(Clearwisdom.net) Agents from the Huaihua City Politics and Law Committee, from the 610 Office, the National Security Bureau, and from the county National Security Division conspired together to harm Mr. Yu Shaoqi. On December 5, 2006, they ordered officials at the county Politics and Law Committee, the county 610 Office, personnel from his work unit--the Huaihua City Weather Bureau--and his parents to take him to the Huaihua City Mental Hospital, also called No. 4 People's Hospital. They threatened to arrest Mr. Yu if he was not taken to the mental hospital. In the day time, an official and a young weather bureau employee tried to take him to the mental hospital by force. Mr. Yu freed himself with the power of his righteous thoughts. He returned home in the evening. The head of the weather bureau and the Disciplinary Inspection Committee secretary called the 610 Office. They together abducted Yu Shaoqi and took him to the hospital.

The day after he was taken to the mental hospital, officials from Chenxi National Security Bureau turned his office in his work unit upside down.

Another Falun Gong practitioner was held at the Huaihua City Mental Hospital prior to Yu Shaoqi. The hospital staff treated Mr. Yu as a "special patient" and forced him to take medications four times a day, although he was completely healthy and normal. They force-fed him the drugs if he refused to take them. During the force-feeding the medical staff grabbed his hands and feet. They pried his mouth open, pinched his nose, and poured the pills and water down his throat. Mr. Yu Shaoqi was able to leave the hospital due to the support and rescue efforts from other practitioners and from his family, but he is now mentally affected. His arms and legs are weak, his feet often tremble, his eyesight is blurry and he drools constantly. It was said that the medication he was given was for mental patients and had long-term effects (most likely a drug that damages the nervous system) that resulted terrible in side effects.

The officials from the Huaihua City Politics and Law Committee and agents from the 610 Office ordered the mental hospital to report Yu Shaoqi's condition to them every two days and weekly. The National Security officials claimed he had written more than 300 articles that were published on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website and used this as an excuse to persecute him. Mr. Yu held many hunger strikes in the mental hospital. He was given injections, force-fed through a tube, and hog-tied and manhandled. He was also locked in a solitary confinement cell. His parents frequently petitioned the Huaihua City 610 Office and the Politics and Law Committee in person and demanded their son's release, but the officials gave them a hard time. They forced his parents to write guarantee statements [on Yu Shaoqi's behalf] and extorted 6,000 yuan from them for "medical expenses" before they agreed to let Yu Shaoqi go home.

Contact information for officials responsible for the persecution:

Li: Huaihua City Politics and Law Committee deputy secretary
Huaihua City 610 Office: 86-745-2724883
Yang, section head at Huaihua City 610 Office
Long, deputy section head at Huaihua City 610 Office
Huaihua City National Security Division

Xie Jingsong, Chenxi Politics and Law Committee secretary: 86-13907457165
Xie Jiuwen, Chenxi National Security Bureau deputy head: 86-745-5232680, 86-13607415299
National Security Division: 86-745-5230670
Yu Qingchang, Chenxi National Security Division head
Xie Kaiji, National Security Division deputy head
Xia Dong, National Security Division deputy head
Zhang Yaqin, National Security Division member
Zhai Xiaoming, Chenxi 610 Office head
Duan Qingyun, Chenxi 610 Office deputy head: 86-13707457282
Li Huimeng, Chenxi 610 Office deputy head: 86-13874531131
Tan Meihua, Chenxi 610 Office female deputy head
Huang Mingqiang, Chenxi 610 Office member
Luo Xiaosan, Chenxi 610 Office member
610 Office: 86-745-5229610
No. 4 People's Hospital: 86-745-2350362
Yu Huaan, head doctor
Yu Lianying, nurse, often force-fed Yu Shaoqi with drugs
Tang Changgeng, nurse, often employs violent methods in dealing with Falun Gong practitioners