(Clearwisdom.net) I am a supervisor in the Huimin Technology Supervision Bureau. Because of my profession, others always treat me courteously. In the past, I often spent the day by the dining table, the afternoon by the mahjong table, and the evening around women. After I started to practice Falun Dafa, however, I suddenly woke up and realized how deeply I had fallen into ordinary human society and how far my morality had slipped.

Master Li told us in Zhuan Falun, "I'll tell you a truth: the whole process of cultivation is a process of constantly getting rid of human attachments." With more Fa study and understanding, I improved my xinxing, and my thoughts became purer, and eventually personal benefit and power became less important to me. I constantly remind myself to meet a cultivator's requirement. As an official in the regulatory branch of the government in China's new market economy, I must deal with many people who come to ask favors from me in exchange for gifts or money. I agreed with my family that if people visit us with presents, we always convince them to take them back. My principle was to do what I should do, explain what I can't do, deal with problems without bribing others, and to not accept bribes myself. I refused all drinks, gifts, and pleas to accept them.

Master Li's Fa is truly guiding people to cultivate to higher levels. It is not for ordinary human beings. Like Master said, however, Dafa is a great benefit to society. Since I started to study the Fa, I have been thinking that I am a practitioner, and I want to do my job as guided by Dafa. An old saying is that if the upper pillar is not set straight, then the lower pillar would be slanted. Before you rectify others, you need to rectify yourself. If the environment needs to elevate in terms of moral standards, I need to begin with myself, so I handle myself strictly and set myself up as a good model for others. I also quote Master's words to educate my co-workers, as the circumstances allow. The Fa principles are boundlessly powerful.

I obtained the Fa in the beginning of 1996. In less than a year, huge changes occurred in my workplace, including in the thoughts of my co-workers. They handled themselves more strictly, worked harder, and rejected bribes. There are many touching stories at work. For example, two co-workers helped install experimental equipment in a starch factory one Sunday and did not ask for a penny to get the job done. Factory personnel were amazed and could not understand why my co-workers were so selfless. The factory wanted to give six jugs of corn oil (valued at over 180 yuan) to thank my co-workers, but they politely refused the gift.

On July 18, 1996, the Huji petrol station asked our measurement department to fix their machines. Our staff fixed the problem in two days, and the petrol station was back to normal operation. Before they left, the station gave them two cartons of cigarettes and two boxes of drinks to show their appreciation, but our staff politely refused the gifts. At 6:30 p.m. on August 4, we received an urgent service request from the Zhao Hu Li silkworm cocoon station. Its electronic equipment broke down at a critical time. If the machines were not fixed right away, all of their transactions would come to a halt. Although our technicians were heading home already, they changed their plans and went to the factory immediately without any complaint. Our technicians spent the whole night there repairing two pieces of critical equipment.

The work attitude of my subordinates and colleagues changed, and so did their performance. The bureau has performed better than ever. In less than six months, our supervisors recognized us for our work ethic and efficiency and put us up as an example in the 19th issue of the Government Affairs magazine, the 4th notification of the County Discipline Inspection Committee, the 1st Issue of Bin State Technology Supervision Bureau newsletter, the Bin State daily newspaper, and the 8th Issue of the Shandong Province Standardize Measurement and Quality magazine. Our bureau has earned lots of positive remarks from our superiors. Mayor Wei Chise also praised our bureau in the 4th County Industrial Sports Competition.