(Clearwisdom.net) On January 11, 2007, Falun Dafa practitioners Piao Guangxun, Li Hongyuan, and Shen Xueshan from Chaoyang River in Yanbian State, Jilin Province were arrested while clarifying the truth in a countryside village. They were brutally interrogated at the Longmen Police Station. Falun Dafa practitioner Piao Guangxun could no longer move due to being beaten for an entire night. On January 12, an older female Falun Dafa practitioner of Korean descent was arrested in a neighboring building. The police kicked and tortured this older woman until she lost consciousness and nearly died. One of her ribs and a toe were broken.

However, the police continued to grab her hair and hit her against the wall, which caused a large swelling on her head. When she needed to use the bathroom, the police shouted that she should drink her own urine if she was going to urinate and eat her stools if she defecated. The police also yelled, "To anyone who does not obey, we will have their organs harvested." They also shouted, "Why don't you die? Go to hell. We will say you died due to falling down the stairs yourself."

Among the police officers, two extremely cruel ones kicked and beat the older practitioner about the chest, face and feet.

The older practitioner became unconscious from being beaten. Her rib and one toe were broken (the toe in the circle

Bruises remaining from electric shocks was broken

This photo was taken several days after the practitioner was beaten

The older woman's hands were handcuffed to the heating pipes in the duty room. Soon, when the three policemen on duty fell asleep, the practitioner suddenly felt a strong electrical shock. She was injured badly and screamed, "Where is the electric current coming from?" The on-duty policemen were woken up by her scream and turned off the master switch. The practitioner's life was saved, but the strong electric shock caused 39 bruises on her body.

The policeman who caused the electric discharge was not in the on-duty room, but in another room. The wires of an electric plug were wound around the heating pipes, which caused the heating pipes to become an electrical conductor. The switch was hidden under the flooring near to the west wall of the duty room. Thus, a person who was tied to the heater could suddenly be shocked. However, the person would not know what was happening when the strong electrical current was felt, or who was responsible. The person who was handcuffed to the pipe could not escape and the result could be terrible.

Later, the older practitioner could not walk due to the torture. She urinated blood and was in critically ill condition. When it was getting dark, the police took her to the hospital, but used the excuse of sending her to a relative's house.

The evil people put her on a stretcher and pushed her into a room. The older lady rolled down from the stretcher and called out, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner. The police beat me and broke my rib. I don't need an examination. I don't need an injection." Later, four policemen carried her out and put her on the ground between two police vans which were 20-30 meters away from the hospital. One policeman said, "Quick, hold her down."

The practitioner opened her eyes and saw a policeman holding a medium-sized syringe in his hand. At once, she knew that her life was in danger. She said, "I know that the police give shots to Falun Gong practitioners to paralyze them. When practitioners are persecuted to death, their organs are harvested. I don't want the injection and I don't want to go to a relatives' home. If you do not hand me the syringe, I will not get into the car."

Finally, strengthened by Teacher and full of the wisdom and supernormal capability obtained by cultivating Falun Dafa, this older woman was able to escape under so many policemen's monitoring.

The officers from the 610 Office in Yanbian State and Longjing City committed this act of persecution. The Yanbian 610 Office was directly involved in this case. They utilized electrical currents to persecute and harm people's lives. Their abuse of people in detention has violated the Chinese Constitution. Anyone involved in this crime should be investigated immediately and charged according to the law. We also strongly demand the immediate disconnection of electrical wires from the heating pipes.