told the reporter, "It was a superb performance of historical stories, martial arts and dance. I can only describe it as miraculous, captivating, perfect and unsurpassed." Mr. Meyer repeated that he liked martial arts and the Chinese culture. He wouldn't miss anything. He appreciated the superb performance of every singer.

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Mr. Spiro, Director of a radio station in the Jewish community, said he had found another China through the show. It isn't like what knew about China. It was a beautiful show! The color and music had penetrated the audience and made everyone comfortable. It was different music from the Chinese music he had heard before. The other music made him nervous. He stressed that the color and dance couldn't be described in another language. Nothing else could be so superb and outstanding.

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Former Deputy Mayor of Berlin said, "This is a heart-thrilling cultural gathering."

Mr. Konken is Chairman of the German Journalists' Union, a senior reporter, and a teacher at Oldenburg University. Mr. Konken said after watching the show that his understanding of Chinese culture was not limited to reports in German media and that the Spectacular showed a whole picture of Chinese traditional culture. The show provides the audience with a channel to learn the connotation of Chinese culture. The show presents its mission - Myths and Legends. For German or Europeans, the show provided them with an understandable form to learn the meaning of Chinese culture.

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Senator Jean-Jacques Jegou of the Valley-of-Marne (Island-of-France) said the Spectacular was wonderful, like a dream and represented great Chinese people.

Senator Jean-Jacques Jegou of the Valley-of-Marne (Island-of-France) said he was interested in Chinese arts. He said the spectacular was wonderful, like a dream, and represented great Chinese people.

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The chairwoman of Action for Human Rights Association (ADH), Ms. Marie-Francois Lamperti said the program she was impressed with most was "Creation". She was moved by the scene when Buddha came down and became an emperor.

The chairwoman of Action for Human Rights Association (ADH), Ms. Marie-Francois Lamperti said that she and others did not know China or Chinese history. The spectacular let them understand these and cultures of different regions. It was moving and graceful. The show brought us spiritual things that are not available in China. She said she was moved by the scene in which Buddha came down and became an emperor.

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Attorney Selbmann from Leipzig, Germany

Attorney Selbmann from Leipzig, Germany said in answering a question about his opinion of the program showing the persecution of Falun Gong, "The show successfully integrates the Chinese culture and serious topics, such as China's human rights issue. Using a show of culture to express this topic is very good."

Chinese Spectators: Chinese People Finally Have Their Own Programs

The genuine Chinese culture without the CCP culture moved the people of Berlin, especially the Chinese people living overseas, who highly praised the show.

Ms Liu from Norway came just to watch the show. She said she did not expect that the programs would be so wonderful. Several programs moved her to tears. She was impressed with "Reaping What Is Sown". The program showed that a lady Falun Gong practitioner was tortured to death by a CCP policeman in black uniform. The heavenly being welcomed her to heaven, while the perpetrator was punished accordingly.

Some Chinese liked the "Loyalty of Yue Fei", which has deep connotation. Some girls liked dancing or the Chinese music instrument Erhu. Men liked the "Herding on the Mongolia Plains", showing man's bravery and strength.

Mr. Zhang has lived in Germany for 52 years and was very happy after watching the show. He liked Chinese traditional music. He said the music in the show was wonderful and understood the connotation. He stressed that each program was very good.

Chinese writer and freedom activist Zhong Weiguang came to watch the show by driving for near 600 kilometers. He said clearly, "I absolutely do not agree to call such a show propaganda. The CCP is using its power and media to force people to believe this is propaganda. We can only say that a group of people with belief present their belief to others and hope the others follow a similar path pursuing Truth and Compassion. It is not propaganda. The programs are fresh and about returning to tradition." He said the appearance of the NTDTV Spectacular allows the Chinese people who are pursuing freedom and getting rid of the CCP's control to have their own program.

Mr. Jiao Guobiao, former Associate Professor of Beijing University, said, "Such a concept and idea about Chinese traditional culture is significant for the Chinese people." He wished that the NTDTV Spectacular would be shown in China as soon as possible.
The NTDTV Spectacular concluded its tour in Europe and moves next to Chicago, the sixteenth city in its world tour show of The Divine Performing Arts.