Greetings to Master and fellow practitioners.

After attending the 9-day class on March 11 this year, I truly walked onto the path of cultivation. Actually, prior to this class, I had already completed reading Zhuan Falun once. At the time, I was very clear that I wanted to walk this path, but did not understand what cultivation was all about.

After giving birth to my eldest son in 1995, I became unwell. I was 23 years old then. Despite feeling discomfort all over my body, the doctors could not diagnose any of my symptoms. I tried various kinds of methods, be it Chinese or Western medication, but it just did not work. I wondered why I encountered such problems and hardships at such a young age. I felt that it was really difficult for me to live each day. The physical pain was tormenting me, and so my temper was not good. I blamed my husband for not being able to find a better doctor to treat me. Because of this condition, I took either Chinese or Western medicine daily without fail for nine years. Due to the side effects of medication, I gained a lot of weight.

During September 2004, my brother called and clarified the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong to me. Three months later when I visited my parents, my brother spoke to me again about the persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). At the time, I realized that it was really not easy to walk a righteous path. My brother encouraged me to buy a copy of Zhuan Falun to read. I did not refuse, but I was only thinking that what he shared with me was totally different from the negative "self-immolation" news that I saw in the Chinese state media. I was in a dilemma. If the practice is so good, why would the media broadcast such reports? However, the big positive change in my brother's health and temperament was obvious to me. Some time later, after I returned from my mother's place, I went to purchase a copy of Zhuan Falun.

I only finished reading Zhuan Falun about eight months later. It was after attending the nine-day class that I realized that this Fa is the Law of the cosmos. While reading the Fa, I felt that Master really explained the Fa in great detail. I could find all the answers that I wanted to know in this book, Zhuan Falun. I believe Master is truly guiding people to higher levels and He is here to offer us salvation. Dafa can open up our wisdom, and if we can align ourselves to understand everything we do from the Fa's perspective, all of our attachments can be relinquished. The Tao School regards the human body as a small universe. If we do not set strict standards for ourselves, the old forces will take advantage of the slightest gap, and it will then be difficult for Master to help. Therefore, we have to constantly think of ourselves as practitioners, practitioners who walk the path towards Godhood.

During the three months after the nine-day class, I seldom practiced the tranquil meditation exercise. It was later that I understood that I must do this exercise. After practicing the meditation exercise, I became calmer and could absorb the Fa better. I have a 2-year-old son, and when I practice this exercise, he does not disturb me. On the contrary, he becomes more obedient. He plays by himself by my side, and when he is tired he sleeps next to me. After attaining the Fa, the discomfort in my body disappeared very quickly. I became more relaxed without feeling burdened. Whenever there are conflicts in my daily life, I measure myself with the standard of the Fa. If I do not harbor any grievances, I pass the tests very easily. My nasal passage was prone to infection, but in the process of my cultivation, this condition gradually disappeared. I remembered that when I first started reading Zhuan Falun, my nose swelled up and I had a high fever of 40 degrees centigrade (104oF). The doctor suggested that I undergo an operation. Also, I did not feel any improvement even after taking medication. At a later stage, I realized that I was a practitioner and Master was purifying my body. The swelling and my fever subsided two days later.

I always remember Master's instruction to us to do the three things: Study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts and clarify the truth.

Send forth righteous thoughts. It is my understanding that sending forth righteous thoughts is a magical treasure Master has given us. From the moment I conjoin my hands, I feel great heat generated from my palms. When I hold one palm erect and in the lotus hand positions, I feel great strength from my hands. My whole body is hot. I also feel that when we send forth righteous thoughts with both legs crossed, having no stray thoughts, and filled with righteous thoughts, the effects are very good. Every night, I send forth righteous thoughts at midnight. If I am not tired, I continue to do so until 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. Once, my son injured his leg. At the time, as it was a Sunday and the clinic was closed, my husband asked if I would bring our son to see the Chinese physician. If I went, it would be the next day. I interacted with the older practitioners about this matter, and I knew it was a test for me. Therefore, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors that were interfering with my son. In the end, I did not take him to the physician and his leg recovered.

Truth Clarification. I always send forth righteous thoughts to ensure my dimensional field is pure and righteous before I set off for truth clarification. This is because there was one time when I joined a neighbor to distribute materials, and as we walked, we were talking about issues of ordinary people. As a result, our dimensional field became impure, and very few ordinary people accepted our materials. So I realized that the dimensional field must be very righteous. When I brought my son along to do door-to-door material distribution, I have to carry the materials, as well as carry the stroller from the top to the ground floor. But I do not feel tired. I am very willing to do so, and I feel very happy. My 2-year-old son will always clap his hands happily whenever we finish distributing the materials.

Study the Fa well. Every morning after I finish sending forth righteous thoughts, I study the Fa. If I do not have the time, I recite Lunyu. Whenever I have the time, I read Master's other lectures. When I read the Fa, although the pages are in black and white, every line of the Fa is very clear to me. When I read a particular line of the Fa, I feel the deeper meaning of the different levels of the Fa.

I will seize the day and do well in the three things so as not to disappoint Master's benevolence and arduous efforts to save us.

We will never be able to repay what Master has given to us in our lifetimes. I strongly believe that as long as our hearts have Master and the Fa, Master will arrange everything for us. The Fa is boundless!

Thank you Master, Thank you all.