Practitioner Mr. Zhu Lijun was illegally detained in the No.1 sub-ward area of the No. 7 Ward in Hulan Prison in Harbin City. In January 2007, Mr. Zhu was hospitalized due to illness symptoms. Because they forced him to take medicine unrelated to his illness, he suffered illusions. Therefore, Mr. Zhu refused to take medicine for one month. He was in great pain and was able to only eat a little food and sometimes he could not eat at all. The prison guards believed that he would not recover from his illness.

Then, without any warning, a nurse that has committed criminal offenses against practitioners dressed Mr. Zhu and told him that that he would be taken to a doctor outside the prison. The head of the No. 1 sub-ward of No. 7 Ward Zhao Hongjun told Mr. Zhu to get up quickly and put his clothes on, as they were going to take him to see a doctor. When they arrived at Hulan County, one prison guard left and returned with a person able to carry a heavy weight. He carried Mr. Zhu into a building.

Mr. Zhu was carried up and down many stairs. He does not remember details of the incident, but he remembers that the place was not a regular clinic and he had the strangest feeling that they were preparing his death!

They put him in a room. It seemed that they were preparing him for surgery. Suddenly he realized that they were going to remove his organs while he was still alive. With a strength that came from the unknown, Mr. Zhu suddenly shouted at them, "What are you doing? I believe there are still good people in this world. Good people don't do this kind of heartless thing."

When they heard this, two female nurses put away their scalpels and walked out. Others followed them. Only a few prison guards stayed: the No. 7 Ward instructor Ying Shuguang, deputy manager of Education and Transformation Section Chen Weiqiang, No. 1 sub-ward of No. 7 Ward manager Zhao Hongjun, Sun Yuanze, and a few others. They were all shocked. They did not expect a "living corpse" to suddenly shout. As Ying Shuguang stammered to explain, Mr. Zhu Lijun told them that they should not do such cold-blooded things. They were all silent. When Mr. Zhu Lijun repeated his words, Chen Weiqiang said, "Didn't we stop?"

Zhu Lijun was taken back to Hulan Prison Hospital. Maybe they wanted to clear their consciences, or maybe they were afraid that their evildoings were going to be exposed, but the next day prison guards took him to Harbin Xinsheng Hospital. Mr. Zhu stayed there for 14 days. Then they took him back to Hulan Prison Hospital and stopped giving him medicine. During this time his family heard what had happened and demanded that they release him. The prison staff told Mr. Zhu's family that he would not regain his freedom as along as he lived.

We urge all people who hold justice in their hearts: please note the situation forced onto Falun Gong practitioners in Chinese prisons and detention centers by this unprecedented persecution. Please hold out a helping hand! Let us stop this persecution against innocent people.


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