(Clearwisdom.net) Many Falun Dafa practitioners are brutally persecuted at Siping and Gongzhuling Prisons in Jilin Province. I am exposing only a small part of the atrocities that I have personally witnessed there.

The Persecution at Siping Prison

Practitioner Mr. Li Wenbo was sent to a solitary confinement cell at Siping Prison in 2005 because he refused to respond to roll call to protest his illegal incarceration. Practitioner Fu Hongwei went on a hunger strike for the same reason and was force-fed and injected with drugs. For 27 days he was taken back and forth between solitary confinement and the hospital. Former Ward 12 head Zhao Jianfeng, political head Sun Wenlin, officials Qi, and Yin Xiaodong from the "Take the Fort" office tied Mr. Fu to a metal chair and shocked him with electric batons for an entire morning. They didn't stop until he vomited blood, became incontinent, and lost consciousness. Fu Hongwei's hands, feet, chest, back, head, face, and neck were scorched, blistered, and ulcerated. He once confronted the prison authorities. It was in regard to one practitioner who died around August 15, 2005, from brutal force-feeding after being transferred from Tiebei to Siping Prison. The guard asked, "How did you know?" and denied the whole thing. The prison authorities transferred Fu Hongwei to Gongzhuling Prison on November 4, 2005, because of his knowledge of the torture death.

The Persecution in Jilin Prison

Practitioner Mr. Zhang Weixi from Dongliao County, Liaoyuan City, was detained in Ward 1 of Jilin Prison, also called the Jilin No. 2 Prison, on October 23, 2002. Guard Yang assigned five inmates to monitor him. The inmates lifted him and threw him to the ground the next day because he refused to "reform." Inmate Wang He weighed more than 200 lbs. He jumped up and stomped on Mr. Zhang. Mr. Zhang was laying flat on the ground. Wang He also scratched Zhang Weixi's ribcage. Inmate Zhang Yongping hit Mr. Zhang with a wooden board until it broke. Zhang Weixi shouted, "They are hitting me!" Some guards and inmates gathered and watched the beating when they heard him.

Zhang Weixi wrote a letter to the head of prison in which he reported the incident and asked division head Kong to deliver it for him. Kong lied and said, "We already took care of the inmates who beat you." Mr. Zhang was found to be carrying Dafa articles on March 26, 2004, when he passed the security checkpoint in Ward 3. Consequently, Ward 3 head Wang Jiankong and officials from the Brainwashing Section took him to an abandoned solitary confinement cell, which they call the "Correction Center." They handcuffed him to a bed in the spread eagle position 24 hours a day. Wang had to, eat, drink, and relieve himself in bed. Inmates Niu Qingchun and Wang Junda were assigned to monitor him. Several days later his ankles had swollen and blistered. He was transferred to a new solitary confinement cell after 23 days. He was taken back to the regular cell before May 1, but his physical injuries had not completely healed a year later. He was transferred to Tiebei Prison on March 31, 2005, and to Ward 9 at Gongzhuling Prison on March 30, 2006. He is now being held in Ward 4.

Practitioner Mr. Yang Huiyong was held in Jilin Prison beginning October 16, 2002. Head inmates Nan Hanhui and Lin Qigang beat him ruthlessly many times. Mr. Yang wrote a solemn announcement in March 2003 and gave it to Wang Yuanchun, a former guard at Ward 9, who was later transferred to the Brainwashing Section. Practitioner Yang asked Wang Yuanchun to deliver it to the prison authorities. Wang Yuanchun ordered the inmates to keep Mr. Yang away from others and said to him, "From now on, I don't care whether you are dead or alive!" Mr. Yang was transferred the 5th Ward in Tiebei Prison on March 31, 2005, where political head Jiang Yongcun talked to him and told him to "reform." Political head Du Pengyu took away ten Dafa books from Yang Huiyong's dormitory room when he was in the cell. Du Pengyu gave all ten books to Jiang Yongcun. Mr. Yang asked for the books back many times but the officials refused to return them. He was told the books had been turned over to the "Take the Fort" office. The guards called Yang Huiyong to the office on March 30, 2006, where Jiang Yongcun and five inmates hand cuffed him behind his back and told him they were going to transfer him to another prison. Mr. Yang said, "Let me pack my belongings." Jiang Yongcun refused to let him and told the inmates to pack Yang Huiyong's things. They took all of his Dafa materials and an MP3 player.

The Persecution at Gongzhuling Prison

During evening roll call on April 4, 2006, former political head of the Surveillance Division He Lingguo and current political head at the cafeteria in Gongzhuling Prison asked Mr. Fu Hongwei, "Why don't you call out your number?" Mr. Fu said, "I am a Dafa practitioner, not a prisoner." He Lingguo swore at him and locked him in solitary confinement in the basement for 17 days. He Lingguo and his subordinates, including group head Xu Hai in charge of the solitary confinement and other guards and inmates Qiu Liuzi and Wei, fastened Mr. Fu to a cold, bare bed in a spread eagle position and handcuffed and shackled him. There was no heat in the room, and they only gave him a thin blanket at night and removed it in the daytime. This form of torture had never been used before and was especially invented to deal with Dafa practitioners. They shocked Fu Hongwei with electric batons three times. Each time they inserted the batons into his mouth and anus. He held a hunger strike in the solitary confinement cell and was taken to the prison hospital for force-feeding. He asked to use the restroom but the guard ignored him. He had to relieve himself in his pants as he was immobilized in the bed. Fu Hongwei is currently being held in Ward 4.

Twelve practitioners were transferred from Tiebei Prison to the Prison Politics Section in Gongzhuling Prison at 2:00 p.m. on March 30, 2006. Political head Liu Haiyong and propaganda official He Lingguo ordered the inmates to search the practitioners and their belongings. They even forced the practitioners to remove their underwear. They took the covers off their quilts and permitted only one quilt per practitioner and one piece of bedding. They took away everything else. Liu Haiyong told the inmates to take away and burn everything that they could not identify. Practitioner Yang Huiyong's three Dafa books and sweaters, including a wool sweater, ten sets of envelopes and stamps, and calligraphy materials, were confiscated. Mr. Yang asked his mother to get his things back when she visited him at the prison. The prison officials said, "We don't know anything about it."

A guard at the Surveillance Division told four inmates to take Mr. Yang to a solitary confinement cell at 4:00 a.m. on April 5, 2006. Four inmates who work in shifts of two at Gongzhuling Prison watch each practitioner. The practitioners are forbidden contact with anyone. Two inmates followed him to the restroom. Mr. Yang shouted, "Falun Dafa is good" and "It is a crime to persecute Dafa practitioners." The inmates covered his mouth and carried him away. Inmates Wei and Qiu Liuzi handcuffed him to a bare bed in the solitary confinement cell. The guard told four inmates on the third day to take Mr. Yang to a hospital. Yang Huiyong refused to have his blood drawn. Political head Wang Songlin called head Gao. Ten inmates from the prison hospital arrived, pinned Mr. Yang to the ground and drew his blood. He was taken back to the solitary confinement cell. In the afternoon, inmates Wei and Qiu Liuzi handcuffed him behind his back and took him to the office where He Lingguo and two subordinates shocked him with eight electric batons. Yang Huiyong was locked in solitary confinement for six days. His hands and feet were severely injured. He developed blisters all over his body. His handcuffs and shackles were opened once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Yang Huiyong was also savagely beaten many times by officials from Changchun Security Bureau and those from the Siping Security Bureau in April 2002.

Yang Huiyong was released on February 5, 2007, and he asked official Liu Haiyong for his belongings that were taken away. The officials said they couldn't find them, and no one cared. Mr. Yang wrote a list of items taken away from him and addressed the list to the head of prison. Gao, head of the "Take The Fort" office took the list and promised to deliver the list the resolve the issue. Mr. Yang refused to sign the release warrant on the day of his release, and the prison refused to let him go. The prison eventually released him after his mother signed it on his behalf. The guards walked him to the front gate and turned him over to agents from the Lishu County 610 Office, the police, and the street Party Committee, who then took Mr. Yang to the Chaoyang Police Station in Lishu County and photographed him. They also made him fill out a so-called "major target" form and get fingerprinted and hand-printed before letting him and his mother go home.

Many practitioners in Gongzhuling Prison are locked in solitary confinement where they are stretched on beds. For example,

practitioner Xie Guichen was transferred from Tiebei Prison to Gongzhuling Prison where he was force-fed many times. He is extremely weak, and his life is in danger.

Practitioner Liu Wentao from Shulan was held in Ward 3. He was transferred from Tiebei Prison to Gongzhuling Prison and held in solitary confinement.

Practitioner Shen Lixin was recently transferred to Gongzhuling Prison. He was in the Machine Repair Ward and has been held in solitary confinement twice. He spent the 2007 New Year there. The second detention was very long.

Practitioner Chen Mingxian was also held in solitary confinement.

Practitioner Zhang Hui was held in solitary confinement for more than two months.