(Clearwisdom.net) The first time Teacher visited Hefei was in November 1993 at the Anhui Agricultural Institute Theater, where he held a seminar. Government officials from Anhui Province also attended the seminar, and the theater was full. Teacher told everybody to relax and relax more. He asked us to extend our left arms to the left with the palms up, and then he turned the Falun with his hand. He asked us whether we could feel it with our palms, and everybody replied, "[It's] turning." Then Teacher asked everybody to stomp their feet once to help cure our illnesses. After the seminar, people were signing up for Teacher's lectures.

We attended the very first lecture series. Teacher asked each of us to bring two photos. One of the pictures would be used for our graduation certificates. A member of the Qigong Association said that he'd never seen a qigong master like our Teacher, who carefully went over each certificate himself.

The first-term lecture was held at the Theater of the Anhui Educational Institute. About 600 people attended. A practitioner told me that only about 250 people were locals from Hefei City. There were many people from Wuhu City, and many more from other places who'd followed Teacher. On the first day of the lecture series Teacher was disappointed when he saw how few people attended. He seemed to be saying, "Once past this village, there is no longer an inn available." Before Teacher came to town to teach Falun Gong there was a fake qigong master who'd been visiting Hefei for several months. While he was holding seminars at the Anhui Agricultural Institute Theater, the Qigong Association distributed the introductory materials about Falun Gong outside the theater. The people promoting the fake qigong tried to interfere, but finally the head of the Qigong Association gave the permission to distribute the Falun Gong flyers. The people promoting the fake qigong gave me a free ticket to their seminar so I attended, but I didn't learn their system after all. There weren't that many people learning it anyway, and when Teacher came to Hefei the fake qigong disappeared.

I was a qigong enthusiast. When I was young my health wasn't very good, and I had several illnesses. Medical doctors and experts couldn't cure me, and the medicine I took had negative side effects, so I ended up looking for qigong masters in hopes that qigong could cure me. I practiced several different types of qigong. In the beginning my health improved a little, but I learned too many kinds of qigong, and just as Teacher said in Zhuan Falun:

"The more low-level qigong lessons you take in, and the more that gets crammed in your head, it turns out, the worse that is for you, and you'll wreck your body."

I looked ill, but after attending Teacher's lecture practitioners told me that I was getting younger and my face looked much healthier than before. I sat in the fifth row at Teacher's lecture. My comprehension wasn't good. Teacher was teaching at a high level. Because the evil party had educated me for decades with atheism, plus my previous experience with fake qigong, I doubted Teacher's words. "I've never heard anything as high level as this," I thought. While Teacher gave his lecture nobody else spoke at all. I only heard wave after wave of applause from the practitioners. There were all kinds of people from other areas--men, women, and children as well. They told me that they'd taken advantage of the opportunity to come to Hefei, and it was our great fortune to get a chance to obtain Dafa.

On the third day of Teacher's lecture I told my husband, "Today I'll ask the workers at the Qigong Association their opinion of Teacher. If they think he's a fake we won't attend the rest of the class." As soon as we entered the building we saw a practitioner we'd known for quite some time. She'd used a cane for a long time. She worked for the Qigong Association, and since it was convenient for her, she'd learned many different types of qigong, but she'd never been able to put away her walking stick. This time, however, she walked into the building without any aid at all, and only after I saw that did I finally believe in Dafa.

When the lecture was almost finished, Teacher again purified our bodies. He asked everybody to stand up, and then, with his hands turning around in several ways, he finally said, "[There was] the strong, bad scent of medicine, especially from those of you who've been taking medicine for a long time. The odor came from inside your bodies." He added, "Had you given up your attachment to medicine earlier there would have been no such smell." Everyone was coughing, and I coughed so badly that I was having trouble breathing. I've never coughed that hard. My comprehension wasn't very good. After the lecture ended we shared experiences with the other practitioners. They all said, "Falun Dafa is good!"

Back home, when I started to do the first set of exercises I recited the verse:

Shenshen Heyi
Dongjing Suiji
Dingtian Duzun
Qianshou Foli

[The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa]

I felt a Falun turning at my back, and the Falun in my lower abdomen. I stopped coughing immediately. It was amazing!

The second time Teacher came to Hefei was April 15, 1994, when he lectured at the Provincial Committee Party School. There were about 1,400 attendees, more than 80 from Nanjing. A female practitioner had a disease in her legs. Near the end of the lecture Teacher asked everyone to stand up to be cured of our illnesses. He asked us to relax, and then to stomp our feet on the floor. The female practitioner suddenly sat on the floor, and as soon as she got up her legs were cured. Then she ran to the front and told Teacher and everyone, "Several days before I came here I was very uneasy because my family members didn't want me to come, and travel expenses were also a concern." She said that she'd ended up catching a tour to Huangshan Mountain and was able to make the trip to Hefei. She was very happy.

A college professor said that she used to practice a type of fake qigong. One day while she was practicing she saw a light on top of her head. Afterwards she'd suddenly started to speak a strange, unknown language. Some of the other practitioners said they'd heard her speaking it in public parks before. She said she'd just happened to be in town on a business trip so she came to the lecture. When she saw Teacher she told him, "Teacher, I want to learn Falun Gong."

Teacher asked her, "Do you really want to learn?" Then he moved his hand, and since then the professor hasn't spoken the strange language.

One day my husband was hit by a motorcycle. He had trouble breathing. While the other practitioners were getting ready to go to Teacher's lecture in Guangzhou, I said, "Let's write a letter about what happened to my husband, and you can take it to Teacher." As soon as they arrived in Guangzhou they handed the letter to Teacher, and then breathing was no longer painful for my husband.

Another practitioner lived in the countryside. Teacher knew that he had financial difficulties. The practitioner was following Teacher for a while when he gave lectures in different cities, and finally Teacher saw him at a train station and said, "You should seize the time to go home and do real cultivation, and don't follow me around anymore."

How great and how compassionate our Teacher is! As soon as the practitioners saw Teacher they would surround him. Once, Teacher seemed to say, "When everyone surrounds me in the street like this other people wonder what's happening." I've never seen such a warm and moving scene, with the people in front trying to get closer to Teacher and those in back trying to move up, plus the people near Teacher taking many pictures and even more people applauding. Our kind Teacher has rescued so many of us from the brink of death or severe illness, and I was one of the many. Since I began practicing Dafa the long-term diseases I suffered from all disappeared. During a physical exam in 2005, the doctor told me that I had no health issues at all, and people in their 70's like me are rarely disease-free.

Dafa has been through many difficulties; Teacher's compassion has been enormous and powerful. I have no way to repay Teacher for my salvation, but even in my darkest hour, my belief in Dafa and my respect for Teacher have never been shaken. On the path of cultivation my belief in Teacher is firm, and I will follow Teacher closely towards consummation.

February 16, 2007