(Clearwisdom.net) I had been in poor health before I started practicing Falun Gong in March, 1998. I was introduced to the practice by my friend, and I was determined to study the Fa after I read Zhuan Falun. My body underwent a great change from practicing. Due to my lack of Fa study though, I stopped cultivating for over a year after the evil persecution started on July 20, 1999. At crucial moments, I failed the tests and felt very sorry that I was not worthy of Master's mercy and salvation. But under Master's merciful arrangement, I picked up cultivation at the end of 2000 again. This time I was determined to study the Fa seriously and tried to keep up with the Fa-rectification process.

During those times, evil elements were everywhere. We only received one copy of Master's new articles. We took turns reading them. It was often one week before the The "Minghui Weekly" reached my hands. It was not distributed on a timely basis. The coordinator said that we had inadequate software to break through the Internet blockade. We had to go to the capital city in the province hundreds of miles away to get Master's new articles and the Minghui Weekly. Truth-clarifying materials were even more scarce.

After July 2001, I stepped out to distribute truth-clarifying flyers and to validate the Fa. At the time I had one truth-clarifying book regarding the prophecies. After I read Master's new articles and many truth-clarifying articles by practitioners, I ventured to the photocopying shop to make three copies of the flyer. Though three copies were not much, it was a start. I went to the street to hand them out. Later, fellow practitioners brought many truth-clarifying materials, but still we had to wait for a long time after we handed them all out before more arrived. So I decided to make the materials myself. I bought a computer and was ready to get onto the Internet all by myself. Due to my insufficient knowledge of computers, fellow practitioners asked me to learn the basics of a computer first and then they would teach me later on. They also said that they would open an overseas account for me, so I would be able to log onto the Internet. I bought a printer as well.

I learned to make truth-clarifying materials and practiced typing Chinese characters on the computer all by myself. I rearranged and re-edited the materials practitioners gave me and made a new layout of the flyer. This way I learned how to do the flyer and solved the problem of material shortages.

During the process, many miraculous things happened. Because I didn't know the layout at all initially, I left very wide margins and thus wasted paper. I didn't know the page setup and tried to figure out the adjustment of margins. Master was looking after me and taking care of me all the time. He helped me solve this problem. The page setup screen appeared suddenly. It occurred several times. So gradually I understood how to set up the page.

Because I didn't have software to break through the internet blockade, I was unable to log onto the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net). From the original materials provided by other practitioners who were able to break through the blockade, I reorganized and edited them into new flyers, and then printed them out. It was rather time consuming. Master suggested creating material sites everywhere, but my place was not a real materials center. Because I couldn't log onto Minghui net, I couldn't keep up to date on the materials. It took a long time for the Minghui Weekly to come here, especially in late 2004 when the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party were published. I didn't have an accurate number of how many people had quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). For example, the number on the materials I received was three million, while the tally on the papers my colleagues acquired was over four million. This put me in an awkward position.

In March 2006, I was able to log onto the Minghui website. By chance I obtained a CD which solved the software problem and I was able to break through the blockade. I logged onto Minghui net using the FreeGate software and for the first time I downloaded Minghui Weekly and other truth clarifying materials from Minghui. At the start I didn't know what a PDF file was. There were no words on the Minghui Weekly I downloaded. Then I downloaded a pamphlet called "Establishing Materials Sites from Scratch - Practical Tech Manual for Materials Site," and gradually I became more knowledgeable about Internet security. I downloaded a PDF reader, a Firewall, and printing software.

The contents of the truth-clarifying flyer I made now were of a higher quality due to the fact that I could download all sorts of materials from Minghui. At the beginning of each month I downloaded two pamphlets called "Looking Over the World" and "the Net of Law Is Tightening." It was still difficult to print the whole Nine Commentaries book because it was too thick. On August 2, 2006, Minghui published the Nine Commentaries without pictures and separated it into two files. This made printing it more feasable. I was so happy the first time I printed out the Nine Commentaries. The first thought that came to my mind was that the sentient beings could now be saved. It was very easy to distribute. We also had some other ways to distribute the Nine Commentaries.

Nowadays, lots of families in the city have computers and Internet access. I wrapped disks and flyers in paper and distributed them inside the residential areas and also at the shops on the street. I left disks and flyers on counters, bicycle baskets, underneath roller shutter doors, balconies, inside cars, underneath the windshield wipers of buses, at Internet bars, etc. Because of the information blockade, it is very hard for people in China to learn the true information from the outside world. By doing what we are doing, we effectively break through the blockage by the evil Party, dissolve the evil Party and save the sentient beings.

I still haven't done well enough. I haven't put enough effort into clarifying the truth face to face, though I have distributed large volumes of truth-clarifying materials. I only clarify the truth to family members, relatives and good friends. From now on I will study the Fa more, try my best to do the three things well, and try to keep up with the process of Fa rectification.