(Clearwisdom.net) In the spring of 2006, local 610 Office agents arrested my husband and illegally sentenced him one year of forced labor. He was forcibly "reformed" soon after and often called and wrote to me urging me to give up cultivation. His cultivation state was not good before this incident as he was not diligent. Since he was the center of my life I was initially confused; then I quickly woke up. I knew it was the power of Dafa that enabled me to extricate myself from this incident. I studied the Fa, had discussions with other practitioners and quickly improved myself.

As I continuously improved my xinxing, nothing concerning my husband could interfere with me. A coordinator said we should get him out. Master does not give up on a single practitioner; we should not give up on him. We knew that once we got him out he would be able to recover under the influence of our righteous field. Then we prepared rescue details, and the coordinator informed local practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts. A few of us gathered together and studied the Fa, exchanged our thoughts, considered things from the Fa and were determined not to be deterred by false impressions. Moreover, we should keep calm and compassionate during this visit. No matter how we may find him, we should treat him kindly, viewing him as a practitioner who needs help. Our goal of this visit was to awaken his mind, to completely eliminate evil elements that persecuted him and help him to be able to come home soon.

In those days during the time of sending forth righteous thoughts I often felt sleepy. We realized it was interference from desperate evil beings. On the afternoon prior to visiting day, when I was about to leave home for the trip, I felt something lay down on my chest. In my mind I said, "You must not interfere with me! You will die when I go there! My trip is to rescue him and awaken his spirit. Moreover, I will only go there once; this one time I will settle this issue!" After those thoughts, that entity on my chest immediately disappeared.

On the way to the train station I got car sick, though I had never been car sick since I practiced Falun Gong. I felt dizzy and had a headache. I knew it was that factor trying to interfere with me. I asked Master to support me with divine powers and felt a little better. After I got onto the train the symptoms became worse. Not only did I feel dizzy and had a headache, but I also felt sleepy. I could not open my eyes. I took out an mp3 player to listen to the Fa, but my head was still heavy. I thought this was not right; it would suppress my main consciousness, and my righteous thoughts would become weaker. I sent a text message to my coordinator, telling my current situation. The coordinator replied to take it easy; that nothing would happen, and encouraged me by saying, "Everything was under your control, and we are with you." Later on, when I returned, I heard they had sent forth righteous thoughts for a long time to support me after hearing of my plight. Because of our close cooperation, my mind became clear when I left the train. That night in a hotel I meditated for forty minutes, and my mind became even clearer.

I constantly reported my current location to the coordinator during this trip so they had a target when sending forth righteous thoughts.

The next day I saw my husband at the labor camp. I had not seen him for a few months. His hair had turned gray, and he also had lost a lot of weight. I silently said to the evil forces, "No need to let me see this, because it all an illusion and false! You cannot affect me." My husband was excited when he saw me and said, "How come you came? I will go home next week. Last evening, they made an announcement of my sentence reduction term!" I immediately understood this had happened because we as a group had done the right thing, and Master had helped us. I asked him, "Do you know why they made the announcement last evening? It was because I came!" Then he said, "Did they (National Security) come to look for you? They said they wanted to send you to a labor camp."

His comment did not affect me, and I did not answer him. I knew the evil wanted to test my mind. If I followed a little, my mind would not be on the Fa, and evil would exploit my attachments and reach their goal of using and controlling me. I reminded myself, "I must be constantly aware of who I am. We have our Master! We are cultivating, to become a lord or king at different levels; how could the rotten demons frighten me? It is now a battle between good and evil! If I stay calm the evil will be eliminated." "Did your mother complain about me?" he asked, "My family can't say anything if I do everything well," I replied.

My family could not understand him initially, following my husband's arrest. They even asked me to divorce him, saying we made trouble for our workplace, and we were against the Communist Party. I had a lot of pressure from my family.

Later, reading Master's teaching,

"So long as you, a Dafa disciple, do things righteously, you will transform the environment around you, and you will change people." ("Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005")

I realized our immediate environmental conditions depend on Dafa disciples. Then I spent more time to study the Fa and constantly strengthened my righteous thoughts. I would not be affected by people around me, and I repeatedly clarified the facts to my family members, showing them materials that clarify the facts. Their attitudes toward Dafa changed. They quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, and my father and mother started to study the Fa.

My husband then asked, "Did you come by yourself? Does your family know?" I said, "I am in charge. I can make my own decision what to do and how to do it." He asked, "You must have noticed that I lost weight." "You will gain weight after you come home," I replied. Then he said, "You see my hair has become gray." "The hair can change back to black once you come back," I replied.

I just wanted him to come back to Dafa, which would change everything. "Did you get my bicycle back?" he asked. When he was arrested from work his bicycle was left there. I had already retrieved it. I knew many of his words were controlled by the evil. I refused to let his mindset affect me and said, "It is not worth much! We can buy a new one." He said, "Let me see you closely; we have not seen each other for months." "I saw you every day; only you could not see me," I replied. I sent forth righteous thoughts for him every day. He said, "Last evening after they announced the reduction of my sentence term I could not sleep well. I have started counting the number of days left since last November." "You have stayed here for too long! A good person should not stay here," I replied. Before I left him, I said, "You just take care. Do not think too much and come home soon!"

During this whole conversation whenever I did not speak I sent forth righteous thoughts. When I did speak, I spoke from the standpoint of the Fa to eliminate evil elements and not be enmeshed in his thought process. I feel this is very important; only this way can one completely reject the old forces' arrangements.

When we encounter a problem, support and encouragement from fellow practitioners is crucial! During the period that I went to the labor camp our coordinator sent many messages to encourage me, telling me everything would be okay, and they were together with me. Thus I was always calm. Moreover, what made this trip so smooth was fellow practitioners constantly sending forth righteous thoughts. Some practitioners continued doing it for forty or fifty minutes; the longest was eighty minutes. Thus it only took us one time to completely eliminate the evil elements that persecuted my husband. Their support from righteous thoughts enabled him to return home three months sooner.

My purpose of writing this story is to tell our practitioners no matter what the practitioners who have been poisoned do, if we act properly, we can change everything.

Through this rescue experience I also noticed some practitioners went to the labor camp to visit their practitioner family members. They were very cooperative with the police there. For example, when the police wanted to check their belongings, they quickly opened their bags and willingly followed their requests. Our practitioners are suffering the persecution inside the prisons. We should treat it with righteous thoughts to deny the evil arrangement, otherwise, we give the evil energy by acknowledging them.

Some practitioners brought in many bags of food, thinking the jailed practitioners were suffering inside and did not have enough food. I consider this human notions, made up of emotions. This was also a way of acknowledging the evil persecution. I did not buy much for my husband this time because I did not think he should stay there any longer. I did not accept the evil persecution from the beginning.

I think as long as we have a strong belief in Master and the Fa, we shall follow the path Master has arranged and we shall be able to overcome every obstacle and pass every tribulation.

January 14, 2005