(Clearwisdom.net) Professor Fan teaches at a technical institute in Taiwan. From the time when he was a student in college, he had suffered from painful bouts of depression. For the last twenty years, he was a student in a certain school of practice. For eight to nine years, he had accepted treatments from the body and mind section of that school and took medicine. When his illness came on strong, the most difficult thing to endure was a tight feeling on the left side of his face. The tightness caused pain that spread over his entire face and eventually enveloped his whole head in pain, causing him serious sleep loss and worsening his already low mood. At the most critical moment, when he was preparing to resign from the university faculty and was seriously contemplating suicide, Professor Fan was fortunate to encounter Falun Dafa.

On the third day of last Chinese New Year, Professor Fan's colleague recommended him to me and sought my assistance as a counselor. However, I knew well the limitations of counseling and mental healing. Even though he took the best medicine currently available in treating depression, combined with counseling, it was hard to say if that would completely cure his stubborn depression. However, I had witnessed many patients who were entangled by melancholia and manic depression for many years, who had been able to walk out of the valley of death and experience a rebirth because they began practicing Falun Dafa.

After talking for about one hour, two Dafa practitioners and I introduced Falun Dafa to Professor Fan. We invited him to attend the next nine-day seminar. A miraculous change began from this moment.

Two new Dafa practitioners, Professor Fan and Mrs. Fan, respectfully listened to Master Li Hongzhi's lectures. Prior to this, Professor Fan also disposed of several hundred volumes of books from other schools of practice.

When listening to Master Li's lectures, Professor Fan was anxious and it was difficult for him to be tranquil. At the end of the first lecture, two Dafa practitioners saw he was suffering, and so they decided to accompany the couple home.

After the Dafa practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts, Professor Fan suddenly calmed down and immediately told them of the strange scene he saw. He said, "In the front, there hangs layer upon layer of waterfalls. A middle-aged man sits on a big stone beside a brook. Two eyes are staring at him wickedly. The strange thing is that the left side of the man's mouth is bleeding." Professor Fan then said, "Dafa's Master appears and goes toward the man and mercifully holds his hand and seems to speak to him." After a while, Professor Fan added, "Later on, Master left and the picture disappeared!"

The wonder was that the tight feeling in Professor Fan's left cheek was wiped out at once. After one week of straight sleep loss, he had a calm and continuous sleep that evening. On the second day, he cheerfully drove his car with his wife to visit his grandmother. His sister-in-law witnessed this. It was very difficult for her to imagine how her brother-in-law, who had been weak and weary because of his illness the day before, had unexpectedly become like a new person after one night. Witnessing this miracle also helped to bring his elder sister-in-law, younger sister-in-law, and his wife's parents to practice Falun Dafa later on.

Professor Fan witnessed Dafa's wonder. At present, he continues to teach, and has enlightened that the man he saw bleeding from the left corner of the mouth had a direct relationship with the tightness he used to have in the left side of his own face.

February 13, 2007