At about 6 p.m. on January 15, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wu Huazhen was arrested by officers from the Daxiba 610 Office of the Jiangbei Police Station. Several officers ransacked her home, confiscated a laptop computer, a copier, some Falun Gong books, and lots of truth clarifying literature. Arrested at the same time was Zhao Chengyun, a practitioner who worked in an adjacent factory. Zhao was released on February 9, but Ms. Wu was still detained at the Jiangbei District detention center. The police produced a warrant on February 13 to "justify" her arrest.

Ms. Wu was also arrested at the Chongqing railway station while traveling to Beijing to clarify the truth in September 1999. She was put in a brainwashing center for a month. In June 2000, she again went to Beijing to clarify the truth and was arrested and sent to the Jiangbei Detention Center, sentenced to 12 months of forced labor. Since her release in June 2001, she has fully devoted her time to practicing Falun Gong and doing the three things that practitioners should do.

On the evening of February 9 several officers from the Dashiba 610 Office of the Jiangbei District Police Station broke into the home of Mr. Zhu Zhilin and Xiang Shihua. They ransacked the house, confiscated all the Falun Gong books, all of the copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and lots of truth clarifying literature. Both Zhu and Xiang were arrested along with two other practitioners in the house. They are now imprisoned in the Jiangbei Detention Center. That same evening, the same officers forced themselves into the home of two other practitioners, Mr. Feng Jun and his wife, Ms. Tang Xiaoyi. Their photography shop was also ransacked. Their home is currently under surveillance by a few plainclothes police.

Zhu Zhilin was arrested and detained for about 20 days when he went to Beijing to clarify the truth in September 1999. During the early months of 2001, Xiang Shihua, Mr. Feng and his wife, Ms. Tang, were also arrested for distributing truth clarifying literature. They were detained in the Banan Detention Center for over six months and Xiang Shihua's legs were severely injured from torture. They were later sentenced to three years of forced labor and ultimately released in 2004. In June 2006, Feng Jun again went to Beijing to clarify the truth. He was arrested and sent to the Jiangbei Detention Center where he was imprisoned for over 30 days and then sent to a brainwashing center for another month. Xiang Shihua was also sent to a brainwashing for a month in July 2000.

Ms. Huang Zehan is a Falun Gong practitioner in her 60's. She is a retired teacher from Nanan No.11 High School. While taking an early morning stroll on February 1 she was arrested by a few police officers. She demanded to know why she was arrested. Seeing that some bystanders were watching, one officer said that it was because she was taking illegal drugs. Ms. Huang immediately denied this, saying, "I don't take drugs, I am a Falun Gong practitioner." She then proceeded to say how good Falun Gong is. The officers were afraid that Ms. Huang would start to clarify the truth to the bystanders and quickly gagged her, put a bag over her head, and dragged her into a van. She was then taken to the Yuzhongqu Detention Center in Liziba County.

On February 6, Ms. Huang was sentenced to two years of forced labor and sent to Chongqing Women's Forced Labor Camp. She refused to submit to the illegal detention and escaped from the camp on February 16 with strong righteous thoughts.